Monday, November 23, 2009

11/23/09 - Turkey Week (or in my case Peanut Butter Sandwich Week)

Hey Guys! SlimKirby here!

First off, I hope you all (in America anyways) have a good Thanksgiving week. For all of you non-USA people, just have a good week I guess. :P Anyways, this has been the week I have been looking forward to for weeks. More than one measly day off from school...get to see my wonderful family....and plenty of Youtube stuff! be honest, scratch that last thing.

This week will actually be pretty light as far as videos from me. You will have the Lolo video today, the extra video tomorrow, and Bowser's Nightmare on Saturday. While it is exciting to witness the end of one project, and the end of the largest part of another, I know some of you will feel kind of sad about not having a SlimKirby update, but to be honest, I really need this break right now.

Things have actually been pretty stressful for me lately. My classes are really starting to just get the best of me, I'm almost halfway done with my Junior year and I barely have any credits for my major due to switching three times, I barely get to see my friends anymore because they turned into drunken slob college students who don't know any better,'s just tough.

I don't want you guys to worry too much though. While this stuff is a lot to take, I feel like I have the ability, drive, and the patience to handle it. But you know, sometimes...this shit happens, and sometimes you feel the effects of it, regardless of how strong you are. There are some individuals out there who can't handle it all, and I feel sorry for those individuals. Things shouldn't have to be this tough, but they just are.

There is something I would like to say all of you guys. I really do appreciate all of the support you have given me. My fellow members of Crystal Star Studio and "a select few" of you from #sm41triviahq. Because of you people, I have gained strength and confidence in myself, and I feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to. I know it seems silly, but it's true, it means a lot to me. Around this time 2 years ago when I was just starting out on Youtube, I had no freaking idea I would have nearly 5000 subscribers and that they would be growing at an exponential rate. It has been an honor to provide videos for you guys.

Anyways, to get back to my point, I would like a few days off just so I can relax a little, visit with my family, play Mario Party games where I don't get screwed by annoying luck, play puzzle games without medusas, and of course, play New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which from what I have played thus far, is an amazing game. =)

Also, I am not kidding from the title. I don't like turkey. Not because I am a vegetarian, but just because it never really tasted that good to me. I do acknowledge it as a tradition though. Anyways, everytime we have Thanksgiving, my mom always makes me a peanut butter sandwich, but not just any sandwich....a sandwich that is made with love! I know that sounds kind of cheesy (it is, I agree), but it's something she has done for me every year for the last 20 years and I'll never forget her for it. I would make it myself, but as my mom says, something always tastes better when somebody else cooks/makes it for you. In this case, it is true. :P


Next Week:

Anyways, time to stop talking about that stuff and start talking about what some of you may be more interested in. So, with nothing really going on during Thanksgiving week, but what about the weeks after? The weeks before I'm supposed to do Kirby Super Star replay? Well, I'll quickly go over that right now.

First off, on December 5th, 2009, I will be starting the extras for Mario Party 5. What will the extras consist of? Well, here is what I plan to cover in the extra videos;

1). One Map of Story Mode:
Some of you are probably hoping for a complete playthrough of Story Mode, but really, there is no need. I've shown you all of the boards, and Story Mode just has smaller variations of those boards we have already played. There is a new mechanic of story mode, which makes it a little different than party mode (hence why I am showing at least one board), but I really don't want to drag this game on longer than it needs to. I will show the conclusion of Story Mode, but probably not til the end of the project (kinda like the Final Battle video of the Mario Party 4 Board Playthroughs project).

2). Mini-Game Mode:
I'll probably show Mini-Game Mode after the Story Mode feature, because after that point, I wouldn't be able to unlock the mini-games I don't have. Which reminds me, I still don't have that last stupid duel mini-game. What I may end up doing is setting up some CPU controlled games and seeing if I can unlock them in that fashion. And I'll just keep doing that until I unlock it, because even if CPUs play the game, you still get the game just has to show up. I'll basically show all the games that haven't been shown off (keep in mind, I would show the Final Battle in the last video of the project, not here). I'm also considering showing off Mini-Game Circuit, Mini-Game Marathon(?), and Mini-Game Wars, with possible footage cuts (so it doesn't drag on).

