Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run Extra #2

Wow, and I complained about some of the main game mechanics..... this mode is a LOT worse. Top down views of this caliber just don't work. At least the one in Kirby Air Ride was close enough so you could actually see what you were doing. The angles here were just horrid. At least I won the first race, but overall, this mode realy wasn't worth the thrill of that first place.

Only one extra video left, and this project will be.....COMPLETED!

Also, thanks to all the users who pointed out my mispronunciation of "Wager Race" as "Rager Wace" in yesterday's video. Now I feel ridiculous! Thanks a lot guys! :P XD

SlimKirby Shoutout

In this shout-out, I am only going to be giving a shout-out to two individuals, but there is a catch......there is only one project being advertised.

Griff 'n Spack Play Final Fight 3 (griffinlobster and Odinspack33)

I've talked about these blokes before I'm sure, so it was really no surprise that I was going to give them a shout-out, but what can I say...these guys do an excellent job so it is only proper that I give them the praise they deserve.

About a month ago, these two finished a long-term (in terms of updates) co-op project of Kirby Super Star, perhaps one of, if not, the best, Kirby Super Star co-op playthroughs I have ever seen. Because of these two, I am very reluctant to do an LP (or rather, the replay of the game) of the game, because they did the game great justice, a justice I would not want to encroach on.

Now that they have finished Kirby, it's only natural that they would try to get another co-op project going, which is only sensible because great duos like these don't deserve to die. Now instead of sucking, spitting, burning, hammering, and bombing (Kirby copy abilities) their problems away, they are getting a bit more down and dirty as they take the fighting to the streets of Final Fight 3.

I've personally never been the biggest fan of fighting games (besides Smash Bros. and old-school Street Fighter), but it will be great to see what these two manage to come up with in this project. Only one video has been posted so far, so definitely look out for some other videos to come. Keep up the great work guys (if you two happen to read this, anyways).

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