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Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #28

I love the sound of extras being completed. Well, I guess "sound" doesn't make much sense in this case, but the "sight" of extras being completed, now that is something =D. So the wasps, cards, level gags, and street races all get taken out in this video, which allows for the next 2 videos to be just storyline missions.

I've noticed that Apu's street races are relatively simple when compared with the ones done in Lisa and Marge's story, but I guess I'm at the point where I have fast enough vehicles to get the job done. If I remember correctly though, the circuit in Level 6 is no picnic, so I'll have to have a good mindset for that one. Anyways, basic strategy for Apu's checkpoint....get a ahead as soon as possible and keep that lead. Also, take any available shortcut, because they will definitely help. A good lead will pretty much guarantee a first no matter what, as we have driven on this path numerous times now.

Mission 4 can be tricky if you let the time get the best of you. You are given a pretty big distance to cover in a short period of time, so I reccommend you are familiar with the donut locations. Also, just start over if you crash or miss any. It will save you a lot of time (and possible car damage). Don't freak out on the 2nd part because if you let the police car get away, you have to do the whole thing over, and who wants that?

Next video I'll be tackling one of my least favorite missions in the entire game, so stay tuned for that. Then, on Wednesday, be prepared to see Level 5 end, and Level 6 begin!

Quote of the Day:

Milhouse: Your nachos have hair in them
Apu: The hair is protein!


Game Chat

I've been doing The Simpsons: Hit and Run for almost a month now (it will be a month in a few days), so I figured I would talk about another Simpsons game that is quite similar to the game I am currently LPing (although, only in the sense that vehicles are in involved

The Simpsons: Road Rage

In late 2001, Radical Entertainment (same people who were behind Hit and Run, which came later) developed The Simpsons: Road Rage, a Simpsons video game, like Hit and Run that focused on vehicular gameplay. However, while Hit and Run used the Grand Theft Auto engine, Road Rage used an engine from the Dreamcast's hit series, Crazy Taxi.

The story for this game is very short and simple. Mr. Burns develops nuclear-powered buses to use for transportation across the town of Springfield. However, these buses are very dangerous and are a big threat to public health. As a result, the Simpsons family, along with other Springfield inhabitants, take the streets and start their own carpooling/taxi service to raise enough money to shut down the Burns Transportation empire. Not a very intricate and detailed plot, but it's obvious that the developers didn't really care about the plot (although I can see this being a Simpsons episode).

Here is how the gameplay generally works. You take your character and vehicle and drive around a specific area of Springfield and pick up passengers. When you get a passenger they will tell you where they want to go, and you must drive them to that location before they get angry and leave. While the passenger is in your car, your cash will steadily rise, and if you get the passengers to their location, you will get a bonus based on how fast you got them there (the faster you are, the better your money bonus is). You keep doing this until your main timer runs out (you also get time bonuses based on how fast you transport). You can also get a "safe driving" and "road rage" bonus after every 3 passengers. The safe driving bonus depends on how well you can avoid other traffic in one trip, while the road rage bonus depends on how much destruction you can cause in one trip (knocking over street signs, trees, etc.).

As your session plays out, passengers will generally be more strict with their time frames and it will be harder to reach specific locations in the amount of time you are given. You have no specific money goal in this game (it's more of a "See how high of a score you can get in one session," type of thing), but as you raise money, you will be able to unlock new areas and other characters. The game is fairly generous with the amount of characters you can get, and there are 6 areas to play on, but once you unlock a certain amount of stuff, you are generally not going to want to play much of it anymore as the gameplay is fairly repetitive.

There are a few other modes of play as well. There is a 2-Player versus mode where you battle over passenger faires as you try to raise more money over your opponent. If you don't want to worry about time limits or opponents, you can go to "Sunday Drive" and just have a relaxing drive without worrying about failing. There is also a Mission Mode (which can be considered the inspiration for Hit and Run), but there are only 10 missions, and the majority of them are "Hit this many objects in the time limit" or "get to this location in the time limit," and while the reward for completing these missions are cool, I don't think it's really worth it.

This game is a fairly fun title to play, and since the Simpsons are involved, you can definitely expect to have a good time playing it with the classic Simpsons humor. In the big picture though, repetitive gameplay can totally botch the enjoyment of this game, and it has a very limited value of replayability as it is. If you have a chance to play this game, I would definitely give it a shot, and if it's in the bargain bin for a very low price, a purchase may be an ok decision, but for the most part, don't expect to be playing the game for very long.


Ok guys, that's about it for today's entry. See you folks tomorrow!

- SlimKirby

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