Friday, October 9, 2009


Video Summary:
Let's Play The Simpsons: Hit and Run #39

This is perhaps the the most work I have ever done with creating an episode for this LP.....even moreso than when I had to redo the commentary for #14, and the armored truck nightmare back in #29. There were just so many things I had to cut, and it had to get to the point where I actually had to cut out part of a mission. Thankfully it was a fairly easy mission that revolves mostly around just driving from Point A to Point B, but still....

Ok, first we have the checkpoint race. I had no real problems with it though because it was a simple drive to the power plant. Then I had to do the circuit race, which is probably the most difficult of the three in this level. Those blue and white barriers.....those will completely screw you up, even if you gently nudge them, and some of those turns in the race where just brutal to deal with. Once I hit that car though on the final lap....I knew it was over, so I just stopped there. Second attempt went much better, and boy do I mean "MUCH BETTER.

4th mission is really uneventful; drive to a location and avoid a car on the way. Wasn't that the premise for Mission 1 in level 2? Personally I don't feel bad about making a cut there because I was literally, for lack a better word, short on time. Damn Youtube...making things difficult.

Anyways, two videos (or days of videos) left before this game is completed. Definitely looking forward to the grand finale, which should be on Sunday. Hope you can stick with me until then ;)

Video Quote of the Day:

Once again...any quote involving the zombies is classic.


Ok, as some of you are probably aware (mostly to the video I posted Wednesday night), the beta channel has unfortunately arrived at Channel SlimKirby, so things kind of suck for the time being.

Again, because I can't state this enough, I personally don't think the Beta Channel is that bad, or at least in terms of the channel look and design. However, it controls horribly. As I said in that video, my major beefs with it are playlist arrangement and literally no control over channel comments, things that make no sense not to have.

Thankfully there were a few users who were able to help me with these problems. Apparently your playlists can be arranged, but only up to a certain point. Again, not very sensible, but at least it is meeting us half-way. But seriously, why can't you just arrange your playlists in the order that you want them to (and for all of them)? You can arrange 12 of them (the max), but then they just determine the order randomly.....and the order literally makes no sense at all. It's like they took the projects, randomly chucked them in a certain direction, and determined the order by how far each project was thrown.

I can handle the channel comments thing now because I am now giving updates through the "Recent Activity" feature, which still has a character limit, unfortunately, but at least I have room now. It's just a pain because I am a "big" updater. My updates are literally packed! After all, very few LPers I know are keeping a blog in addition to their projects.

But seriously though Youtube......fix the character limit for "Channel Description," "About Me," and "Recent Activity," PLEEEEAAASSSSEEE!

Anyways, some other things I have noticed about the design is that it is having a harder time sorting things. If the playlist ordering wasn't screwed up enough, but when you sort videos by views, some of them are completely out of order. Videos with 900-1000 views are higher than those with over 1000. Sure, it's just a small bug and it may take some time to adjust the numbers, but the orginal channel format NEVER had this least in its later stages.

In the end though, I think we can all agree that it is an average design, with many bugs, and a completely unfriendly user interface (which is ironic because we were promised it would be anything but unfriendly). Personally, why force us to switch to something that you know isn't completely full-proof? Hell, why force us to switch at all? I still never saw a counter argument from them on why we needed to switch......

Oh well *raises glass* here is hoping that things will settle down in the world of "You-to the extent that it's your channel, yet you have no impact on the design and how it runs-Tube"


- SlimKirby

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