Monday, December 28, 2009

No Update This Week (12/28/09)

As stated in my update video on Youtube, I am not uploading the blog this week.

See you next week.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12/22/09 - Christmas Break Busy-ness

Hey guys, SlimKirby here!

Nice to see you on this lovely Mon.....errr...Tuesday day. Yeah, I'm aware I didn't update yesterday, but I actually had a pretty good reason. I had some morning doctor appointments and then I had to babysit my younger cousins for most of the day. Then I also had some other stuff to do, such as recording (and re-recording -_-) and SM41's Holiday Trivia, so I was a very busy Kirby yesterday.

I haven't forgotten this entry though, I just had to postpone it. I thought I said that this would be postponed in my channel, but looking back, I actually didn't, so I do apologize for that.

Anyways, as I am writing this, my Christmas Break has begun, or at least the first 5 days of it. Finals week went pretty well, and I'm satisfied with my final grades. It's nothing really that impressive, but as long as I didn't get lower than a C and my cumulative GPA is over 3.0 (which it is) I am completely satisfied. Bah, grades...who needs them? :P

On Saturday, (besides the first Kirby Super Star video, which I'll get into later) I went to visit my grandmother and then go to a family Christmas party with some extended family. It was a nice time, and I got a baseball cap with my last name on it as a white elephant gift. It wasn't the best gift in the collection, but it was something I actually didn't mind getting. :P

On Sunday (and this is the last thing I'll mention from my life before getting into projects), me and my dad brought my 2 cousins home (his two nieces) for 4 days. As I am writing this, this is the 3rd day, so they'll be gone tomorrow...thankfully. It's not that I hate spending time with them...quite the opposite. It's just that I haven't gotten as much free time to myself so I could play games, hang out with friends, or practice some KSS so I don't suck on the recordings. Not only that, but as mentioned in today's video, they made me do a recording over because the 10-year old just loves the computer and the Internet and when something doesn't work for her, she shuts off the computer while a video is processing on my computer. Again, not mad that she did that, but mad that she didn't ask me first. Also, the 5-year old, the younger one, is a handful. She is just at that age where she wants to do everything, but stops in between something to start something else. The worst was when they wanted to play Rock Band. I don't think the drumset will ever work again after a 5-year old banged on it through 6 different songs. Oh well...such is life, I guess.

Anyways, only a few days to Christmas, and my birthday, where I will be turning 21! I can't believe I'm finally at the age that I dreamed of for so long. For those of you wondering if I plan on doing any drinking....well, just to be honest with you, I'm not really much of a stranger to it. I have actually experienced alcohol before, but didn't really care for it much. It's just not worth doing something stupid, even if it is just a casual drink with friends. Also, my mom, although not necessarily an alcoholic, has gotten into a few little incidents involving alcohol, and those incidents made her feel really bad, so I'm trying to use that as something to apply to myself and not make it a habit. It is cool to be of age though...kinda fulfilling, even if I don't plan to do very much with it.

Anyways, I know you are probably getting bored with what I have to say, so I'll move on to project stuff.


Kirby Super Star

KIRBEH SOOPAH STAR! Oh boy, I am SO GLAD to play this game again. I forgot how much fun it is. To celebrate, I even started a new file on Kirby Super Star Ultra just so I could play ahead a bit. Great game that Super Star Ultra! Glad I purchased it!

Anyways, at this point, I have finished the first 3 games and completed the mini-games, so I just have to do Great Cave Offensive (longest game by far), Meta Knight's Revenge, Milky Way Wishes, and the extra unlockable game (you'll see when we get there). It's kind of disheartening though that for my next blog update, I'll more than likely still be in Great Cave Offensive, but that's the beauty of this game, you have to experience the Cave Offensive, YOU HAVE TO! ITS UNAVOIDABLE!

As far as project endings are concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if this project continues into the start of my Spring semester (in that case, I'll film ahead of time to make sure I get it done, so that won't be a problem), but I expect maybe 25 videos at the very most, which means, probably around January 13th (probably a little before). This also means that Yoshi's Island can start from the 16th-18th. I haven't decided, but I will decide as time goes on and as KSS comes to a close.


