Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/30/10 - Blasting Off to a New....Galaxy?

Hey guys and welcome back to the regularly scheduled blog at its….regularly scheduled time. I had originally decided to postpone this until tomorrow, but then I realized that I had no real excuse not to update, so here I am once again!

Well, as some of you probably know (especially if you watched my last Mario Party playthrough), I did indeed get Super Mario Galaxy 2 last weekend, and I’ve been having a blast playing through it. In fact, I actually completely finished the game no more than a few days ago (I believe 5 days after release). I know…I know, kinda sad that it was the only game I played, and the fact I played so much of it, but hey, it was fun! I would talk about the game and my adventure through it, but I’m actually going to save that next time for my first June entry. That way I can still give some time for those who don’t want to be spoiled by the game, the chance to get through it (or even play it). In fact, I may actually post an entire review dedicated to the game. Just be warned, there will be spoilers!

Besides that though, not much has really been going on in the life of SlimKirby. I’ve just been focusing on preparing for anything and everything. I have a lot of family and friend open houses and graduations to look forward to this week, but they shouldn’t really have any major impact on my daily routine. Also, I’ll be working 2 days this week at my mom’s library doing inventory (I feel guilty about not working during the summer, so I at least try to make some things easier for my parents). Nothing exciting usually happens when I’m there….I’m just scanning barcodes, after all, but at least it feels like I’m helping.

Before I get into Youtube stuff, I just very quickly want to mention that two great individuals passed away this week. Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper….you both will be missed. Gary, we always knew what you were talking bout, even if you didn’t know what others did, and Dennis Hopper’s unforgettable performance as King Koopa in the god awful Super Mario Bros. movie….was just too good to put into visible words.


Donkey Kong Country:

What more to say? This game is over! Say goodbye to the monkeys for now and stop trying to steal their bananas. Anyways…now time to live through 5 million comments of people asking me when, or if I will ever do the 2nd game.


Mario Party 6:

*sings*Victory in the snow, is most definitely the way to go.Using my main man Wario…. yadda, yadda, yadda, on with the show!

Once again, sorry if this spoils anything for those who haven’t watched the board yet, but I think I have mentioned before that this blog assumes that the videos I post have been watched. I know assuming isn’t exactly the way to in stuff like this, but it feels kind of pointless to post a giant section if people are just going to skip over it. But whatever….

After the mini-disaster that was E. Gadd’s Garage, it was nice to come into this board and actually have some fun with it. Snowflake Lake has never really been one of my favorite boards, and I actually felt comfortable throughout the whole thing. I had a few scares every now and then (those bonus stars can really throw off your game if you start thinking about every negative possibility), but for the most part, I had a good lead and kept with it.

I’m getting kind of worried about the mini-game count, especially after so many repeat mini-games in this board. I mean, I have them all unlocked, so showing them won’t be an issue, but I’m always worried about how much footage would be needed for a video like that. I mean, I don’t want the video to only have one mini-game, but I don’t want like 20 games either (enough to pretty much make two videos). I suppose I could do what MadameWario did in her Mario Party 2 playthrough and just show off videos of all the mini-games in each category, but then that could create an issue with the DK and Bowser mini-games which only have 3 per piece. Oh well, I will cross that bridge if I need to come to it. For now I’ll just do things my way.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to what I will play next. I honestly couldn’t care less about which board to play because Faire Square is probably my favorite, and I haven’t seen very much of Castaway Bay, so that should be a pretty interesting venture as well. For now though, it’s in the hands of the viewers (although, that could be kind of scary……joking).


New Project:

The new project I talked about last time, and pretty much have mentioned for quite awhile now, will finally be starting soon. I originally said it would happen in the middle of May, then I said near the end of May, then I said May 30 or 31 would probably be the mark, but now, I can safely say that the project will be starting next Sunday, June 6th. That’s the date, no more delays, it will start then. I’M SERIOUS!

For those wondering about what caused the delay to be so long, I honestly couldn’t say. There have just been a lot of different happenings, mostly with me underestimating the time for certain projects. Also, the whole thing with me, MegaFreak400, ShadowMarioXLI, and 3 servings of Donkey Kong Country, also kind of pushed it back a little (I was hoping to start the DKC project on the 10th, not the 16th). Oh well, no need to worry about it, because it will be here soon!

