Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hello Everybody, SlimKirby Here: An Introduction Post

Hello fans, loyal video viewers, fellow video gamers, and other individuals who may happen to stumble across this page. I am SlimKirby! I am known mostly for my work at Youtube as an "LPer" (one who does "Let's Play" videos, which are videos dedicated to the sole purpose of playing video games with the intention of entertainment, information, or even just for the hell of it), but I have also been known to be active on a variety of different video game message boards and forums (most known for being a big name on the Nintendo NSider Forums for having over 75,000 messages posted, hosting a variety of different contests, and writing various game reviews). My passion for video games goes back to when I was only two or three years old. My family introduced me to a game called "Super Mario World," and after playing it, I was introduced into a whole new world of fun and excitement. When I am writing this post, I am 20 years of age now, and my love for video games still has not ceased. Although I put more emphasis on important, life-enriching things, such as my family, my future career, my friends, and my health, video games have still had a very important impact on my life, and I have a feeling they will continue to do so.

Cheesy introduction aside, let’s get to the point of this blog. I have been making videos for over 2 years now, and I’d like to think I have a rather large following now, and I’m not just being full of myself. 3100+ Subscribers is a lot of people. At my college, that would be about 12 or 13 fully packed lecture halls (although that varies from lecture hall to lecture hall. I’m referring more to the class rooms that are about 250-300 seats). Now, in my videos, I roughly have only 10 or 11 minutes that I can talk, and if you haven’t been keeping up with my videos, I have a lot to say or talk about. It may be a fun fact about the game or the recording that wasn’t addressed properly or at all, or it may be a reference or an allusion to another game, project, person, etc. Not only that, but I can also show or tell you more about me, the man behind the shades. Also if you subscribe to this blog (or if you follow it enough and check on a regular basis), you are guaranteed to get some inside information about videos and/or future projects before they are even uploaded or started. This is my gift to you guys, those who have stayed with me and subscribed to me for so long.

As far as when this blog will be updated, that will be entirely up to me. I’d like to go for a daily updated blog, but with my class schedule and other important commitments of mine, that may be more stress than I can handle or deal with right now. In the big picture, there are 2 possible scenarios that could work well;

1) I update daily, but they will be mini-updates. These updates will usually talk about the video (or videos) uploaded for that day, and maybe a few other tidbits of information as well. I’m going to try to make it so these updates don’t take me longer than 10, 15, or 20 minutes, for obvious reasons. I’d maybe go into more detail on the weekend updates about the following week’s videos.

2) I make a very long and detailed update every Sunday or Saturday night, in which I will discuss the past week’s videos and then take a brief look into the next week’s batch of videos and what to expect. I’d also discuss some other things as well.

As you can see, there are advantages to both styles of updating. The first style would be more efficient in the long run, but the second style would be a lot nicer to me. For the first few updates, I will be using the first style, and after a few days of doing it that way, I’ll make a decision about where I will go from there.

Finally, I just want to mention that this may only be a temporary location of the blog. I’d explain why, but it is a bit of a secret at this point. I’ll give you more information on this as it develops.

Anyways, that is about all I need to talk about. I’m not sure when I am going to make my first official update because I still need to announce this on Youtube. In the meantime, just keep watching my videos and keep on gaming! Later folks!

- SlimKirby


  1. Jeez man, its crazy how much these vids help me get thru the day!!! its like il have a crappy day at school or watever, but then il kick back and watch u play mario party or simpsons or watever else your doing... Im 16, but NOBODY is too old for video games! hear that guys?!?! lol thx slim

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogger, Slimkirby! You should check my blog out at ravenis.blogspot.com. I'm not trying to be a spammer/advertiser, I'm just a fan who thinks you might like some of my writing - which includes, but is not limited to: game reviews, articles about gaming, journals of my experiences with newer games before I post a formal review and many other random updates! Also, we're both named Rob.

  3. Glad to see more input from the desk of SlimKirby =D

    I enjoy your LP's and such, can't wait to see what you plan on doing with this Blog if you continue it (Which you should!)

    Best of luck!

  4. Very nice!

    I am very please you have decided to start something like this. Shows your further dedication and hard work that you put into everything you do. I hope this becomes a trend for your updates - I like how you have formated the very first official blog update for Simpsons Hit and Run. You start off with a video description and thoughts, then you go into something special, and finish off with a summation. Very clear cut and concise.


  5. I like your determination to keep your fans/subscribers happy. I find you extremely funny and cool. You can never be too old for video games unless you hate them for some wierd and peculiar reason. I wonder if you will do more Brawl vids (not custom stage but real fights against friends) as your first one was pretty funny with the commentary and the glitch.
    I am here in the UK so it is harder to watch your vids because of time difference but keep on betting the farm Slim!