Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/16/10 - Party in the Jungle

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here!

After a week that seemed to never end, which can either be good, considering I'm on summer break now, or bad, considering I did nothing really that exciting, here I am with another entry.

First off, I do appreciate those who gave me ideas of what to do with the blog...all 1 of you. I realize that my audience here is definitely not as big as my Youtube audience, but still, with 101 followers, I honestly did expect a lot more. However, no big concern.....maybe you guys like the blog how it is? I personally won't be making any big changes until June, so if you have some ideas, feel free to leave comments, I'd gladly like to listen to them.

As for other things going on...not really that much. I'd rather not write a book about every little thing I did this past week, so I won't.


Mario Party 6:

It's been a long time coming, and the coming has finally...come. And let me tell you, for a game I was very skeptical about at first, this first recording session ended up going all right...with the exception of having 9 videos to record, edit, and upload, but that is just the way of Mario Party.

This probably had to be one of my most epic comebacks. Maybe not as epic as the final turn chance time in Spiny Desert (Mario Party 3), but at least in this one I used forms of strategy and strategic planning, something I don't get to show very often in my videos. Although Peach acting stupid in the duel mini-game definitely hurt any chances for her to win or at least cancel out my victory.

And thanks to Mario Party, once again I was able to obtain quite the number of views this weekend, breaking into the Top 60 - Most Viewed Directors on Youtube for today (Top 25 for just Gaming channels), and that could still increase as I still have 2 hours of this day left. This is my highest honor on Youtube thus far, and I expect it to be even higher in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone for making this possible!


Donkey Kong Country:

I wonder who saw this coming....and not just the Let's Play. For those who don't know, in addition to me starting a Let's Play to this game, ShadowMarioXLI and MegaFreak400 also started their replays of Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 (respectively). I will say that this wasn't a total coincidence as we made it out to be, but these projects were planned around the same time...we just made some adjustments to make them all happen at once.

Looking forward to this Let's Play, and at this point I do have the next 2 videos recorded. I actually ended up having some problems with the next two videos, which hopefully won't ruin the videos for you guys, and will hopefully not happen in future videos. I still got the videos recorded though, so i guess that is the important thing.


May 14th UStream Event:

Last Friday I had my first stream event of the summer. Usually with my streams, I experience several different ups and downs, and this stream was no exception.

I started off with New Super Mario Bros. Wii again, and was able to complete the game in this session. I will more than likely have a future stream where I will end up getting what I need of the star coins. Things went pretty well until the last two levels when I started sucking for no reason. Then I played 45 minutes of Mario Kart Wii (which somehow won the poll). Nothing really exciting during that time. Next, I went on to Banjo Tooie, which I think was the highlight of the stream...unfortunately I didn't even record half of it, which really pissed me off. Oh well, I guess not many people will want to watch or rewatch that. After Tooie, it was really just a bunch of random game playing consisting of Goldeneye and Pokemon Snap, nothing really worth mentioning, although I did beat a few 00 Agent missions in Goldeneye. =)

Overall, a pretty good stream event. Really quickly, I would like to thank youtube users Odinspack33, darkmindedsith, and ShotzRox for spending time at the stream and also assisting with moderating and alerting the mods of specific problems. I really do appreciate it.


Nothing much to say about anything else. I should be hitting 10,000 subscribers pretty soon, and I have a few things planned for that, and a few other LPs planned for the summer. And of course, keep a look out for the live stream events, as those should be a lot of fun. For now though, I'm going to end this entry as it is. I will see you guys next week. Later folks!


  1. This may be weird for me, but am I the only person that gave you an idea for what you should change for your blog entries? When I read your blog you posted today, it said all 1 of you.

  2. I did like it when you had the video in the blog, but that does seem unnecessary, Maybe you can have a section where you talk about upcoming games that you want to own? Your blog is really good on its own.

  3. I think doing a DK LP is a good idea. I have a blog too. So check it out if you want to

  4. Hey for Ideas about changing the blog, I think you should keep it is as cause I like it how it is now.