Sunday, August 29, 2010

8/29/10 - Back to Work....Unfortunately

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here, welcome to another week of….blogginess? Anyways, lots of things happening this week in the world of SlimKirby, so I’m going to make this entry kind of expeditious. This past week I started my Fall semester of classes, so as you can probably tell, I’ve been pretty busy with that. I swear, for a beginning week of classes, I’ve gotten a lot more work than I should have, but I guess that’s to be expected with the higher level classes. Overall though, I guess it is just something I will have to work with. I’ve done pretty well with my classes through the last 3 years. I’ll just have to step it up a notch. As for my classes interfering with any of my recording time, it really shouldn’t be that bad. I actually have quite a bit of free time considering the difficulty of my classes. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I have nothing until 3 PM and I’m done at 6:15, and because of that late start, on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, I can stay up quite late. I wouldn’t say it was the best result in the world in terms of how my schedule could have gone, but it could’ve been worse.

Besides that, there is not much to report on…just hard work in general.



Majora’s Mask – Well, the main part of the project is over, and dammit, I can’t believe it. It seems like I just started, yet it’s been almost 3 months and now it’s finishing. On the whole though, it was a great project and I’m glad I decided to embark on it. Would I say it’s been my best project? Well, I think it would definitely be a candidate, although I still have a lot of pride in my Hit and Run Let’s Play. Either way, it was a lot of fun, I’m glad I decided to work on it. Extras videos will start coming out in the middle of this week, and will probably be over by the weekend.

PilotWings 64 – Like Majora’s Mask, I also finished the main part of this project as well. Like Majora’s Mask, I also had a lot of fun with this project, despite the limited amount of entertainment a game like would normally get, and I thought it turned out pretty well. I think one of the greatest feelings I get from doing the work I do on Youtube is getting people interested in games that normally may have not been heard of before. That is definitely one of the goals I try to make with my Youtube, especially the more unnoticed games I play. Anyways, enough about that…..I’ve already uploaded some of the extra videos today, and the rest will be up tomorrow, so no more PilotWings after tomorrow.

Donkey Kong 64 – Yesterday I announced in an update video that a replay of Donkey Kong 64 would be my next project. I’m really getting pumped for this replay just because Donkey Kong 64 has always been a personal favorite of mine, and I actually have a lot of history with the game, some of which I’ll definitely reveal during my playthrough. I’m hoping this project will be a lot shorter than the original (especially with the new Youtube time limit), and I can already guarantee better video quality and commentary. Anyways, look forward to this project in September.

CrystalStarStudio – Still not setting anything in stone just yet, but I’ll (or rather, we’ll) probably have some information soon.


Game of the Week:

Note: There is one thing I would like to keep in mind in regards to this edition of GotW and all future editions. This is not necessarily a review here, despite me writing it like one. When doing these issues, I try to focus on personal experience rather than nitpicking all of the different aspects of each game. If I wanted to write reviews like that, I would write them for a website or something. The only thing “reviewish” I would like to keep consistent is the scoring thing, besides that though, don’t be surprised if I don’t talk about every little thing.

Pokemon (1st Generation)

During this past week, I very randomly decided to pick up my old Pokemon Red Version game pack, and since it’s the only game I’ve played this week that hasn’t been one of the projects I’m currently doing, I suppose that it makes this game a candidate.

What can I say about the 1st generation of Pokemon? Like for many, this game took me on a very unforgettable adventure throughout the world of Kanto, capturing Pokemon and gaining gym badges to become best Pokemon trainer in the land. It was all the rage back in the late 90s, and has kept pretty consistent in the recent years as well. The success of this craze is no-doubt attributed to the first games, which are perhaps my all-time favorites.

Sure, when looking back at the first gen games, they seem inferior to the later games, and my favoritism could be merely for nostalgic reasons, but is there really anything wrong with that? Even if you do go back to these games, after spending years upon years with the new additions and changes to the series, going back to the old games can still be a lot of fun. In fact, a few years ago, my friends and I actually came up with a Pokemon tournament idea where we would revisit our old games with new files and a new adventure, and after a few months had passed, we’d have our own competitions with our Pokemon. We had so much fun with that, even though we never really finished (some of us got way too far ahead with our Pokemon levels, the level cap we set was too high, and many of the people actually dropped out after awhile). This shows that the old games still have quite a bit of charm left in them, even if you had to deal with a lot of the outdatedness of some of the game concepts.

As for my current file, I really just started out of current boredom. I’m not really sure if it’s something I’ll try to completely finish or not, as I have gotten all 150 on the first gen before. And as rewarding as that was back in the day….now it just doesn’t seem like it’s something I’m 100% set on. It will definitely be something that I might go to though whenever I get bored.

Giving this game a review score is actually pretty difficult, for a variety of different reasons. I would like to give it a score based on how it was back in the day, because of how easy it is to stack the game in comparison with the newer generations, yet on the other hand, you really don’t want to blind it by nostalgia either. For it’s time though, and for its enjoyment in recent years, I think I can feel pretty confident with a 4.5/5.

LP Possibility: SlimKirby! Would you ever Let’s Play a Pokemon game? I will admit, I have thought about it, and I have determined that sometime in the future, I would like to do one, but now is just not the time. The problem with Pokemon is that there are already so many different Pokemon LPs and LPers already, and all of the major games and different versions have already been hit multiple times. Not that I am completely against doing games that have been done before, but still, I think it would be kind of difficult to keep the playthrough unique and interesting……in my opinion at least. With an overdone game like Majora’s Mask, I thought I could at least keep it interesting from my knowledge of playing the game multiple times when I was younger, and not really getting that feeling from other LPs of the game. Oh well, I suppose Pokemon is always a possibility for the future….just not now.


Well, that is about it for this entry this week…and how appropriate, just when “Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder” ended. I guess that means that it is about time to go to bed! Later folks!

- SlimKirby

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  1. I would love it if you did a Pokemon Red LP! =D Its easy to keep it interesting. Just use Pokemon that aren't used much (Rattata anyone? >_>).

    But anyways, good luck with classes.

    yay for replying about a week after the blog post! XD