Sunday, September 27, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #27

Another very productive video. Expect me to finish up the extras tomorrow and then I'll only be doing the story missions for the rest of Level 5 (which I predict will end Wednesday).

Ok, first off, I need to talk about that audio glitch. I had to mention it through subtitles because I didn't address it through my commentary. The reason why? To be honest, I figured it was a small recording bug that wouldn't appear when I put the recording into WMM, but it turns out it was still there. Anyways, it resulted in Dr. Hibbert saying "You have to go to the bathroom all over my waiting room." The actual quote is "Your babies are about to go the bathroom all over my waiting room." Now, it's weird, because the word "have" is not anywhere in the original quote, yet the audio glitch somehow perfectly constructs the word "have," which I thought was very ironic. Anyways, I'll leave it at that.

Apu has two really short missions in a row, and neither of them are very hard at all. I'd still say Marge's 4th is the shortest just because of the distance, but Wiggum is pretty fast in that one, so it's definitely not the easiest. Anyways, this mission less than a minute if you aren't stupid about it. The Shelbyville 9 car is like asking you to crash into it, and of course, how could you refuse? :P

The bonus mission is pretty easy too. The only hard part could be letting the Hovercar get too far away from Frink that when you drive back you might not have enough time, but if done right, you can destroy the Hovercar before it even gets to Moe's Tavern. I also find it kind of ironic that in order to obtain this vehicle, you have to destroy it beforehand.

That's pretty much it for this episode though because the rest of the video is just me getting extras. Noting incredibly difficult or worth mentioning.

Video Quote(s) of the Day:

With numerous quotes by Frink, an ironic audio glitch, and Apu just saying something clever in his "Mission Complete"'s really difficult to pick out something good in this video. However, there is one quote that really sticks out in my head.

Frink: Have you seen a hovering death machine?
Apu: No, nothing of the hovering variety....


A SlimKirby Update:

Well guys, the ending of this game is coming really fast. By the next update I'll almost be done with Level 6 and will only have Level 7 to worry about (and the extras of course). I predict about 2 1/2 weeks of the project left (maybe 3 weeks with the extras) and then I'll be ready to start something new. Next week I'll start talking about Mario Party 5 and give a starting date on October 10th (this is when I will announce the date, not when I will start the project).

I'll also start giving some information on my next LP next week as well. I haven't quite decided when I'll start that LP. I'd like to start it after the first MP5 board and update it during the weekdays and update the MP5 every Saturday, but I'll need to be careful with updating and I'll also have to make sure I give my educational duties a fair share of attention as well.

Anyways, the Virtual Console has brought some good news that relates to my channel in some way. Kirby Superstar finally has been announced for the VC in Japan, which is usually a good indication that it will be out in the US as well (I realize there are some games that contradict this belief, but there really is no reason why Superstar wouldn't be here eventually anyways). I feared this game would never come to the VC due to the DS remake being available (which is an amazing game, don't get me wrong). Anyways, I need to redo my KS project eventually, and at the rate it was going before, I wouldn't get to that until Christmas break because I can't take my SNES to college with me, nor am I even considering playing the game on an emulator with a laptop keyboard. X_X This classic gem deserves better than that. :P

This will eliminate one of my final two replays I need to do. This makes Yoshi's Island the only one not accounted for. I could do Yoshi's Island during Christmas break and KS after or before (depending on when it comes out), but keep in mind that a 100% run of that will take time and I only have 23 days of break. So while the KS announcement does give me some options, it's not enough to solve anything. If only they would just release Yoshi's Island on VC, this would solve everything (because then I could complete Superstar during Christmas Break because that is actually going to be a very short project).

Oh well, I'll keep thinking about my options. If you guys have any other input, I would love to hear it. Stay tuned for the next SlimKirby Update, which will be discussing quite a bit of Mario Party 5, and then I'll also drop some hints about my next Let's Play after Hit and Run ;)


"Thank You, Come Again!"

- Apu and SlimKirby

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