Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/30/10 - Blasting Off to a New....Galaxy?

Hey guys and welcome back to the regularly scheduled blog at its….regularly scheduled time. I had originally decided to postpone this until tomorrow, but then I realized that I had no real excuse not to update, so here I am once again!

Well, as some of you probably know (especially if you watched my last Mario Party playthrough), I did indeed get Super Mario Galaxy 2 last weekend, and I’ve been having a blast playing through it. In fact, I actually completely finished the game no more than a few days ago (I believe 5 days after release). I know…I know, kinda sad that it was the only game I played, and the fact I played so much of it, but hey, it was fun! I would talk about the game and my adventure through it, but I’m actually going to save that next time for my first June entry. That way I can still give some time for those who don’t want to be spoiled by the game, the chance to get through it (or even play it). In fact, I may actually post an entire review dedicated to the game. Just be warned, there will be spoilers!

Besides that though, not much has really been going on in the life of SlimKirby. I’ve just been focusing on preparing for anything and everything. I have a lot of family and friend open houses and graduations to look forward to this week, but they shouldn’t really have any major impact on my daily routine. Also, I’ll be working 2 days this week at my mom’s library doing inventory (I feel guilty about not working during the summer, so I at least try to make some things easier for my parents). Nothing exciting usually happens when I’m there….I’m just scanning barcodes, after all, but at least it feels like I’m helping.

Before I get into Youtube stuff, I just very quickly want to mention that two great individuals passed away this week. Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper….you both will be missed. Gary, we always knew what you were talking bout, even if you didn’t know what others did, and Dennis Hopper’s unforgettable performance as King Koopa in the god awful Super Mario Bros. movie….was just too good to put into visible words.


Donkey Kong Country:

What more to say? This game is over! Say goodbye to the monkeys for now and stop trying to steal their bananas. Anyways…now time to live through 5 million comments of people asking me when, or if I will ever do the 2nd game.


Mario Party 6:

*sings*Victory in the snow, is most definitely the way to go.Using my main man Wario…. yadda, yadda, yadda, on with the show!

Once again, sorry if this spoils anything for those who haven’t watched the board yet, but I think I have mentioned before that this blog assumes that the videos I post have been watched. I know assuming isn’t exactly the way to in stuff like this, but it feels kind of pointless to post a giant section if people are just going to skip over it. But whatever….

After the mini-disaster that was E. Gadd’s Garage, it was nice to come into this board and actually have some fun with it. Snowflake Lake has never really been one of my favorite boards, and I actually felt comfortable throughout the whole thing. I had a few scares every now and then (those bonus stars can really throw off your game if you start thinking about every negative possibility), but for the most part, I had a good lead and kept with it.

I’m getting kind of worried about the mini-game count, especially after so many repeat mini-games in this board. I mean, I have them all unlocked, so showing them won’t be an issue, but I’m always worried about how much footage would be needed for a video like that. I mean, I don’t want the video to only have one mini-game, but I don’t want like 20 games either (enough to pretty much make two videos). I suppose I could do what MadameWario did in her Mario Party 2 playthrough and just show off videos of all the mini-games in each category, but then that could create an issue with the DK and Bowser mini-games which only have 3 per piece. Oh well, I will cross that bridge if I need to come to it. For now I’ll just do things my way.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to what I will play next. I honestly couldn’t care less about which board to play because Faire Square is probably my favorite, and I haven’t seen very much of Castaway Bay, so that should be a pretty interesting venture as well. For now though, it’s in the hands of the viewers (although, that could be kind of scary……joking).


New Project:

The new project I talked about last time, and pretty much have mentioned for quite awhile now, will finally be starting soon. I originally said it would happen in the middle of May, then I said near the end of May, then I said May 30 or 31 would probably be the mark, but now, I can safely say that the project will be starting next Sunday, June 6th. That’s the date, no more delays, it will start then. I’M SERIOUS!

For those wondering about what caused the delay to be so long, I honestly couldn’t say. There have just been a lot of different happenings, mostly with me underestimating the time for certain projects. Also, the whole thing with me, MegaFreak400, ShadowMarioXLI, and 3 servings of Donkey Kong Country, also kind of pushed it back a little (I was hoping to start the DKC project on the 10th, not the 16th). Oh well, no need to worry about it, because it will be here soon!

This Next Week:

I will be taking somewhat of a break this week, so don’t expect any project uploads from Tuesday-Friday. Tomorrow (Monday) I will be uploading my 10,000th subscriber special (which I hope you guys enjoy btw (despite it not being what I originally promised)), which will take 6 videos (you’ll see why tomorrow). On Friday I will be hosting a stream event on my UStream page (see my Youtube channel for more information). Saturday will of course be the next Mario Party uploads (no postponements or cancellations there), and as I just mentioned, new project on Sunday.



ShadowMarioXLI, despite being the demon of all things maze game related, as been doing a pretty solid job with Chapter 5. I’d say he has about 2 weeks left (around 5 videos) and then we toss things over to PTM. After PTM, we have some kind of warpstar creature with sunglasses hosting…I wonder who that could be. :P


That’s really about all I have to report. I’ll see you guys next week for more blog updates, and of course, for my Youtube updates this week. If you can, be sure to stop by the stream this Friday, which should be a lot of fun. Also, if you can, ShadowMarioXLI on Youtube also has a stream event tomorrow (May 31st) as well, so you are more than welcome to stop by. I thank you all for reading this week, and of course, thank all of my Youtube subscribers for getting me up to 10,000…you guys are amazing!



  1. k, you live in indiana and NO MENTION of the Indy 500? :P

  2. I played Snowflake Lake this weekend too and I've won edgeing Koopa Kid by 1 star and even if he tied with me in stars I would still win because I had 195 coins.