Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Wake me up, when September ends. Seriously, wake me up because I'm tired as hell this week, and no, I'm not a Green Day fan, but my parents love them so I hear that song constantly. :P

Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #30

All right! Episode 30! What does this mean? Well, nothing really, but I do start Level 6 in this video, and I am nearing the end ever so quickly.

First, I'll close out Apu's level. Level 5 was kind of interesting in this playthrough. On the surface, I made a lot of progress really quickly. Then it got to Episode 29 and Mission 5 and 6, and things started to crumble. I had two attempts for Mission 5, and nearly 10 minutes of messing with that armored truck. Anyways, at least the last mission went very well for one very quick and flawless run.

Ok, on to Bart's 2nd level! This level will be.....interesting, for me. Not that the level is necessarily that much harder, but from my recollection, the street races are a pain, and there is one mission that took me so many tries in my first project of the game (it's harshly timed to the extreme). However, I'm definitely looking forward to it because it'll feel like a new experience since I haven't played this game in so very long. Anyways, not much is covered in this video (besides wasps and cards, and gags), so we'll start getting into that madness in tomorrow's video! =) See you guys then.

Video Quote of the Day:

"Tell you what, you are a bad little boy."


SlimKirby's Top 5:

Whenever I do commentary for my videos, I always make sure I have something to wet my whistle while I am going on about whatever I'm going on about. Here are my top 5 beverages that I have (or in some cases, would like to have) while doing video recordings, or just to have in general.

5. Root Beer - Boy do I love a good root beer! I especially love to pour a can of it into a nice, frosty cold mug (my parents keep mugs in their freezer to make them extra cold and frosty). Although I love this beverage, I'm finding myself enjoying them a lot less. As I have grown older, my taste and tolerance for caffeine has decreased and I'm finding myself drinking a lot less things with it. I even find myself getting sick or bloated due to caffeinated drinks (if you can remember correctly, the hiccup attack in Mario Party 2 Western Land actually was attributed by root beer).

4. Bottled (Tap) Water - A lot of people say tap water isn't very good for you, but that is actually a bit of a myth since the pipes are supposed to filter out all of the bad stuff and give you only the good stuff. My kitchen sink at home though has the best tap water I've ever tasted. Fill a bottle with it, stick it in the fridge for an hour and a half, and then you'll have a nice bottle of water to periodically drink. When you are finished, repeat the process. Sometimes when I'm out of Drink #1 and #2, I go for a nice bottle of water, especially for some of those long Mario Party recordings.

3. Milk - I love milk...I really do. I could drink an entire gallon of it at once if I really wanted to. Although it's not what I would drink during a recording or over a long period of time, I definitely make sure I have a big glass of it whenever I go to bed, whenever I wake up, and when I don't want to go out to the garage refrigerator to get another drink. :P

2. Green Tea - I've never been a tea drinker....until I discovered this stuff. I don't know how or why, but this stuff is so very good. Plus, it ain't bad for you either. Definitely a drink I want have a bottle or tall glass of every day.

1. Variations of Sprite and Sierra Mist (Regular, Diet, Zero, Remix, etc.) - There is just something about lemon-line colas that I can't get enough of, and sprite is definitely the figure-head. When I was growing up, there were always 3 kinds of soda in our cupboard. There was Mountain Dew case for my dad, Coca-Cola for my Mom, and Diet Sprite for me. I can't go a day without having a can of it, I can't go a single recording without it (if I don't, I'll go for one of the other listed drinks), and yes, I just love it. I also love Sierra Mist and 7-Up which are kind of similar to these drinks, and I love any variations of Sprite as well. I never really figured out why they discontinued Sprite Remix though, I thought that stuff was pretty good.


And that's all folks!


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