Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/7/10 - More Like CopyWRONG Infringement

Hey guys! Hope you guys had a nice week, and welcome to the first update of the….almost new update schedule. I say almost because you are really only getting the update one day earlier (although I am a bit overdue due to not updating last week, but still).

Anyways, I had a pretty busy and never-ending week, if you couldn’t tell, and Youtube wasn’t even half of it. I had a huge amount of homework, and preparation for a number of exams I have this next week. It’s tiring, and it won’t be easy, but I always come through, somehow.

Also, Indiana got hit pretty hard this weekend in terms of snow, and after two days of sunlight, barely even a fourth of it has melted. I talked about this in my Yoshi’s Island video today, but the snow pretty much cancelled any plans I had this weekend. I was going to go home, but unfortunately, those plans did not come to fruition. Hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen this weekend…

Tonight is also a big night for sports and Indiana with the Super Bowl. Am I rooting for the Colts? Well, to be honest, I’m not a big fan of sports, particularly football, but as long as ShadowMario41 wants the Saints to win, I gotta root for the hometeam. I’m posting this entry while the game is going on, and at this time the Colts are up by 7, but I’m sure anything can happen.

Anyways, time to get to Youtube stuff, because I have quite a bit to talk about there.


Copyright Claim (GRRR!):

Ok, so this was perhaps the highlight of my week…and definitely not in a good way. I’m still pissed off about the entire incident in the first place, and I’m even angrier that it seems like Youtube isn’t doing anything about it. I mean, I can’t really expect them to be miracle workers, but every day that goes by, the closer I get to something else happening, and I can’t afford another strike.

For those wondering what exactly happened here, well, in short, I got a bullshit audiovisual copyright claim on a video that didn’t have any copyrighted content (besides the video title). Ironically this claim was made on the video that I actually launched this blog on (I noticed that after looking over my entries the other day). Anyways, the copyright was by Scholastic for the title of my video “The Magic School Bus of Destruction,” which is a very pathetic thing to make a claim on. Anyways, this happened to be my 2nd strike on Youtube, which means if I get another strike, my account is pretty much terminated, so you can tell that this has been quite a big concern.

As for my options, I have already sent in two counter claims (basically, a form you submit to Youtube telling them that the claim was made in false pretenses). The first claim I sent wasn’t accepted because I didn’t use my G-Mail address (another bullshit thing that happened), and I’m eagerly awaiting the 2nd claim to go through. I’m not sure how long this will take, since I have gotten various estimations. Sonikdude101 (who I am very surprised even commented on one of my videos (since he is considered a more popular LPer)) said it would only take a day to go through, while people at the Community Help Forums said it would take a few weeks. It took 3 or 4 days to get the e-mail rejection in the first place, and who knows how long it will actually take with the right e-mail address.

Anyways, I just want to say to you guys that I really appreciate the support I have gotten from you guys over this entire incident. You guys have been phenomenal and it is nice to know I have such a good following here at Youtube. After this incident, and the whole thing with NintendoCapriSun, you have shown me that Youtubers aren’t just 1st Commenters and Sub4Subbers….they can also be very loyal and supportive. Just take it a little easy on all the Scholastic bashing in my channel comments, ok? I don’t like what they did either, but I am trying to resolve this issue now and things are being taken care of to make sure that even if it gets worse, there will always be a safety net.


Advance Wars

Since I didn’t get to update Monday, I actually never got to formally introduce this game into my growing list of Let’s Plays.

First of all, for those wondering, I did mean to put that picture of Olaf into the scheduling video I posted last Sunday. It just so happened that a lot of you guys were able to easily identify it. I tried to shorten that picture as much as I could before I actually put it in there, but WMM has a limit to how short you can cut a video clip of a stilled image. Personally, I really didn’t care about you guys figuring out what my project was going to be, I just found it weird how nobody correctly guessed the game until that moment. Heck, even when I showed the picture, people still thought the game was going to be Kingdom Hearts (for whatever reason). Anyways, I figured that I would go ahead and give-away what the game was going to be 6 hours before I actually posted the video, as I didn’t really see any point to keeping it a secret for that much longer.

Anyways, the first week of the project consisted of the Field Training mode of the game, and boy was that fun (sarcasm of course). I do feel bad for having to go through that mode, for those of you who wanted me to jump straight into the game, but trust me, I did you guys a favor by waiting. I really didn’t want to spend entire videos of campaign mode explaining all of the mechanics of the game. Hopefully now we can get the game started!

It will be a long road ahead of us, but the Campaign Mode starts Tuesday, so I will see you then for that.


Yoshi’s Island

I have some bad news about Yoshi’s Island, but I’m not going to get into that now. I’ll mention it next entry when it is more relevant (you may be able to guess from the videos this week). As for the project up to this point, I think it’s going pretty well. World 1 was kind of slow at first, but I think I picked up the pace for World 2. I also think I nailed the first World 3 videos well too. Many people seemed to really enjoy the “Two Stars” montage today.

For those of you wandering about the “bad news,” don’t let it worry you just yet. Just enjoy what I have and what will be posted this week for what it is and I’ll take care of everything else. Just expect a non-LP video related to the project at the end of this week…



On Friday, we bid farewell to the always iformative MegaFreak400 and we say hello the absolute chaos that is KManRules1331 for Chapter 2.

Although only one video has been posted from our new host, I can safely say that it was the most hilarious video posted thus far, and if he continues his antics for the following videos, we will all be rolling on the floor….laughing our asses off.

But anyways, as I stated in the channel comments for that account, great job Mega at a solid job at the first chapter. You did great! =)


Well, that is about it for no. I know I left you with some questions for this entry…
What will happen with the copyright situation?
Will Advance Wars be entertaining?
What is the bad news for Yoshi’s Island?
Is K-Man really that funny?

But I assure you….some of those questions will be answered this week. If not, then you wasted a lot of time watching my videos =D. Only kidding…have a good week guys!


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