This Next Week:

I will be taking somewhat of a break this week, so don’t expect any project uploads from Tuesday-Friday. Tomorrow (Monday) I will be uploading my 10,000th subscriber special (which I hope you guys enjoy btw (despite it not being what I originally promised)), which will take 6 videos (you’ll see why tomorrow). On Friday I will be hosting a stream event on my UStream page (see my Youtube channel for more information). Saturday will of course be the next Mario Party uploads (no postponements or cancellations there), and as I just mentioned, new project on Sunday.



ShadowMarioXLI, despite being the demon of all things maze game related, as been doing a pretty solid job with Chapter 5. I’d say he has about 2 weeks left (around 5 videos) and then we toss things over to PTM. After PTM, we have some kind of warpstar creature with sunglasses hosting…I wonder who that could be. :P


That’s really about all I have to report. I’ll see you guys next week for more blog updates, and of course, for my Youtube updates this week. If you can, be sure to stop by the stream this Friday, which should be a lot of fun. Also, if you can, ShadowMarioXLI on Youtube also has a stream event tomorrow (May 31st) as well, so you are more than welcome to stop by. I thank you all for reading this week, and of course, thank all of my Youtube subscribers for getting me up to 10,000…you guys are amazing!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

5/23/10 - Ready for Launch! (Pre-SMG2)

Hey guys, I am making this update rather early this time. As I'm typing, it is 9:00 AM in the morning. Why am I up so early and why am I updating so early? Well, in just a few hours, I'll be heading to Best Buy to pick-up my copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Best Buy in my area opens at 11 AM, so at around 10:45, my dad will be taking me down there. For whatever reason, he wanted to come to, although I'm not surprised, he generally likes walking around Best Buy while I go and do my own thing. I can't believe in just a few hours I will be playing the game I have been ever so anxiously waiting to play since June of last year when it was announced.

I shouldn't have any trouble getting a copy, for one, I live in a very remote part of Indiana, and it's usually not very difficult to get games or systems at their launches. I was able to get a Wii on the very first day of its release, and I only left 2 hours before the store opened (and there were people who camped out for it). Also, I was able to preorder the game, so that should also verify that I won't go empty-handed.

So over the next few days, that should pretty much give you guys insight to what I will be doing. Don't worry about my video uploads, as I am pretty much prepared for this next week already (I have videos for Monday-Friday recorded, in addition to next Sunday's video as well). I'll probably have to take a few breaks in the middle of next week for next weekend's Mario Party 6 board and then what I have planned for my 10,000 Subscriber special.

Besides all of the Galaxy hype, I can't really say that much has been going on. I'm really just trying to keep up with house chores my parents have been giving me. They are definitely trying to guilt me until I get a job, but there is not much I can do about it....getting a summer job these days is near impossible. People can't afford to hire, and when they do, they have people already lined-up in front of the "Help Wanted" sign, people who aren't looking for a summer job, but one to keep to actually support the family. I swear, the economy right now is terrible. Thankfully though, I have gotten some time to myself to chillax and hang out with some old friends. It's been good, and that is all I can really say at this point. Things can still get pretty interesting though, as there are a lot of things coming and friend graduations, summer visits from relatives who live many states away, summer activities and name it. :P

Also, as for the future of this blog, I still plan to incorporate some changes, starting in June. After my little wake-up call last week, I have gotten a few more opinions, most of which say the blog is running fine the way it is and that I shouldn't change it. I do appreciate the help guys, and I will take your words into consideration, but it's not like I'm going to completely alter it. I guess "making changes" weren't exactly the words I was looking for...moreso I'm just going to be adding to the blog, not really changing it. Maybe trying to address certain things from more personal levels, or maybe for what I already address, try to address them with even more content. I dunno...maybe I'm just paranoid that I am not really fulfilling the purpose of a blog? I am a bit of a perfectionist after all when it comes to certain things.

Anyways, got quite a few things to talk about today in terms of Youtube projects!


Mario Party 6:


Well, E. Gadd's Garage certainly sucked!

Sorry if that spoiled anything for anyone who hasn't watched yet, but honestly, for some of the things that happened, you would have to see to believe it anyways. At least I can take solace in the fact that it was a pretty close game up to the end (at one point during the bonus star give-away, 3 people had the same amount of stars, and I was one of them, having the most coins as well). As most Mario Party games go though, it all came down to pretty much luck......luck with happening and orb stars. And the ironic thing is that if they still had the Coin Star, I would have won the game, hands down. Oh Mario Party 6...

