Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10/20/09 - "The Adventures of Lolo Revealed!"

Well guys, after a very poorly ran contest, the results and the information is in. My new Let's Play is The Adventures of Lolo for the NES. 44 people were able to crack the code of the contest and determine this next LP for me (and if they didn't crack the code, they at least managed to copy other answers). Anyways, here is the process by which I decided to do this game for my next LP.

I first played this game a few years ago when I was really into using emulators and ROMs, something that I'm not really into very much anymore. I heard about this game through Nintendo Power on a Top 100 list they posted of what they considered to be the best games of all time (I think it was Issue #100) and sure enough, Adventures of Lolo managed to appear on the list. Because of this mention, and since I recognized the characters from Kirby Superstar, I decided I would give the game a try. During that week, I played through all 3 NES games and enjoyed every minute of them.....well, except the parts that gave me a migraine due to the insane puzzles of later stages. Anyways, when I heard that Nintendo was putting them on the Virtual Console, I was ecstatic. You see, this is what the Virtual Console is for....ancient and undiscovered gems like these. Stop complaining about Banjo Kazooie's high possibility of not being available.

After winning a trivia contest held by good friend MegaFreak400, he actually surprised me and gave me a gift of any VC game worth 500 Wii Points. Immediately I went for Lolo and I didn't regret my decision. Later (just recently actually), another good friend... and rival, ShadowMario41 actually gifted me Lolo 2 from my trivia winnings in his trivia contest, so it's nice that I can actually enjoy these games forever now and play them without feeling guilty about not owning an NES and using emulators. :P

Now....my decision to actually LP these games was a very easy one that actually took awhile to register. After the Summer of 2009, I was actually kind of lost on what I would do for upcoming projects. I knew Hit and Run was going to be in the works eventually, and I had 2 other replays to do as well (which are still going to be put on hold eventually), and I had no freaking idea when I was ever going to do Mario Party 5. However, once I started figuring out the scheduling for Mario Party 5 and some other projects I was planning for Fall 09, things started to come together. And sure enough, after looking at my Wii Menu, Lolo was one of the first games to come to mind.

Lolo will be first in line of a bunch of mini-projects I have planned for this season. I figured that since MP5 would be updated during the weekend, and that it would be a pretty long project regardless, that the best thing to do was to fill the weekdays with some filler LPs. Although I don't really like the term "filler," since I try to LP every game to the best of my ability and not put any projects above and below other projects, you can't really ignore the name, because that is essentially what the project is. However, I definitely recommend you give the game a fair chance, because it is honestly a great game. Kind of brain-hemorrhaging at times due to the amount and type of puzzles, but still kind of challenging (in a good way) and quite a bit of fun as well. I definitely don't expect this to be at the top of people's "Top SlimKirby LPs" list though.

I would like to eventually do all 3 of the NES Lolo games. Fortunately, I don't see Lolo 1 lasting two weeks, so expect that project to finish rather quickly. I'd like to do the sequel right after Lolo 1, but from that arises two concerns of mine. I actually am not that familiar with Lolo 2 than Lolo 1 and from my understanding, that game is quite difficult compared to the original, so that will definitely cause some issues, but hopefully not many. Second, I don't want people to get too bombarded with the Lolo series or the game genre at once, because I'm actually planning another Let's Play after Lolo that revolves around a similar gameplay mechanic, but too a much lesser extent. You'll see what I mean when I get to the game, as I'd rather not reveal it right now.

Anyways, the first video will be uploaded tomorrow, so I hope you guys enjoy this new LP! Personally, I don't have much else to discuss, so I think I'll end this part of the entry right here. Once again, I do apologize for the half-assed contest of mine (as talked about in the last entry), just because looking at it from a different perspective, it definitely didn't meet the standards I should have had.


SlimKirby Shoutout

The shoutout this time actually goes to a person who is not very well known in the LP world.....mostly because he doesn't name his work as "Let's Plays" rather "Talthroughs." My shoutout today goes to Mr. roundthewheel.

His Channel

Round has been doing talkthroughs for quite awhile now...since June 2008. He started with Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins and is now working on his 21st talkthrough, which is Sonic the Hedgehog 2. You find very few people who have done so much through Youtube yet have very few subscribers. RTW is one of those people, and definitely deserves a lot more credit for all the work he has done. I discovered him through his very long and extensive talkthrough of the PC game Lemmings and have been an on-and-off again watcher of his work ever since.

Even though most of his projects are pretty mainstream, there is no excuse not to at least check him out. Like me, he's just a heavy-set 20+ year old gamer wanting to show off the finer points in gaming, and perhaps give you a little help along the way.

Keep up the great work Round! And congratulations on getting married recently as well. ;)



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