Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #23

It is the mission that never goes on and on my friends!

Ok, maybe the mission wasn't that long, but we've reached the point in the game where you randomly have to do more in these missions than you would normally have to. I'm talking more about the random "Avoid the Black Sedan" part of the mission than the Kwik-E-Mart errand, because you can't fail that. Seriously though, for the rest of the game, expect to see "Avoid this vehicle" parts that randomly get added in into missions, because that is something the game will do in order to spice up the difficulty just a notch. Given, the avoid segments are actually pretty easy for the most part, but the AI will generally get smarter over time (it actually does in this mission, if you could notice).

Also, not that thrilled about getting a Hit & Run bust in this mission. I actually made a good decision by going around the fire truck because the police car would normally get stuck there, but they actually managed to get me despite there being a tight fit. If only my meter hadn't reset, I probably would have been able to avoid that bust.

So yeah, unlike my earlier claim, I was only able to fit this one mission in the video, but it was a pretty long mission. Thankfully Mission 6 is actually pretty damn short, so I should be able to finish that first thing next video and then get Mission 7 done (which is also pretty long) as well. Then I can start fresh on Apu's level Friday (or maybe at the end of tomorrow's video, if lucky enough)

Video Quote of the Day:

Anything Grandpa said

Ok, Grandpa is hilarious and this mission is proof. Everything he says is pure comedic gold. He goes on a rant about nazi raccoons, and I almost lose my cool during one of his old man hissy fit rants.


Let's Comment on the News

Ok, so yesterday, I was eagerly awaiting for small microwavable pizza to cook when I came across the following article, and I felt like I wanted to give my opinion on it. This seemed like a good idea for the blog, so I felt I would mention it here.

So in this story, a task force of undercover drug investigators raid the house of a known drug trafficker to confiscate evidence. In order to get the warrant to search and raid this house, a total of around $4000 were collected in taxes. So when it comes time to actually confiscate stuff, what are half the of cops doing?

They are playing Wii Bowling of course. Now, when I first saw this article, I laughed my ass off, just because of how stupid these cops are. They are in the middle of something very important and instead of actually working, they are playing video games. How stupid do you have to be to do that? Even if that video camera didn't catch them in the act, wouldn't their superiors find out through another, the people who are actually working? Which also brings up another point.....why did the other officers just let them do that while they were working? I dunno, this whole thing just looked pathetic and ridiculous, and the residents of Polk County have every reason to be annoyed and embarrassed by this ineptitude.

I mean, this was an actual drug lord. The guy had weapons and very expensive merchandise in his house, the guy was in prison before, and he was just a big threat to this community. The people of this county pay taxes for their own safety and to see that money used so some undercover officers could play video games during a's just beyond me. I feel sorry for the residents of Polk County who now have to live with the knowledge of this pathetic display....I really do.

This is just my input and what I believe. If you have a problem with anything I said, or if your opinion is different, that is fine, but please do not make a scene. I'm not here to argue, I'm just here to tell what I think. This goes for this article/story and any other ones I examine and talk about in the future.


That's about it for this entry. See you guys tomorrow!

- SlimKirby

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  1. Florida's county corruption spreads once again. In Hillsborough, it is education corruption. In Polk, law enforcement idiocy. When will it end, Florida?! =(

    And very nice, laughed when Grandpa Simpson just rambled about an imaginary war story. XD