So many random moments in this playthrough though, such as the 1-coin duel I mistakingly made without realizing, and the freaking Pixel Perfect incident with Boo and his shenanigans. When I almost drop the F-Bomb, you know that something ridiculous has just happened.

Kinda looking forward to what board I will be playing this next week. Mostly because no matter what board is chosen, it will feature a new Mario Party play mechanic, which should be fairly interesting to watch. Of the ones that are left, Faire Square is probably my favorite, and Snowflake Lake my least favorite.


Donkey Kong Country:

I know I use this expression a lot, but would you believe me if I said Donkey Kong Country will end next Sunday? Well, because whenever I use that expression I'm usually referencing when I will be done with aforementioned game, you guys should now realize that the game will indeed end on Sunday. As I mentioned earlier, I have all of this next week's videos recorded (except for Mario Party 6), and I had just enough to squeeze the project into 13 videos, which is about what I expected. This of course will not be the shortest project I have done (Adventures of Lolo 1 and 2 and Super Mario Land 2 still have this beat), but it's still really short when you look a the majority of my projects.

I don't really want to go into much detail about the videos, as they pretty much speak for themselves. I think I ended the project pretty well...almost in the same fashion (in terms of skill) as I started the project, which in retrospect, is kind of weird how all of my fail came into play in the middle of the project.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy what is left of the project as much as I enjoyed recording it!


New Project:

Well, with Donkey Kong Country almost over, some of you guys are probably wondering about what will come next. I've been hyping this monster of an LP for many months now, and I still can't believe it's about to come to fruition. As usual, I'm going to stay pretty silent about it, but next week, I may decide to drop some hints.

This project may be a hit or miss project, but it is a risk I am willing to take for a game that I think is truly spectacular. As for start dates, I mentioned that it would happen right after I finish Donkey Kong Country, but I may delay that for just a little. For one, as mentioned earlier, I am almost in the presence of 10,000 subscribers (less than 150 to go), and I'm probably going to release that special during that week and then hold off on the new project while I'm still trying to get Galaxy 2 out of my system. On the other hand, there is really nothing keeping me from releasing the project, and in a way, it makes sense not to hold off, just for the sake of completion (I have many other projects I want to do, after all). Oh well, I guess for now I will just do what I am most comfortable with.


Well, that's about it for this entry. I'm going to go take a shower and get ready for one of the biggest purchases of this summer vacation. Take care everyone and I will see you next week when I have Galaxy 2 on the mind. :P

Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/16/10 - Party in the Jungle

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here!

After a week that seemed to never end, which can either be good, considering I'm on summer break now, or bad, considering I did nothing really that exciting, here I am with another entry.

First off, I do appreciate those who gave me ideas of what to do with the blog...all 1 of you. I realize that my audience here is definitely not as big as my Youtube audience, but still, with 101 followers, I honestly did expect a lot more. However, no big concern.....maybe you guys like the blog how it is? I personally won't be making any big changes until June, so if you have some ideas, feel free to leave comments, I'd gladly like to listen to them.

As for other things going on...not really that much. I'd rather not write a book about every little thing I did this past week, so I won't.


Mario Party 6:

It's been a long time coming, and the coming has finally...come. And let me tell you, for a game I was very skeptical about at first, this first recording session ended up going all right...with the exception of having 9 videos to record, edit, and upload, but that is just the way of Mario Party.

This probably had to be one of my most epic comebacks. Maybe not as epic as the final turn chance time in Spiny Desert (Mario Party 3), but at least in this one I used forms of strategy and strategic planning, something I don't get to show very often in my videos. Although Peach acting stupid in the duel mini-game definitely hurt any chances for her to win or at least cancel out my victory.

And thanks to Mario Party, once again I was able to obtain quite the number of views this weekend, breaking into the Top 60 - Most Viewed Directors on Youtube for today (Top 25 for just Gaming channels), and that could still increase as I still have 2 hours of this day left. This is my highest honor on Youtube thus far, and I expect it to be even higher in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone for making this possible!


Donkey Kong Country:

I wonder who saw this coming....and not just the Let's Play. For those who don't know, in addition to me starting a Let's Play to this game, ShadowMarioXLI and MegaFreak400 also started their replays of Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 (respectively). I will say that this wasn't a total coincidence as we made it out to be, but these projects were planned around the same time...we just made some adjustments to make them all happen at once.

