Friday, September 18, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run - #18. All Aboard! Brother on Deck!

Although it was a level I started out a bit roughly on, Level 3 has come to a definite close. This video brought us the final 2 missions of Lisa's story, and with the time left remaining, I was able to start on Level 4 as well. It wasn't a big start by any means, but at least I got a few things done.

Mission 6 was a breeze, or in the case of this video, a laggy breeze. I'm not sure how much will show up on the live video, but you really get to see the downside of the way I record for Youtube. It's not so much the hardware as it is the software I use to record. I use Pinnacle Studio for my capture device recordings, and although it is a good program, it definitely is far from the most stable....especially on a laptop with very little hard-drive space to begin with. So while I am recording straight from my TV screen where everything moves smoothly, during the actual capturing it may slow down the video and then randomly speed up to get back on track. Sometimes it does the opposite by speeding up the footage and slowing down. If I recall correctly, in this video it's the latter, and it happens after Lisa shouts "FREEDOM!" So in other words.....Braveheart quotes lag LP recordings. I'm actually kind of disappointed I didn't note that reference, but this is why I'm glad to have the blog. Plus, I'm sure someone will note that as well in the comments section.

Mission 7, not much to really say about it. Of course I note the Hemmingway reference in the mission title after forgetting the Mel Gibson apologies Mel Gibson! One thing I want to point out, which is similar to Lisa saying "Nothing personal" after kicking Smithers in the last video, but when I kicked Bart after finding him, Lisa said "Pissed off Eight-Year Old Coming Through." Now, this actually surprised me. Not because of the timing, but due to the fact of Lisa saying that quote. That's something I would never expect her to say. Hell, I wouldn't expect Bart to say it either, and he is a hell raiser. I mean, I know the show has used "damn" "hell" "ass" and "bastard" before, but that was back in the old days, and the use of this word just doesn't seem natural. I'm actually surprised I didn't note this in the video, but it's one of those things were Im more concentrated on what I'm doing that I just lose track of everything else (I was probably under the impression that she used "ticked off" anyways).

The only thing I'll say about the brief Marge segment is her wanting to put the Budoir Album (collector card) on the mantle, just no.....especially if you know the context behind it X_X.

Anyways, stay tuned for more Marge action as Level 4 continues. I actually don't mind Marge's level because she has some of the best missions in the game, if I can remember correctly. And then Level 5 is quite fun too, so we have a lot to look forward to in this game. =)

Video Quote of the Day:
Sea Captain: He got out and he boarded that ship.
Lisa: Can you take me there?
Sea Captain: Narr! I hate the sea!


Anyways, instead of bringing up a special section of sorts for this entry, there is something I want to talk about instead. It actually involves my Youtube channel in a very big way, but so many conflictions arise out of this one decision I can make. I decided that I would share it with you guys and see what you think of this craziness.

As you know, Youtube has a partnership program. For this program, you can apply and become a direct Youtube partner. This basically means that there will be ads placed in your videos and video pages, and you, being the video creator, can make ad revenue from the ads. Sounds cool eh? Well, many Youtube users know how unfair this process actually is. Youtube doesn't just accept any user to be a part of the program. First of all, you have to look at a set of guidelines, and if you breach any of them, or have breached them in the past, you can pretty much just give up there. Also, this program tends to only apply to "popular" Youtube users, so if you want a general idea of who would be in the program, think Fred (I don't know the minimal amount of popularity you actually need to be a partner or not, but I figure it would have to be more than 3000 anyways)

Now, you actually won't see very many video game videographers in this partnership pool. Me and MegaFreak400 have determined that (and I'm sure many have also reached this conclusion) video game LPers, walkthroughers, playthroughers, etc. can't be a Youtube partner without breach of one key guideline for partnership application:

"Content must be 100% original and your own."

Now, some of you are probably thinking, "but it's your own LP/walkthrough/playthrough, so surely you can still apply, right?" Well, keep in mind that I don't actually have ownership rights to the games Im playing. So while the commentary is my own, and the playing style is mine as well, the video content is not. I did not design the graphics, game music, or contribute to any of the voice acting, so by the laws of partnership, I cannot be a Youtube partner.

However, lately I've been getting a lot of e-mails from Youtube (which is strange, because I turned e-mails off for Youtube since it was hard to read 200 e-mails per day about people making video comments). The content of these messages, while not exact, pretty much state the following;

"We've noticed that 'this video' of yours has been getting a lot of views. Perhaps you should start making money with it by becoming a Youtube partner and enabling ads/spam so you could earn revenue for your hard work."

Now, to me, that is just a kick in the face. I appreciate being noted for my hard work, but please don't flatter me with what "could" crap.

Before anyone tells me that I should at least send an application in to see what happens, I will mention that I have tried to apply for partnership before. I would tell you the results, but I'm sure they're obvious. Yeah......I really don't see any possibility of any Youtube LPer being a partner, just ain't ever going to happen.

What's my response to this? Personally, I just don't care. Being an ex-advertising major, I can appreciate the idea behind the partnership program, but Youtube just executes it horribly with strict guidelines and the necessity to pick people who are willing to sell themselves over hard working individuals.

I'm personally waiting for a much bigger and better opportunity for myself. Yeah, ad revenue is nice, but I'd rather be making money through the hard work I put forward on Youtube and not THROUGH YOUTUBE, if you catch my drift.

Anyways, feel free to give your thoughts. I'm personally going to go take a nap because it's been a long week. This is SlimKirby, reminding you guys to have a great weekend and...for no reason at all.... eat more grilled cheese. =)



  1. Sadly, the e-mails are just sent via a program that cruises through all the video's that hit a certain marker in views and sends out the e-mail. Youtube isn't personally selecting the people the decided to extend the offer too.

    Ssskinner (another LPer) posted something similar to this, and had the same thing to say about it all.

    Anyways, if your looking to make some cash out of this, try setting up a paypal donation account. So all of us that want to be giving can give. I don't know if it costs anything, but if it doesn't, never hurt to try eh?

  2. good for you Slim.
    Get money with hard work, not through Youtube and something you enjoy. If you start getting money for somthing you enjoy as a hobby, you get obssesed with it and think just about the money, not the fun of posting LPs. I loved that quote that the sea captain said!!

  3. Try putting ads on your blog. It's incredibly easy and you don't have to apply. You probably won't make as much money as you would from a youtube partnership but it would be something. Though I have to ask, how long ago did you apply for a youtube partnership? I know people with only 1000 subs that got partnered.