3). Super Duel Mode:
At the beginning of the project, I had my doubts about this mode, but after playing it a bit of it during one night, I may cover more than I originally planned. Not that it would be a very long, extensive playthrough, but I would basically show the basics and how you would go about unlocking some features.

4). Extra Mode:
I'll basically play one game of Volleyball, Ice Hockey, and (brace yourself PowerToMario) CARD PARTY! I'll try to put Ice Hockey and Volleyball together in one video, while having a small video series dedicated to Card Party and its awesomeness.

5). Final Battle:
I'll show the final battle of Story Mode, and probably the credits of the game. May take two videos.

And that will be the project. I don't think these extras will take as long as Party Mode, but still, I will have quite a bit to cover and there will probably be quite a few videos. This may end up being the longest (in video length) Mario Party project thus far.

As for the scheduling for the extras, they will start on December 5th, but from then on, I'll be uploading them along with my new LP (which I will talk about later). I'm hoping this won't take very long (before I start Kirby Super Star anyways), but I'll find a way to be efficient with my uploads, so don't worry.


Lolo 2

Well, what to say about Lolo 2's finale? Well.....I will say I am glad that it is over. Not that it's a bad game or anything, but near the end of the project, I faced some difficulty in motivation and just in making the videos due to all the cuts I had to make. I didn't want to cut so much stuff out, but as I stated in I think Video #9, I don't want you guys to watch me do nothing for several minutes. Even the failures, which are usually entertaining, still felt boring and bland because it was just me trying to figure it out for a very long time. Not worth it in my opinion.

Anyways, with the extra video tomorrow, the project is completed! I can put it to rest! No more Lolo for awhile! Again though, it's a great game, it just felt tedious near the end there.


New Project:

All right! New Project! Oh boy! I can't wait!

People have already started speculating on what project I will be beginning next week, and boy are they excited. However, I think they may be getting a bit too excited. Not that the game is boring or anything, but like Lolo, it won't last very long at all. I expect to finish the main game in less time than I would normally finish Lolo, to be perfectly honest with you guys. Maybe 7 or 8 videos? I think that is a fair estimation. Keep in mind that I did say the main game, which means I do have extra content planned, but still, the extra content shouldn't last for too long. If I had to pick a project to compare it with....probably about Maze Game length.

I said I would mention something about hints in this blog entry, but I'm really not going to give very much of anything here. As I said in the last Lolo video, this is a more recognized series....a bit arcade style....has a level system like Lolo. I know I said it was a lot like Lolo, but in actuality, not really. There aren't really any puzzles at all. It's more of just a "get to the end of the stage and move on" type of game, like Donkey Kong '94. It's not the first game of the series, but it's the first on a gaming platform. Morshu would be very interested in financing this game.....and I guess that is all I will say about it. :P

If you figure it out, I won't tell you if you are correct, but I do ask you to treat it like a guess and not an answer. So don't go to my channel page and say "OMG! I KNOW! YOUR NEXT LP IS ______________." If you are right, you spoil it for everybody. If you are wrong, you are mean and people won't like you. Don't treat this like a's really not.


Anyways, that is about it. I'll see you guys later this weekend for Bowser's Nightmare and next week for the next blog entry and my new LP! See you guys later! =D

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  1. Slim, I'm pretty sure it was Mini-Game Decathlon, but I might be wrong.

    Anyways, CARD PARTY! I cannot wait for that mode. And Super Duel Mode. The SDM is really simple, which is probably what made it less attractive. But it encourages you to compete in Party Mode if you like it, which I find to be a plus.