Looking forward to this Let's Play, and at this point I do have the next 2 videos recorded. I actually ended up having some problems with the next two videos, which hopefully won't ruin the videos for you guys, and will hopefully not happen in future videos. I still got the videos recorded though, so i guess that is the important thing.


May 14th UStream Event:

Last Friday I had my first stream event of the summer. Usually with my streams, I experience several different ups and downs, and this stream was no exception.

I started off with New Super Mario Bros. Wii again, and was able to complete the game in this session. I will more than likely have a future stream where I will end up getting what I need of the star coins. Things went pretty well until the last two levels when I started sucking for no reason. Then I played 45 minutes of Mario Kart Wii (which somehow won the poll). Nothing really exciting during that time. Next, I went on to Banjo Tooie, which I think was the highlight of the stream...unfortunately I didn't even record half of it, which really pissed me off. Oh well, I guess not many people will want to watch or rewatch that. After Tooie, it was really just a bunch of random game playing consisting of Goldeneye and Pokemon Snap, nothing really worth mentioning, although I did beat a few 00 Agent missions in Goldeneye. =)

Overall, a pretty good stream event. Really quickly, I would like to thank youtube users Odinspack33, darkmindedsith, and ShotzRox for spending time at the stream and also assisting with moderating and alerting the mods of specific problems. I really do appreciate it.


Nothing much to say about anything else. I should be hitting 10,000 subscribers pretty soon, and I have a few things planned for that, and a few other LPs planned for the summer. And of course, keep a look out for the live stream events, as those should be a lot of fun. For now though, I'm going to end this entry as it is. I will see you guys next week. Later folks!

Monday, May 10, 2010

5/9/10 - Feels Like Summer in May

Note: I know this entry is kind of late (especially since it says 5/9/10 instead of 5/10/10 in the title), but I didn't get home until really late last night and honestly didn't have enough time to finish the blog before I had to go to bed. I tried to finish it up before going to sleep, but I was fighting a losing battle with my sleepiness and collapsed in exhaustion several times while trying to finish it up. So I figured I would just put it on hold and update it when I woke up.



Well, for now anyways. In 3 months time I will be back again, but let's not think about it.

I've had a pretty big weekend actually, and it all started with a miserable Friday morning. On Friday I had two final exams (it would have been 3, but thankfully my professor allowed me to take it earlier), and while one went well, the other one was a trainwreck. In fact, I'm still unsure of what I got on the final and am waiting in fear for the grade to appear on my online transcript. Thankfully my other good grades throughout the semester will balance it out, but still, it's not a good feeling. Besides that class though, I've done pretty well on my other classes, meeting and actually surpassing my expectations in a few instances (got a 81% on my Calculus II exam :O). Anyways, after the drama that was that morning, my mom came down to help me get packed and moved out of the dorms so I could go home. This process, although annoying at times, actually went pretty smooth, and everything was ready before the 2 hour mark, and I was home in no time. Then, Friday night I had some visitors, involving my best friend from high school and my uncle. It's always great to see and catch up with people from your past ain't it?

Ironically, Saturday was filled with more packing and moving, as I had to help move my grandmother from assisted living back to her house (which sounds good on paper, but honestly, we are tired of moving her from place to place (she is a strong-willed lady, but she can't live on her own in her condition and will only have to be transferred back in a month's time, I hate to say). The other parts of the day consisted of driving there and back.

And today, I actually had a pretty good day. My parents and I went out for a good ol Mother's Day dinner and then my dad and I stopped at Best Buy and got some new electronics to play with. Most notably, we got a new router for home, because our old one was on the fritz. Hopefully this new one minimizes disconnects and can hold my connection steady for these upcoming summer stream events. I also preordered Super Mario Galaxy 2 and expect to pick it up when it releases in 2 weeks.

Now, I don't know about you, but that was a pretty schedule-packed couple of days, wouldn't you say? Damn straight it was, and if you are anyone who thinks I only sit at a computer and upload videos all day, you are sadly mistaken. Not sure why I decided to bring that's just that I've seen a lot of those comments as of late on my channel and through my messages. It doesn't really bother me because I barely pay attention to those people anyways, but it just fascinates me how stupid and illogical those people can be when they think they are doing a world a favor by insulting others. It's just pathetic and I pity anyone at Youtube (or anyone on the Internet for that matter) who does that.

