Monday, May 10, 2010

5/9/10 - Feels Like Summer in May

Note: I know this entry is kind of late (especially since it says 5/9/10 instead of 5/10/10 in the title), but I didn't get home until really late last night and honestly didn't have enough time to finish the blog before I had to go to bed. I tried to finish it up before going to sleep, but I was fighting a losing battle with my sleepiness and collapsed in exhaustion several times while trying to finish it up. So I figured I would just put it on hold and update it when I woke up.



Well, for now anyways. In 3 months time I will be back again, but let's not think about it.

I've had a pretty big weekend actually, and it all started with a miserable Friday morning. On Friday I had two final exams (it would have been 3, but thankfully my professor allowed me to take it earlier), and while one went well, the other one was a trainwreck. In fact, I'm still unsure of what I got on the final and am waiting in fear for the grade to appear on my online transcript. Thankfully my other good grades throughout the semester will balance it out, but still, it's not a good feeling. Besides that class though, I've done pretty well on my other classes, meeting and actually surpassing my expectations in a few instances (got a 81% on my Calculus II exam :O). Anyways, after the drama that was that morning, my mom came down to help me get packed and moved out of the dorms so I could go home. This process, although annoying at times, actually went pretty smooth, and everything was ready before the 2 hour mark, and I was home in no time. Then, Friday night I had some visitors, involving my best friend from high school and my uncle. It's always great to see and catch up with people from your past ain't it?

Ironically, Saturday was filled with more packing and moving, as I had to help move my grandmother from assisted living back to her house (which sounds good on paper, but honestly, we are tired of moving her from place to place (she is a strong-willed lady, but she can't live on her own in her condition and will only have to be transferred back in a month's time, I hate to say). The other parts of the day consisted of driving there and back.

And today, I actually had a pretty good day. My parents and I went out for a good ol Mother's Day dinner and then my dad and I stopped at Best Buy and got some new electronics to play with. Most notably, we got a new router for home, because our old one was on the fritz. Hopefully this new one minimizes disconnects and can hold my connection steady for these upcoming summer stream events. I also preordered Super Mario Galaxy 2 and expect to pick it up when it releases in 2 weeks.

Now, I don't know about you, but that was a pretty schedule-packed couple of days, wouldn't you say? Damn straight it was, and if you are anyone who thinks I only sit at a computer and upload videos all day, you are sadly mistaken. Not sure why I decided to bring that's just that I've seen a lot of those comments as of late on my channel and through my messages. It doesn't really bother me because I barely pay attention to those people anyways, but it just fascinates me how stupid and illogical those people can be when they think they are doing a world a favor by insulting others. It's just pathetic and I pity anyone at Youtube (or anyone on the Internet for that matter) who does that.

Another thing I pity is all the freaking ignorance-filled comments I get all the time (a different kind of ignorance though). I don't think I could logically give a figure of how many people have asked me when Mario Party 6 is starting, and just other stuff I shouldn't have to answer, yet I get asked anyways. I am a really organized guy...I think that is obvious from my channel guidelines, my schedule, and the way I handle obstacles and inconveniences. I think I can safely say I am rock-solid in that department without objection. The only thing is, how do people miss something so obvious from someone so clear? I just don't get it....

Anyways, before I get into my projects and all that other good stuff, I just, very quickly want to give a few plugs and shout-outs. First off, I would like to welcome back durden77 to the world of LPing! After taking a year off from uploading anything (mostly due to computer issues), the man is back, continuing what he does best.....even if his best is talking about a Mario game to thousands of people on a video website. So far, he has definitely been keeping up with his uploads and his project updates, still sounding like pretty much the same guy as he left us early. Seriously though, if you have no idea who durden77 is, definitely check out a few videos of his. I'm sure they will give you a chuckle.

Another thing I would like to do is congratulate PowerToMario on getting his 1,000th subscriber. PTM really hasn't been bringing his game when it comes to his videos and updates, but I got to give him some credit where it was due, and he did have a really good Pokemon Silver Let's Play. With other projects and his CSS turn approaching, I'm sure we can expect more from long as he updates. :P


Advance Wars:

The only thing I have to say here is, "ITS OVER! HELL YEAH!"


New Projects:

In less than a week, I will not only have Mario Party 6 up and running, but another project as well. I know I promised some hints, but I think I changed my mind on the matter because whenever I try, I spill the guts in an unintentional way. Not this time I'm guys will just have to wait.



GaiaCrusher9 has just one more video, and expect it to be uploaded Tuesday due to a scheduling snafoo caused by ShadowMario41. Which reminds me, it will be his turn next (oh god....)

Anyways, I think I will quickly talk about GaiaCrusher9 for this entry. Now, when we started this project, I had certain expectations for some, and higher for others (being my partners in this project). Gaia was kind of in the middle for me....someone who you know would get the job done, but how he would do it...another story completely. Right now, I really have to give the man props for the great work he has done. Not only has he been efficient in his updates and the way he handles certain situations, but he is quite entertaining as well. In fact, I believe one day (I don't remember what numbered video it was) I declared a video he uploaded to be the best of the project thus far. It just kept my attention and also kept me laughing from the moment it started, to the second it finished. Great work Catsun! Your abilities have truly shone today!

ShadowMarioXLI has some tough shoes to fill! ;)


Well, that's all Im going to talk about in this entry, BUT, I will leave this entry on a small note about what to expect in the future. In an earlier entry, not so long from this entry, I mentioned something about making a few changes to the blog to make it more organized and to feature some unique content every week instead of just giving the boring old Youtube updates. I do plan to keep that promise, but I would somewhat like some feedback here before I start incorporating these said changes. So if you are someone who has an account (I'm not sure if you need a blog..just a Google account), and you regularly read this blog, please, give me your thoughts in a comment as a response to entry, about what you would like to see from this blog in the future. Your responses can consist of anything you want, as long as the topics remain somewhat appropriate to what I do here (remember, I am someone who plays video games for Youtube, not a journalist).

Thank you for your time, this has been SlimKirby, and I will see you again next weekend!


  1. I think Gaia did a great job on his portion of the Thousand Year Door. I can't wait for the start of your Party 6 playthrough as I started my this weekend. I don't do videos though FYI. And I'm happy that Advance Wars is finally over that I basically asked for it for my birthday in a few weeks.

  2. I do have one thing I would prefer if you don't mind, (I'm not sure if this will work though) do you think you can post videos of your self talking about some recent conversations and complaints you been having through the week? I just thought this could lessen the amount of time you have for these blog entries, so you don't have to update so late. If this doesn't end up working, I'm sorry. It was just a suggestion. Anyways I'll see you at the Stream ;)