Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #37

And thus the zombie madness continues.

This episode was actually a bitch to work with, pardon my language. First time I try recording it, my software crashes, which is strange because Pinnacle Studio has NEVER done that to me before. Guess the software isn't as fullproof as I thought, eh? Second time, I record it, but due to time constraints from the 2nd mission, cutting pretty much HAD to happen. I wasn't very happy about that.

First off, the bonus mission.....pretty much a one chance scenario for that 2nd item. Really difficult to get if you go too fast. Otherwise, fairly easy mission. I do take back what I said about the wasp cameras during that mission though. It might actually be better to avoid those and just finish ASAP, because looking back at the video, the time it takes to get the last item is actually timing you getting the item, and then back to Smithers. Also, the fact that Smithers was standing right next to my car door didn't help with the I almost failed the mission.

Street race = Easy! All I have to say about that. If I remember correctly, the checkpoint is not that bad, and the circuit is ok, but long as hell. I'll probably cover one of these in Video #39 and the last in #40. Not sure if I'll have time in #38 or not. We'll see what happens....

Mission 2 is the most difficult "follow" mission by far, just because of how long you have to follow it. I guess it's technically not that long, but with all the stuff you can hit (and with the ever-increasing H&R meter), it can be challenging.

The one thing I will mention though is that I accidentally cut a wasp camera I got during the footage cut, but I think I still have it on film, so I'll show that first (or last) in tomorrow's video.

Video Quotes of the Day:

"Thank you, I do have nice brians!"

Comic Book Guy: The car runs on human brains.
Homer: I've got plenty of those!


SlimKirby Shout-Out

I honestly didn't plan on doing two Pikmin sections on back-to-back days, but honestly, I didn't know what the K-Man was planning. Anyways.....

Let's Play Pikmin (Trailer) by KManRules1331

The K-Man is back to dragging and throwing Pikmin around. After taking a break from the series from his very long, but epic, Pikmin 2 LP, K-Man is going back to the Pikmin world, but this time in the original. He did a great job with the 2nd game, and I'm expecting great things from him in this one.

Although this is a game I have LPed, I definitely recommend you check out this one when it comes out (as he says in the trailer, October 12th is the starting date). K-Man is awesome at Pikmin and he knows what he is doing (probably a lot more than what I would).

K-Man is up for the challenge in this classic Gamecube game. When asked how many days he'll complete this, he stated "I might try for 13 days." What's this? 13 days? Is K-Man actually saying he can complete the game faster than what I did? If so, can he actually live up to it? Well...considering it is K-Man, probably! :P

But still, and I can't state this enough, I can't wait for this project to begin. Good luck buddy!


And that is it for the update!



  1. Looks like you forgot to format the trailer to fit in the blog like you do for your other videos.

  2. Well, I thought I did, but K-Man's video used a different video size format than my videos do. I'll fix that later.