Another thing I pity is all the freaking ignorance-filled comments I get all the time (a different kind of ignorance though). I don't think I could logically give a figure of how many people have asked me when Mario Party 6 is starting, and just other stuff I shouldn't have to answer, yet I get asked anyways. I am a really organized guy...I think that is obvious from my channel guidelines, my schedule, and the way I handle obstacles and inconveniences. I think I can safely say I am rock-solid in that department without objection. The only thing is, how do people miss something so obvious from someone so clear? I just don't get it....

Anyways, before I get into my projects and all that other good stuff, I just, very quickly want to give a few plugs and shout-outs. First off, I would like to welcome back durden77 to the world of LPing! After taking a year off from uploading anything (mostly due to computer issues), the man is back, continuing what he does best.....even if his best is talking about a Mario game to thousands of people on a video website. So far, he has definitely been keeping up with his uploads and his project updates, still sounding like pretty much the same guy as he left us early. Seriously though, if you have no idea who durden77 is, definitely check out a few videos of his. I'm sure they will give you a chuckle.

Another thing I would like to do is congratulate PowerToMario on getting his 1,000th subscriber. PTM really hasn't been bringing his game when it comes to his videos and updates, but I got to give him some credit where it was due, and he did have a really good Pokemon Silver Let's Play. With other projects and his CSS turn approaching, I'm sure we can expect more from long as he updates. :P


Advance Wars:

The only thing I have to say here is, "ITS OVER! HELL YEAH!"


New Projects:

In less than a week, I will not only have Mario Party 6 up and running, but another project as well. I know I promised some hints, but I think I changed my mind on the matter because whenever I try, I spill the guts in an unintentional way. Not this time I'm guys will just have to wait.



GaiaCrusher9 has just one more video, and expect it to be uploaded Tuesday due to a scheduling snafoo caused by ShadowMario41. Which reminds me, it will be his turn next (oh god....)

Anyways, I think I will quickly talk about GaiaCrusher9 for this entry. Now, when we started this project, I had certain expectations for some, and higher for others (being my partners in this project). Gaia was kind of in the middle for me....someone who you know would get the job done, but how he would do it...another story completely. Right now, I really have to give the man props for the great work he has done. Not only has he been efficient in his updates and the way he handles certain situations, but he is quite entertaining as well. In fact, I believe one day (I don't remember what numbered video it was) I declared a video he uploaded to be the best of the project thus far. It just kept my attention and also kept me laughing from the moment it started, to the second it finished. Great work Catsun! Your abilities have truly shone today!

ShadowMarioXLI has some tough shoes to fill! ;)


Well, that's all Im going to talk about in this entry, BUT, I will leave this entry on a small note about what to expect in the future. In an earlier entry, not so long from this entry, I mentioned something about making a few changes to the blog to make it more organized and to feature some unique content every week instead of just giving the boring old Youtube updates. I do plan to keep that promise, but I would somewhat like some feedback here before I start incorporating these said changes. So if you are someone who has an account (I'm not sure if you need a blog..just a Google account), and you regularly read this blog, please, give me your thoughts in a comment as a response to entry, about what you would like to see from this blog in the future. Your responses can consist of anything you want, as long as the topics remain somewhat appropriate to what I do here (remember, I am someone who plays video games for Youtube, not a journalist).

Thank you for your time, this has been SlimKirby, and I will see you again next weekend!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

5/2/10 - May I Give a Warm Welcome to May?

Another month has finished, another month is upon us.

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here!

In just one week, I will be updating my blog from the comfort of my own home. Sure, I've made updates from there before, but now on a regular basis (for 3 1/2 months anyways). I just have to get through a week of final exams (I'm looking pretty good as far as my grades are concerned), and then summer vacation will be upon me!

The Super Mario Galaxy 2 countdown is also getting smaller, with only 3 weeks left. I've been thinking....maybe when I get the game, I should do a log of my progress on here (or possibly make a twitter account). As far as LPing the game, it's definitely something I would like to do, but I would honestly rather do a Super Mario Galaxy LP first. Before anyone gets any ideas, Galaxy is not one of my next LPs, nor do I really have a Galaxy LP planned for this year. Maybe in 2011???? ;)

Also in game news, I have overcome the challenge of Red in Pokemon Heart Gold, winning with my team of Level 72-74s. It was quite challenging, especially considering the levels he had on me, but my Pokemon were up to the challenge. He really should have evolved his Level 88 Pikachu -_-.

Ok, onto Youtube stuff.


