Monday, November 2, 2009

11/2/09 - November News

Hello people, I hope you all had a spooky Holloween. I had a very scary weekend of my own...featuring a very, very long take-home Statistics exam. So yeah, while I could have been casually updating my blog, I had to work on course projects....not very fun....especially on the weekend. Any free chance I got, I used it to sleep/nap or to play games, so I am sorry about neglecting this, but I wanted to use that free time well, since I barely get any as it is.

Rather than apologize numerous times for lack of updates, I think I'll just get on to the update.


Lolo 1

First off, as far as recording is concerned, this project is completed now. The final video will be posted on Tuesday. While I am ashamed of the progress made in these final two videos, in the end it isn't so bad because I knew it would take 10 videos regardless. 6 levels (difficult ones at that) are really hard to fit into one video, especially with the ending sequences.

While this was a nice small project to work on, as far as I'm concerned, I'm not even halfway done because....


Lolo 2

....when one Lolo game is done, another one emerges. I may consider myself a bit crazy for working on two Lolo projects back to back, especially since Lolo 2 is a lot harder than Lolo 1. It's also 5 floors longer with all new puzzles....definitely nothing to be jumping up and down about. However, I'm the type of guy who is willing to challenge himself, and considers the rewards for completing a tough challenge to be spectacular. This could be interesting.

As for starting dates, in tomorrow's video I am going to announce that the project may start either near the end of this week, or Monday of next week. I'm going to say right now that the project will more than likely start next week. I may take the end of this week to post some update and advertisement videos that I need to make. Some of which you may find interesting, others of which you may just want to pass up. However, do not fret because there will still be a Mario Party 5 board this weekend (I'll get more into that next), and I'll start fresh on that next Monday with Lolo 2!


Mario Party 5

For those of you who saw Pirate Dream, you are probably wondering if I am ok after the final two turns from hell. I gotta admit....that was ridiculous, and I'm not even trying to make excuses here. Everything that happened in those turns was just pure BS. I can accept Daisy stealing a star from me earlier on, but losing two stars to that chance time, losing my coin edge over Daisy to chance time, Toad being stupid and not stealing from Daisy.....really too much. Definitely not the result I wanted after spending quite a bit of time recording that board. Thankfully I have nothing going on this Friday, so recording should be a lot smoother.

Hard to believe that after this week I will be halfway done with the party boards already. If this was Mario Party 1 (when I recorded one board every two weeks), I wouldn't even be close to finished. It's also kind of cool that I'll actually be doing Bowser's Nightmare during my Thanksgiving Break (cool in the sense that the finale board will be covered during a holiday period, not the fact that it is Bowser's Nightmare). Don't worry though, I'll still probably be covering the game after Thanksgiving since I have quite a few extras to cover in addition to Party Mode.

Once again, expect the next board to be uploaded during Saturday morning on the 7th of November. The uploading process will begin around 9 AM (EST (Eastern US TimeZone).


Future Projects:

I'll talk more about this in my update video this week, but let's just say that I have some ideas. There are 3 possible projects that are guaranteed to happen very, very soon. I'll define them by the following codenames; Project Short LP, Project Long LP, and Project Replay.

Project Short LP - Near the end of Hit and Run, I started thinking about possible projects to embark on in the future. Right away, there were 2 series I was thinking about covering extensively, one after the other. The first one was Adventures of Lolo, which I am doing now, but the other was another series (comprised of short single player modes) that has some similarities to Lolo, but has different mechanics and is more well-known. I still plan to cover this game (and possibly a few others in the series), but the question of when is still out there. I'd like to do it after Lolo 2, but it depends on Project Replay.

Project Long LP - Wait...LONG LP? Like...SMRPG and Fire Emblem: POR long? That is correct. For awhile, there has been another series I have wanted to cover in some way, shape, or form, and I planned to introduce it at the end of 2009. Whether this will still happen or completely dependent on a few other factors. The first depends on Mario Party 5. While the Party Mode will end before December, it's hard to say when I will get those other features covered. I probably won't strictly hold the extras to weekends unlike the Party Mode boards, but still, it's hard to say when I will get those done. For all I know, this project may not begin until January 2010. I can't really say much more about it without saying depends. It depends on what I'm doing at certain time periods.

Project Replay - I've talked about this before in another update, but as you know, Kirby Super Star is finally starting to appear on Virtual Console game lists (at least in Japan anyways). Whether this will predict a release in the US soon or not....I have no idea. In the meantime though, I've actually considered the possibility of actually doing Yoshi's Island first. I'm going to talk more about this in my update video this week, but let's just say that I may go a step further in my replay of this classic walkthrough of mine.

I know I haven't gone into very much detail about these project possibilities, but keep in mind who you are listening to here. I like to keep secrets and remain mysterious about my LPs. That is who I am. Don't worry though, you will get a lot more information this week on my update video.


Anyways, that's all I really have to say for now about current and future projects. Remember to stay tuned for the conclusion of Lolo tomorrow, an update video near the end of the week, and the next Mario Party 5 board.

Later folks!


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