Thursday, September 24, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #24

Well, I feel glad to say that Marge's story is finally completed in this video, which means we are more than halfway through the game. Tomorrow will begin the first leg of Apu's story (although we will get a sneak peak into his story at the end of this video).

Both Mission 6 and Mission 7 are pretty easy. You can really only fail Mission 6 if you act stupid and actually walk out of your way into not getting the cans. For Mission 7, time might be your only obstacle, but it's very avoidable one. Just make sure you push/guide those trucks into walls/buildings as much as possible and you should be fine.

The thing I mentioned in the video, about people generally commenting about the video quality when it's first uploaded, has been driving me crazy. I just want to say for the record that I'm not mad at anyone who brought that up or made those comments, and I completely understand they were just harmlessly asking and wondering, but if you look at all of my other videos for the project, and see that they are in great quality, can't you come to the conclusion that maybe there is a reason this video is in bad quality? I mean, I'm not sure if this happens for everyone else or just me, but isn't there a giant green box that appears above the video that says "This Video is Still Being Processed" during that time before the good quality sets it? I know it appears for me, but I guess it doesn't for others...

Anyways, join us tomorrow for the first full video of Apu's level!

Video Quote of the Day:
"There is little here not tainted in some way. Even the astrology scrolls give poor advice."
- Apu


SlimKirby Shout-out:

I've been meaning to give this guy a shout-out for awhile, but so many things happened with the new projects starting last week and the whole VA-ing thing with Gaia's videos that I had to put it on hold. The following shout-out is for another great friend of mine who puts a lot of great effort into his videos, and is perhaps the biggest Nintendo guru I know.

Let's Play Wario Land II by MegaFreak400

Of my friend circle, Mega is probably the person with the most experience as far as LPs and playthroughs are concerned, yet it is hard to see him with so little subscribers. So if you haven't yet, definitely consider subscribing to him because he is a great guy with a lot of knowledge on the games he is playing.

He is currently working on a Let's Play of Wario Land II, and he started it around the same time I started Hit and Run. Unlike me though, Mega uploads stuff on a weekday basis, so don't expect any videos from him during the weekend. That's his time to sleep, eat pizza, and join me in making fun of ShadowMarioXLI. Anyways, back to the LP; This will be a 100% run of the game, where he will personally show you how to acquire all of the treasures and get all the puzzle pieces. Also, just watch this guy when he does the "Flip over the right card" mini-game. He gets it right on the first try every single time when I can barely see the contents of any of the cards. He has the eyes of a hungry hawk looking for its prey. Anyways, he still has awhile to go for the project (well, it seems that way since he doesn't even have half of the puzzle pieces (you get one at the end of every level)), so expect to see him doing this game for awhile. Just be warned that his audio is kind of low during the first 5 videos, but it improves greatly for Video #6 and on, so don't judge the project on those first five.

Seriously though, check this guy out. He is a great man!


Update over!

- SlimKirby

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