Saturday, October 3, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #33

I knew we were getting to this street race eventually, and boy is it a pain. As done in the video, you do want to use the Car Built for Homer no matter what, I'd say. It's got the speed of the Bandit, but the turning of the Longhorn, making it fairly competent of making that hairpin turn. I was actually kind of surprised to see the car do so well, because I still remember struggling with that race even when using that car. Maybe I'm just used to its attributes?

The mission is very easy stuff. Frink's driving path is rather strange though, but I guess they did that to challenge the impatient ones, and also those who crash a lot (like me). The only danger I really had in this mission though was missing the dam jump at the very end.

Anyways, next video will cover quite a bit of ground. I will attempt 2 missions and the final street race (since I have everything else now). If all things go according to plan, Level 6 should end Monday, and if lucky enough, I'll get to start Level 7.

Video Quote of the Day:
Patty: You're a regular Lance Murdock Bart, without the full-body cast of course.
Bart: Give it time...


I'm actually not going to have a special section today because I'm going to be giving a lot of information tomorrow (some info about Mario Party 5, and then I'll start dropping hints about my next LP that is following MP5). So I'm going to leave it at that for now.

See you guys later! =)


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