Sunday, September 20, 2009


Video Summary
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run - #20.

Another video where not much notable progress is made. My main concern about Level 4 is covering the extras at the Power Plant and Burnzy's Mansion, because there isn't really a good leeway back into that area. Nearly all of the Level 4 missions take place on one side of the map, and in the case of Cletus's mission, you go through that area, but since you are following, you can't really do that much. I'm also not looking forward to the Ralph race in this area either, because this one definitely has given me a lot of trouble in the past (even more than Lisa's Checkpoint Race), so expect a lot of editing there.

Mission 2 is pretty simple. The only problem is traffic during the country roads and trying not to hit the pedestrian power plant workers for Hit and Run. As you can see, the H&R meter went into the red twice, but due to some careful driving, I was able to avoid it.

Also, I realize that I forgot to show the Level 4 specific hidden/special vehicle, which is a shame because I did mention it, and it did get shown on camera, but I was so focused on getting everything and getting to Cletus for Mission 2. I'll try to fit that in somehow, don't worry.

Also, is it just me, or is the music that goes on during Mission #2 really catchy? :P

Video Quotes of the Day:
"(After being ran over) I REGRET NOTHING!"
- Power Plant Worker


A SlimKirby Update:

Every Sunday, instead of a special section, I will be doing "A SlimKirby Update," where I will address the current progress of my project(s), and if possible, will start addressing my plans for future projects and events.

Wow, September just flew by, didn't it? We've gone through 20 videos thus far for this game, so it's safe to say we are about at the halfway point for this project. At the beginning of the project I predicted around 45 videos, so mid-October should be about the end. Then I can start some other projects that I have planned. Right now, I have two projects planned for after Hit and Run, and I can tell you that one of them (the one that will definitely begin first) will be Mario Party 5. As I near the end of H&R, I will have an update on here that will cover my thoughts, predictions, concerns, and worries for this playthrough, but now I'll just leave it at that. As for my other project, I am once again going to keep quiet about it. I can say that the game itself is going to be pretty obscure and it's a game that isn't very well-known.

Anyways, for the following week, expect me to finish up Marge's story around Thursday or Friday, and then I'll jump into Level 5. Who will be the ringleader for Level 5? Well, let's just say that it will be revealed tomorrow's video. :P


Well, that's about it. I hope you guys had a great weekend (mine was personally a little slow and boring, and being a little sick didn't help). I will warn you guys that this coming week is going to be a busy week for me. My first round of course exams are starting to emerge and I'll have to get prepared. Shouldn't be too much of a problem as far as my videos are concerned, but if it gets to the point where I will have to postpone an update or blog entry for studying, I will not hesitate to postpone.

See you guys later!


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