Sunday, February 14, 2010

2/14/10 - Halftime for February!

Geez, already I can't believe another month is half over. These two weeks went by really, really fast. They went by so fast, I don't even know if it's a good thing. At least I can say that I am one week closer to another summer vacation (which I'm sure I'll still waste).

Anyways, even though this past week was fast, I did have some obstacles to break through. I struggled through some exams, I rattled my brain to solve some big Java programs I had to write, and fought the outside winter wonderland. One of the exams I had I did ok on, but the 2nd one I bombed...big time. Thankfully though, I have an exam I can drop in that class, so that will no doubt be the one I drop. And let me tell you guys, I'm already tired of the Winter weather, because it is getting mucho ridiculoso. I finally got to come home this weekend, which was nice, but I have a feeling that I won't be seeing the end anytime soon.

As for the Blargg Pit, since I haven't talked about it for awhile (and I feel like giving it some extra blog time to help boost some visits), things have been pretty uneventful. Right now, we are at the point where we are still trying to get used to all of the new responsibilities and the way we update things, and it's taking toll on some of us. Once we get more used to everything, we'll start considering some other feature implementation. We still got quite a bit going on though, so don't be afraid to check it out. ShadowMarioXLI is still hosting his trivia events, which occur every few weekends. PowerToMario and Gaming Nights, although going a bit slow these days, had a pretty successful event last night when we decided to give iSketch a try. It was filled with good times, and a lot of "pitifalls." Also, why the hell are there Metroid and Pokemon locations in a Mario list (Smash Bros. isn't a good reason). And of course, CrystalStarStudio's playthrough of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is still going strong. Truly, there is a lot you can check out at The Blargg Pit....SO HERE IS A LINK! GO THERE AND BE EATEN BY BLARGGS! I mean....AND BE GREETED WITH OPEN ARMS!


Yoshi's Island

Last time I mentioned that the project would be jeopardy, but I can't say the same anymore. Yoshi's Island will continue as normally, and I do apologize for scaring you last week. And tomorrow, i will officially reach the half-way point of the main game, so hooray for continued progress!

For those of you wondering about the issue, well, as explained in 3-6, it was merely me getting tired of the video lag that was experienced through most of the 1st part of the game. I still have no clue why that even happened in the first place (since it was the same way I recorded both Super Bomberman and Donkey Kong '94), but I assume it's attributed to how graphically impressive Yoshi's Island is in the first place. Plus the fast-paced gameplay doesn't exactly make matters easier. Anyways, I just did some research and found a way I could record straight from the emulator (which is what I would have done at first, but the version I had didn't work properly).

Either way, the project got saved thanks to my research, so I'm glad I can continue this great game!


Advance Wars:

I'm going to go ahead and say this right now, just to get it out of the way...

This project is moving too slow for my own liking.

I mean, I just started campaign mode, and things really aren't going that badly or anything (the people who watch it seem to enjoy it, anyways), but I just keep thinking about the fact that if you look at the upload schedule in a specific way, I'm only updating 1-2 missions per week, and that is not a lot, considering how big this project will end up being. So I think I have decided that a change to the upload schedule is in order. This process will only decrease the weekly input of Yoshi's Island by at least one video, and that is still half of a world in one week. It's basically, instead of 3 days of Yoshi's Island and 1 day of Advance Wars, 2 days of Yoshi's Island and 1 day of Advance Wars, which seems to make more sense in the long run. Then, if I need to prolong/postpone an Advance Wars mission, I can do that. It's really not a bad system, if you ask me.

So I think I will implement this schedule after I finish World 4 of Yoshi's Island, which should happen at the beginning of next week. I'm doing this just because I don't want to be doing Advance Wars forever...I have a lot of other big games planned. =D


Back-Up Channel:

Major work has been done to my back-up channel, SlimKirby64, which I guess I should put the link for, since I think I forgot to even mention this last week...

Although, when looking at the page, it looks like nothing is there. However, quite a bit of work has definitely been done. For one, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is completely backed up now, so if I lose my channel, I won't have to redo that monster of an LP. Also, work on both Simpsons: Hit and Run and Zelda: Link's Awakening (my two personal favorite projects) has started, and should be finished within this next week (or at least Hit and Run). I've also started uploading all of my current projects (Yoshi's Island and Advance Wars) and will continue to back those up regularly.

I would like to give a big thank you to MegaFreak400 for helping me with this process. Although he hasn't backed-up very much, every little bit helps and I owe him a lot for even taking time out of his schedule to help me a little (he even got put in his college's penalty box for going over the bandwidth limit (basically, a small suspension from Internet use in his room)). I'd also like to give a small future thank you to other CSS members who have also volunteered and considered helping. And then of course, thanks to everyone else and all of my subscribers for supporting me throughout this entire ordeal. It feels good to know I have fans who want to lend a hand and help in some way, even if it is just by leaving comments on my normal, everyday videos. The feeling is spectacular! =)


Anyways, that is about it. Now, I have a lasagna to get to (my mom cooked =D =D), so I'm going to submit this entry and then go munch on that. See you guys next week for another entry!

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  1. I've been checking out The Blargg Pit recently, and it looks really great! Everyone working on it has put a lot of effort into making the site look good and functional. What's more is that all the LPers involved in CSS have fantastic commentary and good taste in games. I think you all have a lot going for you, just don't bite off more than you can chew. I only say that because this blog post mentions The Blargg Pit taking a toll on some of you guys. I'd hate to see someone get fed up with LPs because so much time is being spent on blogs, maintaining a web page, and doing regular youtube updates.

    Anyway, great job with The Blargg Pit! In your next blog post, could you update on your progress with the copyright shenanigans?