Ok, sorry for the somewhat short update here, but I'll be back next week to talk about more stuff, including some cool stuff I'll probably get for Christmas as well (with Christmas money anyways. :P)

Talk to you guys next time!


Monday, December 14, 2009

12/14/09 - Finals Week (in more than 1 way....)

Hey guys! SlimKirby here once again!

The title of the blog doesn't lie, I am now on finals week from my heavy and busy semester. I am so very happy to be getting out of this place for Winter Break. You guys literally have no idea...unless you are also in college of course.

For the record, don't worry about my videos interfering with my exams. Mainly because....I HAVE EVERYTHING UP TO FRIDAY RECORDED AND READY FOR UPLOADING! =D No lie there! It took 3 days of finding free time to just sit down and record these videos, but it is all done. It is all ready!

I hope this doesn't ruin the enjoyment of the videos, but honestly, it was either this, or play with the possibility/risk of having MP5 encroach on Kirby Super Star, something I did not want to happen. Just be thankful (wait, Christmas is closer than Thanksgiving....) that I got it all done and it will all be uploaded in the timeframe I wanted. This means I can start fresh on Kirby Super star Saturday. Oh boy! I am getting excited just thinking about playing that game.

Anyways, before I start talking about my projects, I guess I'll rap a little about what has been going on with me in the real world! Well, to be honest....not much. I've just been working hard on my classes, hoping that I'll get some desirable grades, and then I'll be working hard to make sure I do just as well on my finals. I don't think my grades will be spectacular (I made the Dean's List last semester, but this semester I definitely fell short in that area), but as long as I get a GPA near 3.00, I'll be more than satisfied.

I guess I should also mention that we have a lot of events coming up for the Blargg Pit and Crystal Star Studio. I know we still haven't made any videos yet for CSS, but just wait! We plan to actually start doing some filming for our first game playthrough project after Christmas, so don't worry, that will start soon. We may (Key-Word: MAY) have some other small videos planned as well until then. It's really just a matter of waiting and seeing what happens. It's not like CSS hasn't been doing me on this. We've had several meetings about this stuff. :P

But getting back to the Blargg Pit, yes, lot's of stuff happening this holiday season. ShadowMario41 has literally filled up his trivia schedule with various events in order to get interest from our fellow watchers. We also have some gaming night events as well. A link to the site will follow this paragraph. Stay tuned for front page posts given by the Blargg Pit team, and keep an eye on that calendar page for all the latest updates:


On the 19th we have MegaFreak400's Pokemon Give-Away Trivia. Our hub, #sm41triviahq, has caught the Pokemon fever as of late, mostly due to PTM's Pokemon Tournament (I'll talk about that later), and Mega has decided to start anew on his Pokemon file and give away some of his Pokemon from his first run-through. Now, Mega is quite the collector, so he has a lot of interesting and unique Pokemon in his collection. I would go over the complete list, but they are located on his front page Blargg Pit post where he talks about the trivia and Secret Santa '09, so just go to the link provided above.

On the 20th and the 23rd, PTM has some "Gaming Night" events planned. On the 20th we will be playing some Mario Kart Wii and on the 23rd we will be playing some Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so swing by the chatroom if you want more information and if you would like to be a part of these events. On the 21st and 22nd, there will be some other trivia events. The first will be ShadowMario41's Holiday Mario Trivia #3. The 2nd will be an unofficial trivia hosted by ThePastaKing. If you would like to test your Mario knowledge, don't be afraid to come by the chat on these dates. There will be prizes!

On the 26th, we have my birthday, so wish me well. On January 2nd through the 5th, SM41 will have his annual Mario Music Madness trivia. This trivia will be hosted over Youtube, so stay tuned for updates from him (remember, his channel name is "ShadowMarioXLI" not "ShadowMario41"). I'm sure he will also have a post on the Blargg Pit about it as well.

