Thursday, October 15, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run Extra #3

Here it is! The final extra! Time for this project to officially close.

Not much to say about this...just showing the main menu. For those who haven't noticed yet, I did post a video last night to correct some misconceptions and statements about the Bonus Game. Apparently you could change the camera angle and I just assumed that you couldn't. Big mistake on my part, and thanks CuteArceus for the correction =P.

Anyways, tomorrow I will have a special video where I will talk about 4000 subscribers, the end of Hit and Run, Mario Party 5, and the new LP that will start midway through next week. It's a video you may not want to miss!


Game Chat:

First impressions of Bowser's Inside Story (Mario and Luigi 3)

In one of my first blog entries, I talked about this game a little bit, but remarked about not having it yet. However, I've officially had the game for about a week now, so I felt I would talk about it a little bit. Keep in mind, I haven't been able to play it THAT much, since I have been busy with other things, but I'd say I'm a good 4, 5, or 6 hours into the game by this point.

Warning! I am going to try and not use spoilers, but there is a good chance I may mention one unintentionally, so read at your own risk if you don't want to get spoiled.

First of all, classic Mario and Luigi gameplay still exists. If you are a fan of the first two games, you will feel right at home with this title. One of my main gripes about Partners in Time was that you always felt stuck in one area until you cleared it, and went back to Peach's Castle (the main hub of the game), but even then it still felt like you couldn't really go off and do what you want as you always had to focus on the next part. In this game, there are elements and parts of that, but after they are over, you feel like you have complete freedom. Also, with some in-game conveniences, it is easier to get around the world map, allowing you to revisit older areas with new abilities and to find cool, new things.

Now when it comes to the in-battle gameplay and mechanics, they are as fine-tuned as ever, and it is SO MUCH FUN playing as the Koopa King in battle, with all of his raw power and burning fire breath. In this game, they have combined the ideas of the Bros. Moves from Superstar Saga and the Bros. Items from PiT for the special attacks, so now you have attacks that function like the Bros. items, but use FP/SP (whatever) instead of how many of the item you have. Bowser's special attacks involve him coordinating with his minions, which can be a lot of fun....assuming the stylus works well for you, because so far from what I have seen, all of his special attacks involve the stylus in some way.

At first I was a little worried about Mario and Luigi being stuck in Bowser's body for a great period of time, but the game has actually managed to implement the idea pretty well considering. At random times in the game, Bowser will run into trouble, and it will be up to the Mario Bros. to fix the problem. For example, when Bowser is involved in a feat of arm strength, the Bros. will have to go into his arm cavity and play a small mini-game that will activate the nerves in Bowser's arm to get stronger. Thankfully, a lot of these mini-games can be fun to play, but some can also be difficult, so be careful. When Bowser isn't in peril, you can switch to the Bros. anytime and explore Bowser's body at his your own leisure, but I've found there isn't much you can really do during these times unless you have specific moves. However, I may not be very far into the game to actually know for sure, so don't take my word for it just yet.

Still not quite sure what to think about Fawful being the new villain (not much of a spoiler, you find out at the very beginning). Fawful was a good character in Superstar Saga, but he's given me a completely new look of him in this game. It's not necessarily a bad outlook....just different. He still has some of the most bizarre quotes you will ever hear. "I HAVE CHORTLES!"

So right now....I'd say it's definitely a good game. If you like the Mario and Luigi series, definitely check it out. Otherwise...kind of hard to say. I will always love Superstar Saga, but my opinion may be a bit biased, since that was the game I started with in this series. I'll try to give my opinion later on when I've almost completed the game, or have completed it.


R.I.P. Captain Lou Albano!

In memory of him, everybody do the Mario!


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