Sunday, February 28, 2010

2/28/10 - Let's Update a Blog!

Hey guys, SlimKirby here, welcome to another weekend update for this silly little blog.

This has been the last week of February, and it just so happens to be the last day of February as well, which means March is upon us. First off, I'd like to give a quick shout-out to my dad who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. Not going to mention how old he is because he would hurt me, and move my Netflix requests further down his account's queue, and nobody wants that. If you are curious, just remember that he has a 21-year old son, so that should give you some idea.

March also means that my Spring Break is coming up REALLY SOON! In fact, it will be upon me after this week, so I just have to make it through some assignments and some mid-terms, and then I can relax. Speaking of relaxing, I'm doing A LOT better this week than I was last week. This week was easily 100 times better. It was still tiring, but nothing terrible, and just thinking about the fact that I have a week of relaxation after this me a feeling of joy. It won't be complete relaxation as I will still update some videos for you guys, but that has never been a bother.

Anyways, quite a few things have been happening as of late. For one, I am SUPER STOKED because a release date for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M have been announced by Nintendo, and Galaxy 2 should be upon us during the month of May (they said May 23rd). As you guys may (or may not) know, I was a huge fan of the first Galaxy, and I just can't wait for the sequel. MegaFreak400 posted a trailer at the Blargg Pit this past week if anyone is interested in checking that out. As for Metroid: Other M, I think it looks great too, but Galaxy 2 is easily higher up on my priority list. I will definitely check out Other M too though, just because of how unique it looks.

Also, Tiger Woods is still in the god, won't that thing just die already? The only reason I bring this up is that I'm a big fan of the PGA Tour, so Tiger Woods is a name I have been familiar with. In fact, since he is not my favorite golfer, I've already been sick of hearing is name just from all the tournaments he has won and how famous he is. However, this whole situation is just bull crap. I don't support what Tiger Woods did, and yes, he probably disappointed a lot of his fans, which is understandable, but honestly, the only reason we are still hearing about it is because the media WANTS us to hear about it, most likely because they have nothing better to report. This whole thing should be between him and his wife and his family....and not between him, his family, and everyone who owns a television, newspaper, or Internet. I remember, I was reading some news articles the other day, and I came across a page-lengthed article that was basically "Someone got a picture of Tiger Woods jogging last Wednesday!" And? Can't a man jog anymore? That's not news....that's harassment. If this was an ordinary person being followed by some creep who was stalking their every move, they could file a police report and get a restraining order. Tiger should just file a police report against the media. It would make those undeserving individuals lose their jobs and open up some windows to create jobs for more deserving and unfortunate individuals. Obviously though, that idea wouldn't work, so unfortunately we are stuck with with our "Hollywood Watch" structure of News and Media. It's because of this bull crap that I decided against going into Journalism.

Anyways, I think I'll start talking about Youtube now, because I have a few things to mention.


Copyright Update and Back-Up Progress:

Well, I have some good news, and some...neutral news. I finally got a response from Youtube about the counter notice. Unfortunately it was a notice that said "Your notification has been sent to the claimant," so unfortunately we have more waiting. Either way though, if Scholastic doesn't respond to the claim in 10-15 business days, the whole thing gets dropped, so that is definitely some positive reassurance.

Once again, thanks to the always helpful MegaFreak400 for even more back-up progress. He took the liberty of not only finishing all that was left for Link's Awakening, but he also backed-up all of Kirby Super Star last Friday as well. I really appreciate you help man. Besides that though, I did successfully back-up Mario Party 2 as well, although it took more time than I would have liked it to. We are surely getting there....


Current Projects (Advance Wars and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)

As I've mentioned in various places, I am now on a slightly new schedule for the updating of these projects. Hopefully the new schedule will speed up Advance Wars in the long run, since I definitely don't want to be doing that project forever, and also, hopefully, it doesn't really slow down Yoshi's Island either. There isn't much to discuss otherwise though, so I'll leave it at that and talk about the main thing I wanted to mention for this update.


Super Bomberman 2 and Mario Party 6:

These games have been on my "Future Projects" list for awhile now, so it's about time that I actually gave some insight to when they would actually begin. Well, this past week I did some calculations about when I would finish both Yoshi's Island and Advance Wars, and I determined that the former will be finished at the end of March, and the latter at the end of April. Of course this depends on a few factors (possibility of multiple uploads on a Yoshi's Island day is the main one). These project beginnings are a bit later than I originally intended them to be, but I kind of underestimated the length of Avance Wars, so that's more my fault than anything.

Anyways, Super Bomberman 2 will start after the completion of Yoshi's Island. It may not be "right away," but within a week of the ending. Consider this game to be the replacement for Yoshi's Island on the schedule after YI finishes (unless I decide on a new schedule somewhere down the road). The game itself won't be terribly long, but it may last til the end of Advance Wars (that is what I am hoping anyways).

Mario Party 6 is not set in stone just yet, and Advance Wars is kind of the determining factor for that. As I said in one of the above paragraphs, it really just depends on if I decide to alter the schedule again to make it go a bit faster. Anyways, since I should be starting Mario Party 6 around the start of my summer vacation, I may be able to do 2 boards per week (faster than Mario Party 5) which should make that a pretty quick project (since there are only 6 party boards). I'll talk more about this project the closer we get to it, but it should be here in 2 months, at the very least.



Last week I mentioned giving my thoughts on Chapter 2, and the chapter host K-Man. However, I will save that for next weekend, when he will actually be done. Either way, he will finish up this week, and Chapter 3 "may" start this week as well, hosted by ThePastaKing.


Anyways, that is about it for this update. See you guys next week, and have a good first week of March! =)

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