Finally, we have the Blargg Pit Cup, the Pokemon tournament hosted by PowerToMario. I would go into detail about this, but why do that when you can hear it straight from the horse's mouth?
The Blargg Pit Cup
That is PTM's video about the Blargg Pit Cup. Be sure to watch it....especially for that bowling pin in the lower right corner (just kidding).

See, we have A LOT of stuff going on this holiday season, and guess what this short 3-week break period will also bring....


That's right, I may actually do some streams during my break. Keep in mind, these will more than likely be limited to only these 3 weeks, so expect only 2 or 3 to happen, but it's better than nothing. I suppose I should also try to plan an all-day stream as well, but let's wait on that....


Let's Play Super Bomberman

Well, Bomberman has reached its ending, so let's say our goodbyes to all of the bombs, all of the power-ups, and all of the cheap deaths I encountered in this LP. The last video will be posted tomorrow, and after that, this project will be put into the "Completed" section.

In tomorrow's video I will discuss future possibilities of me doing other Bomberman games, but if this does happen, it won't be for awhile. Let me get through some other LPs first. :P

I gotta admit, for a short project, this was a fun one to work on, so I am definitely glad that I chose this game. I really hope you guys enjoyed it.


Mario Party 5

Just one more week of updates, and this project will also be completed. Not much to say about this project...I think the videos speak for themselves. :P

This may have not been my favorite project to work on, but it had some nice moments as well. It has some classic scenes of ultimate domination, and also some scenes where I completely lose it. I guess you could call that a successful project. :P

In the end though, I am glad I did this game, because this game does have a lot of potential as a Mario game, and a video game. It just needs to go a little easier on the luck-based mini-games....THATS ALL IM ASKING!

As I will say in my final video, don't expect Mario Party 6 until the 2nd quarter of 2010. I have a few other projects I would like to get under my belt first, and two of them happen to be pretty lengthy. I would predict April for the start of MP6. However, I'm sure I will keep you informed, so do not worry about any of that.


Well, that is about all I wanted to discuss for this blog entry. Sorry for the lateness of this update, but I had a lot of other stuff to do today, including one of my final exams, so surely that excuse will suffice. I'll see you next week readers when I will be on break and ready to talk about Kirby Super Star and other things.


Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7/09 - May the Winds of War Bring Snow.....and an Update

Hey guys, SlimKirby here for another week of updating. We are in the final month of 2009, but it seems like it was only a few months ago that we were in this position of 2008, at least to me anyways. Time seems to fly by even more quickly when you are older, I guess.

Anyways, today was a very interesting day as it was the very first snow of the least where I am located. I didn't notice until I checked the family website of mine, that it had snowed in Indiana about a week or two ago where my aunt lives, but it didn't make it over to my area. Not that I am disappointed or anything, but snow starts to become a pain the older you get, especially for college students....with vehicles.

I'm thankful that it wasn't a really big storm or anything, and most of it had cleared up by the time I had to leave my dorm for classes, but this is definitely the beginning a long line of snowstorms to come. I'm sure I will endure though. The only thing that stands in my way between my winter break are 2 assignments, 4 finals, possible weather conditions, and then I'm free.


Let's Play Super Bomberman

Now, wasn't this a nice little project? A lot of you guys seem to have enjoyed this choice of game, and I'm glad I made that choice, because honestly, I've been having fun with this. Bomberman may have not been the most original or practical choice to make, and in a way, it is "filler" before I embark on the Winter Break adventure of Kirby Super Star, but at least I can say it has been fun.

Tomorrow I will have the final episode of story mode. In addition to the final boss, I went ahead and made something special for the episode (mostly because it was only 5 or 6 minutes long. It's something I have/had been working on for awhile now, and I finally managed to pull it together. What is this surprise? You will just have to wait until tomorrow.

Finally, I will also announce that I have finished the Battle Mode videos for the game. They came out to be 5 videos, which is about what I expected. Frankly, I'm just glad it wasn't more than that. Those 5 videos should all be posted within a time period of 5 or 6 days, but I will be alternating between this and Mario Party 5 for the remainder of the next two weeks. At the rate I'm going, or planning to go, Batle Mode should be finished by Tuesday of next week.


