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Video Summary:

Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #31

All right! Time for some Level 6 progress!

Bonus Mission: This is definitely one of the easier bonus missions, although....I guess all of them are pretty easy when I think about it. I find "destroy" missions to be the easiest missions in the game (besides maybe the armored truck) and all this mission is about is destroying two of them. Not very hard, plus you get one of the best cars in the game. =)

Mission 1: Again, not a very difficult mission, the only obstacles are the controls for the school bus and then the possibility of getting Hit and Run at the Squidport.

Fun Fact: This episode, or at least the episode where I did Mission 1 (the school bus mission), in the old project has a little controversy surrounding it. When I did the old project, there was an error in the uploading process and I didn't catch it until about three weeks after I finished the project, so I had to re-upload that video. It's strange because I thought I remembered it being uploaded, but I also saw no reason for it to be taken down either. In the end though, I did re-upload it and everything ended up being ok.

So yeah, not too much progress in this video, but enough progress to really get things moving for the next videos. Surely I'll get stumped on a very difficult mission :P

Video Quote of the Day:
"Up, down Up, down! Go Hotdog! Button my undershirt, blah blah blah!"


Well, it's October, so you know what that means? Well, I guess this date really doesn't have that much significance, but yesterday was supposed to be the day that the new Youtube Beta channels are supposed to go up and take place of the old Youtube design. I am definitely sad to see the old layout go, because I've had that design for over two years now and it has treated me well.

One thing that does make me angry about this move though is the way Youtube is blatantly ignoring the mass audience who are against the new design. Now, I wouldn't say I'm against the new design (I do think they should give you the option to keep the old or go to the new one, but as far as hating it, I don't really hate it), but whenever I read one of their "update" posts about the new design, I cringe a little bit.

"We're excited to finally roll this out, and it's been very helpful to have your comments and bug reports from the past few months to help us shape and grow the product. And things won't stop here -- we'll continue adding new features and making changes over time based on your feedback. Please keep it coming!"
~Most recent update post

Ok, here is what is bothering me;
"it's been very helpful to have your comments and bug reports from the past few months to help us shape and grow the product."
"we'll continue adding new features and making changes over time based on your feedback."

Now, is it just me, or is that just completely wrong? Last I checked, there were a great deal of people (I'd almost say a majority, or pretty close to a majority) that hated the new design and pleaded for an option to at least allow you to switch and use the other/older/classic option. It's almost like Youtube just picked out what they wanted to hear and disregarded what everyone else had to say. I mean really, how hard is it to just have an option that allows people to use what they want? Surely it's not THAT hard to program. I know I've seen message boards that allow use of several completely different post layouts before.

Another thing that kind of irks me, or at the very least, makes me roll my eyes, is that these updates continue to point out and mention that Youtube partners have 2 extra weeks before they have to change. Not that I'm jealous or anything, nor really that annoyed with it, but it's more of the fact that they mention it several times in a way that makes the partners seem more important or really that different from everybody else. They are no different from us....they just make ad revenue and are willing to be slaves to this site. Seriously, is it that hard to just say "it will take several weeks to get all of the channels to this new format," and just say nothing about the added time that partners get?

Oh well, again, I don't really see myself doing Youtube stuff forever, nor do I really care about making money from it or any of that other fancy stuff, but it is still quite fun to notice this kind of craziness. Maybe the Youtube staff just loves creating controversy???? Who knows? :O

Well, I guess I better start thinking about a beta design. If any of you guys have any ideas, feel free to let me know, because I would love to hear them. :P


That's about it, have a good start to October guys! And remember.....
86 days til Christmas! =D
87 days til my 21st birthday! =D =D

- SlimKirby

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  1. YouTube does have a major issue surrounding their temporal lobe function (lol, psychology). Seriously, do they listen to anybody anymore? No. Of course not. They listen to the people they pay for their opinions and their duct taped mouths. YouTube is an all-profit organization (Google-run, no doubt about that). That really irks me as well.

    And awesomesauce, December 26th! The day after the best holiday evar, Christmas! It approaches fast...senior year is too quick for me. =(