Monday, October 26, 2009

10/26/09 - Hello Everybody, SickKirby Here


I am really, really, REALLY sorry for neglecting this blog for the last week. The part of this not updating thing that gets me the most is the fact that when I did this daily, I was doing a really good job of of getting my daily updates in, but now that I have given myself less updates and more time, I can only seem to get one in. I feel really bad about this readers. I'd like to say that I had a good excuse, and while I do think it is an acceptable excuse, I wouldn't say it was necessarily a good one.

Anyways, I'm sure some of you are already familiar with this, especially if you watched my Mario Party 5 board for the weekend, but I caught a sinus infection near the end of last week, and it was also my Fall Break, so right away, I was in a bad place at a bad time. There are also a few other things that put me in a bad and sickly mood, but I'd rather not waste time in naming the details. I knew that updating Thursday was going to be out of the question no matter what, since I had classes smack dab in the middle of my day and I also had to drive home as well. It was almost 8 when I got home, and I really don't feel like updating a blog at that time when I just want to relax, especially when I had to wake up early the next morning for my appointment. On Friday, I had to worry about Mario Party 5 stuff, on Saturday I had to worry about making sure that stuff got uploaded and I also had some family coming over that day, so I wanted to spend time with them. And then yesterday.....well, yesterday was a pain as well since I had to worry about getting back to my college, and I wanted to make the best of what little of Fall Break I had left.

So yeah, they may not be the best reasons to why I was gone, but those were the reasons. I really do apologize for the lack of updates though. Thankfully, there is not really much to talk about.


I thought the first 3 episodes went pretty well (3 up as of now...currently uploading 4th). This confirmed to me though that this will be a very short LP. It will definitely take less than a two week's worth of videos. I'm not going to give an approximate end date, because things can still happen, but assuming the uploads continue as planned, it should be finished by the beginning or middle of next week.

After I finish Lolo 1, I have already decided that I will follow it up with Lolo 2. Lolo 2 is a bit longer than Lolo 1, but not by much (I think it has 55 levels instead of 50, and also the puzzles are a bit harder). After I finish with Lolo 2, I'm not really sure about how to advance from there. I have a few ideas, but let's just wait on that.

Mario Party 5:

Besides a little snippet of trouble with Video #7's upload, this board went pretty smoothly. I only wish I wasn't sick, as that probably hurt the commentary a little. I didn't have any glitches (that I noticed) with the game audio this time, so that was a plus. My main beef with this board was how long it ran after the last 5 turns. I know I want to show everything in this game, but 5 star spaces really hurt my timing frames. Stars were a lot easier to collect, and those "NOW THE STAR IS OVER HERE" scenes are like 15-30 seconds long. Then we had the duel mini-games which also added quite a bit of time. Then there were the Tweester capsules, which added more star moving scenes.....ugh, a timing nightmare. If that didn't happen, the board could have easily ended in 6 or 7 videos. Wasn't crazy about 8....

Other Stuff:

Well, it seems like there is a trend with me and Sunday. For the last two Sundays, I have gotten honors for channel views. This time I was up in the 40s of the Top 50, which is really impressive. It means for that day, I am one of 50 Youtube directors that have the most channel views. And when you think about how many director accounts there are.....that's impressive. I don't see myself going that much farther, but it's fun to just sit back and enjoy the ride. :P And of course, thanks to all my fans for making this possible.


Anyways, getting back to the update thing.....I think I have decided that I'm going to go to a weekly update schedule now. Not really because Im busy....not really because I hate doing this....but it just seems to make more sense in the long run. I really don't have that much to say about stuff except for my videos and the games I am playing, and usually you get the gist of that in my videos. It just seems like this would be for the best in the long run and in the grand scheme of things. I'm sorry if you really enjoy these blog updates and whenever I do update, I'll try my best to make them as enjoyable as possible, but it is slowly becoming too much for me.

So here is the deal....I'm not going to tell you when I'll switch over to this new update schedule. I'll keep trying to adapt to this current 2-4 entries per week system, but if it becomes too much, I'll just start phasing entries out as time goes on and will start working towards once per week. It will be a gradual process, not an immediate one.

Thank you for your time readers...hopefully I'll get better soon :P

- SlimKirby

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  1. Don't worry Slim. We all know (except for some idiots) that this is not as important as updating videos and your life. The fact that you blooged every day for the Simpsons H&R more than makes up for it