Saturday, October 10, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons Hit and Run #40

Well, even when we are at 40 videos, this project still seems to move right along, but it shouldn't be moving around for much longer as we are literally at the final stretch. Only 3 missions separate me from the finish line, and this video will consist of the first two.

I would talk about each mission in separate paragraphs, but is there really any need to? The missions are basically the same thing, but tweaked a little and you are forced to use different cars in each part. Anyways, really angry that I failed Mission 5 at the very end, but since time doesn't really seem to be a factor anymore, I left my 2nd attempt in the video (I had some stuff to talk about as well). I feel ashamed for crashing, but I accomplished what I set out to do so I'm not going to complain too much. 6th mission was nothing but success, which is nothing knew to me. It seems like of those 3 parts, I have no trouble with Snake's version, yet I have trouble in some way for the other two...weird.

I also ended up buying the Gil-owned vehicles as well, just so I could have at least one "100%" for one level.

Anyways, stay tuned tomorrow for the game finale of The Simpsons Hit and Run! Although there will still be some extras next week, the main game will be completed!

Video Quote of the Day:
Mr. Burns: Is that you Mary Weather? Come to haunt me again? I killed you once...
Homer: Mr. Burns! It's me! Homer Simpson!
Mr. Burns: So you're not the ghost of my former partner? Phew....Wow! That!

(I don't know why but Burn's response to that is just hilarious for some reason).


SlimKirby Shout-out:

Sometimes when I'm working on, or doing a project, I may check out my fellow "competition." I put emphasis on that word because I realize I'm not actually competing with the other people, but it is nice to see the differences between projects, learn and adapt new strategies and techniques for the game, and sometimes even learn how you could improve your own videos (mostly in terms of structure). For this shout-out, I have gone to a fellow subscriber of mine, someone who was not shy to ask for help, but also not stupid enough to ask for a shoutout either, so I decided that I would give him a shout-out.

Yes, I am advertising another Hit and Run LP, so you may only want to check it out if you are not tapped out on this game just yet. It is a fun game though, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run by NickMatt07

I'm not really going to give a description of the game, because you should all know what this game is about by now, but I will say that NickMatt is taking a slightly different approach to his project. In his project, he's actually going straight through all the missions and saving the bonus content (wasps, coin locations, cards, etc.) for bonus videos which will occur in between each level. This way, if you just want to listen and see what the main game is about, you can just skip those videos and watch the game straight through. I take a more casual approach to the game because that is the way I play. In terms of structure, NM07's approach is definitely more professional.

However, unlike me, NickMatt is balancing a little more than just this one project, and he also started his H&R project a few weeks ago, so he is a bit further behind in his project. I suppose it was never exactly a race to begin with though, but I will talk about some other things you can find at his channel. On the side of his Hit and Run LP, NickMatt has also done an LP of Pokemon Brown, a ROM hack of Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Liquid Crystal (a hack of Pokemon Crystal obviously). Personally, I didn't even know ROM hacks of Pokemon games even existed, so I'll definitely have to check those out as well.

So yeah, if you have the time, if you want to relive Hit and Run, or if you want to see some Pokemon Hack LPs, don't be afraid to check this guy out. He seems to be a LPer of good quality.


That's about it for this blog entry! See you guys tomorrow for the finale of the Simpsons: Hit and Run! Also, since it will be Sunday, I'll probably go over some stuff for my upcoming projects!


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