Monday, September 21, 2009


I have a Statistics test today, so let's make this quick!

Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #21

This was a bit of an editing nightmare, mostly because I just couldn't remember how long the 3rd mission was. I had a feeling it was actually pretty long, but I forgot all about that "Avoid" segment. Also, with the way I do my recordings, I pretty much had to finish the mission in that video, because I wouldn't be doing my next batch of recordings until today (and I recorded this video on Friday). So yeah, I probably should have used my brain a little bit and done something else. I also should have considered cutting out some of those level card fails for the card on top of the wide house, but I just had to show you how strangely the Canyonero acts in situations like that (one of the reasons I really don't like using it very much, despite it being a very solid vehicle).

Ironically, the only part of this video to actually move pretty smoothly for me was the street race, despite it being the easiest in this level (yes, I consider the time trial to be slightly more difficult than this, but the time trial is more fun =)).

Oh well, it seems natural to have at least one video in each level that seems like a pain, and it usually occurs around the 3rd or 4th video, so in theory the rest of the level should progress nicely (I hope).

Bizarre Video Happening:
At the very end of mission 3, I somehow manage to activate the last dialogue cutscene trigger while my car is tipped over sideways, yet somehow moving towards the shack. The vehicles in this game have some crazy physics :P


SlimKirby's Top 5

I think a top 5 list would be an interesting addition to this blog. These lists
can be about anything and everything, but I'll choose the subjects. As usual, if you have any ideas for lists, feel free to let me know.

Top 5 Most Hated Youtube Comments:
Don't you just love Youtube audiences sometimes? Now, I don't mean to be mean or disrespectful to my fans and subscribers, if this list applies to you at all, but sometimes it just blows my mind to see people fall into certain trends, or do/say something that makes my head spin with confusion. Here is a small list of comments (or types of comments) that I get on Youtube that make me want to bang my head against a desk.

5. The "You Missed Something" Comment - Now, let me go into more detail about this before I actually explain the reason for having this here. While I do appreciate when users give me hints and tips about certain games, sometimes they take it a bit too far and tell me over and over again about stuff I already know. One example of this is getting a comment like "You missed the secret exit" on one of my Super Mario World videos, when I've said over and over again that I plan to get all the exits and that I know where they all are. It's even more annoying to get that kind of comment when the project is already finished.

4. The "First" Comment - Many people despise this comment. While it's not #1 on my list, I still find it annoying. I know it might make a difference to some users, but otherwise, WHO CARES? I upload my videos at random dates and times and I'm personally more concerned with just getting my video uploaded, not with the people making the first comment. Also, I'm at the point where I get over 100 views within minutes, so honestly I'd be more impressed with the first "detailed and constructive" comment than the actual first one.

3. The "Lack of Following Directions" Comment - In some of my projects, I try to get my viewers more involved with the games I am playing by having contests or polls. While this can be fun for both me and the users involved, I really wish they would look at the conditions, directions, choices, and the end date for the poll. It just annoys me to see people vote for a Mario Party board that isn't in the choices.....or vote for a board multiple times....or vote for a board in a Private Message and not the video comments like I asked......or, in the one that annoys me the most, vote in a poll that's been over for weeks and months. >_>

2. The "Look at Me!" Comment - I know it's hard getting noticed on Youtube and getting people to watch, rate, comment, and subscribe to your videos, but continually asking people to subscribe to you is only going to get you on my block list, not my subscription list. I know there are some people out there who are generally nice and will take the time to do that for you, but that says nothing good about your own work or work ethic. It just proves you want to take the easy way out and gain more subscribers. I've never gone that low to get subscribers and viewers. Why work that hard on gaining subscribers the easy way, when you could easily put that work towards your own videos? That's just as, if not more effective.

1. The "Negative, but with Lack of Explanation" Comment - Now, if you know anything about me, I actually don't mind negative comments about my videos, as long as the commentee is constructive with their reasoning of why they dislike my video or channel. Saying "You Suck, Stop Making Vids" isn't helpful for anyone and only makes you look like an asshole. Seriously, why can't people just give reasons? They don't even have to be big reasons. The comment can be "I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time enjoying your videos because I can't get into your style of commentary." Is it really that hard?

So now you know some of the comments I don't like getting on Youtube. If you want me to have a good (or at least neutral) opinion of you, try to avoid these 5 things when making comments on my videos or sending me a PM. I think my comment standards are pretty fair and easy to meet, personally.


That's about it for this entry! See you guys tomorrow!


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