Super Bomberman 2:

Game finished! Nothing left to say. For all comments regarding my feelings about the project and future endeavors in the Bomberman honestly didn't watch the videos I posted because I discussed that already. :P


Advance Wars:

This will be the last week of Advance Wars, and boy am I pleased that this game is finally over. I loved doing the project and I'm glad many people enjoyed it, but I've been ready to put a close to this project weeks ago. This project will officially close on Friday when I post the extra videos. However, while Friday will be the closing, and Wednesday will be the final Campaign Mode videos, it will be the videos that go up tomorrow that will be the ones to look forward to, in a 6-video upload, a mass uploading on my channel really only seen during Mario Party projects. However, those six videos alone can't tell the story of the process I had to go through. In fact, let's take a look at how this mission went down.

Thursday, April 22nd - This was my first attempt at practicing the mission. I did pretty well considering what happened, but when I finished the mission, I had a "jawdrop" moment when my Technique and Speed scores were pretty much perfect, yet my power score was almost 0. Because of the low power score, I was only able to get a B-Rank, which was not acceptable in my eyes.

Friday, April 23rd - It was this day that I figured out the reason for my very low power score. Apparently the reason my score was so low was because the kills you make against Sturm have to be gotten with Andy in order for the power score to be graded, and I pretty used Andy as a punching bag in the mission, which was more than likely the reason why I got a B. I went ahead and tried the mission again, getting a better power score, but a worse Technique score (since I was putting Andy in the battle a lot more). Once again, another B Rank. =(

Saturday, April 24th - At this point I was tired of retrying the mission again and again, so I figured I would do more research before I would pick up the game again. I also decided to have a preview video on the Sunday before I post the mission (which went up today). This video would explain some other things about the final mission (how to get specific allies) and basically show the layout of the battle itself. The reason I did this, not just because it would save time explaining it in the actual videos, but it also allowed me to actually try to do the commentary live, when I was originally considering post-commentary. It was going to be a challenge, but I was up for it.

Monday, April 26th - I finally went back to the game to try again, and unfortunately, I was still only to get a B Rank, but this was the best attempt thus far. I tried a new strategy using the left-side ally, which ended up working pretty well for me, which altered my strategies for the next attempts.

Wednesday, April 28th - Once again, had another attempt, but this time, things definitely went in my favor. I was able to not only complete the mission in the way and in the time I wanted, but I was also able to notice specific patterns in the enemy AI that I could exploit. After this attempt (ended up being an A Rank, which surprised the crap out of me), I decided that the next time would be the real time.

Friday, April 30th - The time had come! I was ready! Sturm was going down! I was going to complete this project! And sure enough, after the recording stopped, I was done. I'm not going to spoil the surprise of what I got in this mission (you will have to wait til tomorrow to see the final ranking), but things went well, especially considering I did it on my first recorded attempt of the mission (I've had a few missions where it took more than 1 recorded attempt, even after practicing). I got scared at the end though, because my recording actually screwed up at the very end while it was saving, but thankfully it was only the last minute or so (none of which was part of the actual battle). Then on Saturday, (yesterday), I did all the editing, and I am now prepared to post tomorrow!

See? Now do you see why I've been putting so much emphasis on this mission? It's tough people, really tough! Even experts of the game, and those terrible elitists, who may claim that the mission is easy as pie, probably struggled on it during their first playthroughs as well. You honestly can't say I'm exaggerating when the proof is in the pudding. Either way though, I'm glad Im finished with the mission, and at this point, the project (because I have filmed everything else).


Back-Up Progress:

I haven't been able to make any major strides in my video backing-up on SlimKirby64 (neither has MegaFreak400, since he has also been really busy as of late), but Super Mario RPG is almost finished, and after that, I will only have Mario Party 3, Super Mario World, Kirby's Dream Land 3, and The Maze Game left.

For those wondering about Donkey Kong 64, I'm actually not going to be backing those videos up. I know I said I would, but I'm seriously thinking about doing a replay sometime in the future. I know I originally claimed that the project was fine the way it was, and that Yoshi's Island would be my final replay, but looking back on DK64, it is in pretty bad quality. I will make the official announcement when I'm ready, but I think you can definitely expect a replay sometime in the future. Right now, I'm not even sure when I could stick another long game into my schedule (especially with what I have planned at the end of May).


Well, here is another short entry from the Slimster this week. I would write more, but I have to start studying for some final exams I have tomorrow (plus I have to make sure I am ready for the monster upload tomorrow as well). Thanks for joining me this week, and I will see you guys next week!

Later folks!