Mario Party 5

The Mario Party 5 extras have started, and I'm happy to say that they will be continuing, but now expect them to be uploaded during the week, and not just at the end.

First off, I have Super Duel Mode planned for Wednesday. That should take me about 2 videos to show everything I would need/have to show/explain. Of course, to unlock everything in Super Duel Mode, I would have to do some serious farming off-screen, but I don't think that is completely necessary, so I will not be doing that. Anything I don't have unlocked (or bought) will be mentioned, but not shown.

Next we have Extra Mode, which I plan to show this Saturday (the 12th). To be honest, I'm actually looking forward to this part, because one of the extra games (Card Party) ranks highly among some of my favorite Mario Party extras in the whole series, so I am definitely looking forward to that.

Finally, the most extensive section of the MP5 extras will be Mini-Game Mode. In the past, this mode has basically just been me covering the mini-games I haven't played, and extra modes like "Mini-Game Stadium," "Mini-Game Island/Coaster," etc. In this game, there are 5 other modes of play in Mini-Game Mode, "Mini-Game Battle," "Mini-Game Tournament," "Mini-Game Circuit," Mini-Game Decathalon," and "Mini-Game Wars." In my playthrough, I plan to cover Circuit, Decathalon, and Wars, but I am unsure about the first 2 modes. Mini-Game Battle is merely a "Play to 'N' wins" (N being a number determined by you before it starts), and Mini-Game Tournament is merely a 4 duel mini-game mode that determines the standings based on those duel victories, so honestly I'm not that crazy about covering it since it seems like a waste of time.

But why are the other 3 not a waste of time? Well, personally, there is something about the other 3 modes that I just find unique. Mini-Game Circuit, for example, is an actual board modeled after a race-track, and in a way, it's based on classic board games of the past which depended on movement more than knowledge of how to play the game. Of course, in order to move, you will have to win mini-games, so it's not completely based on movement, but still, I'd like to show it. Mini-Game Decathalon is a little interesting because it involves all of the "NEW RECORD" type games you can play in MP5. And one thing I like about this mode is that even if you don't win any of the games, close seconds could still come out to be a win for you. Of course, I have a feeling that mode will feature a blow-out of SlimKirby....just being honest here.

Then there is Mini-Game Wars, which will more than likely be the big draw of Mini-Game mode. It's somewhat a game of strategy, but it is mostly dependent on mini-game skill. I would go into more detail, but honestly, it's simply just playing through 4 Player games, which are randomly determined, so really, there isn't much to explain until I'm actually playing it, so I'll leave it at that. The only reason I'm even considering to play this is due to the fact that it is somewhat hard to unlock.

Finally, we have the "Final Battle" of Story Mode, code-named "Frightmare." I will be doing this on December 18th, that last day before I start Kirby Super Star to close out the project. I may end up showing the game credits as well.

And that will about do it for Mario Party 5.


Wow, once again Mario Party 5 gets all the attention! Don't worry though, as this attention will not last very long. Once again I feel bad for spending so much time talking about current projects and not about future projects, especially with CrystalStarStudio. We are working on something, but don't expect it to be something really big or anything, until Winter Break. We have a few ideas and it seems like the only thing left to do is to just get together, have a vote and decide, but as I have explained earlier, we are trying to get a lot of other stuff sorted out....

GaiaCrusher9 has oral surgery coming up... me, Mega, SM, and PK have college finals to take care of... PTM has finals and scholarship stuff, and K-Man...well, honestly I don't know where that little freak is, but I'm sure he is busy too. :P

After all of that stuff gets sorted out, we will have some stuff for you guys, we promise. Just let us take care of a few things, eh? ;)

Anyways, that is about this for this week. Next week I will start talking about the conclusions of both Super Bomberman, and 2-month long MP5, giving my thoughts about the projects, and then start talking about Kirby Super Star, one of the greatest games of all time! =D

Later folks!