Friday, May 13, 2011

5/13/11 - Where the Hell Am I?

Hey guys, I have a short, quick update for you in regards to the blog.

As you guys know, it has been awhile since my last entry. In fact...this may be the longest hiatus I've had in the history of this blog's existence. I do apologize for this absence, but understand that for the most part, it hasn't been been unwarranted.

I did just finish my Spring semester of college about 2 weeks ago, and I was quite busy because of that semester. Even though this semester was probably my best semester in the four years I've been attending college, it was still quite a lot to take in terms of the class work. A three-month term paper, lots and lots of computer programming assignments (including languages I've never worked with before), busy-work out the whazoo, and an Algorithms class...which alone took up much of my free time as it was.....yeah, it wasn't exactly easy dealing with all of that. But in a way, I'm glad I put so much of my focus into my studies this semester, because I got an amazing GPA out of it. Unfortunately though, it did cause me to hit other things to much lesser extent, including my Youtube projects, as it pretty much forced me to stop doing daily updates (which is in theory, fine, because my videos can be twice as long as they were a year ago anyway, so a 1 day update is about 2 days worth of content back then), and of course this blog, which just seemed pointless to update when I barely had anything interesting to say regardless, and when all of my updates are on my channel and twitter anyway.

So yeah, that explains about a month and a half of my 2 month absence...but what about these last two weeks? I've gotten time to myself....I don't have a leaving-home job....there is no real excuse for me not to be updating this....right? Well, I actually agree with you guys here, because there is no excuse to why I haven't been updating. I mean, I guess I could say that since I am trying to do daily updates again, that it has taken a lot of my time away, but I reserve 3 days during every week to do recording, one for each of my 3 projects, and even then, that doesn't take a large part of my time, plus I have the other 4 days too. There have been other things as well, taking care of my dog while my parents are still working, spending time with my family in general, helping around the house when needed....but still, that doesn't require around-the-clock attention either. So what exactly could be my reason?

In all honesty, I just don't really have that much to talk about right now. Point blank, I think that's the only reason. First I give myself deadlines, but the deadlines only make me stressed to come up with anything to talk about. I take away the deadlines, and then I just leave it alone and don't do anything with it for several months. The only thing I can really think of to try is to find a balance of the two. You know, where I give myself a goal or a deadline, and if I somehow don't make it, it won't be a big deal and I can either talk to a very little extent, or just not worry about the entry at all and then just set the next deadline...or something like that. The only problem with that though is I'm still kind of opening myself up to either of the two, earlier mentioned scenarios. After all, I'm still giving myself deadlines on one-hand, and still a lot of flexibility on the other. I guess when it comes down to it, you can't really have a balance for something like a all kind of depends on the individual effort.

So I dunno, I guess the main reason why I'm making this update today is that I just wanted to give you guys an update on what's going on in this front, or rather, what isn't going on. I'm still trying to modify my plans for the blog and trying to figure out how I want to go about working on this. Because that's something else.....despite what it seems, I do want to use this blog in some way, and I don't just want to mark it as a failure and move on from it. I would like to use this again....I just need to figure out how I should go about doing that.

During the summer, I will try to get a few updates out there. E3 is coming up, and since Mario Party 8 is almost over, I'll need a place to discuss the event and all of the stuff Nintendo is coming out with, so you can definitely expect an update on that front. Not only that, but I do have a lot of big projects coming soon as well on my Youtube channel, so you can expect some inside information there as well. But for now, I'll try to aim for an entry before the end of May. I think that sounds like a fair, and make-able deal.

Otherwise, I think that's all I really wanted to say. Thanks for listening, and I'll see you guys later!