Sunday, August 15, 2010

8/15/10 - Things Will Soon Be Going Down!

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here!

Once again, another week has passed, which means I will once again deliver a giant pile of text to you guys. You know, it seems like just a few weeks ago I was excited to be out of classes for the summer. Little do I realize now that it has actually been 3 ½ months now, which means that I only have one week before I go back to the old grind. It’s kind of disappointing, to say the least, but at least the ride has been a bit more enjoyable this time around. I’ve seen old friends, gone on trips, spent quite a bit of time with family, embarked on some interesting experiences, and have met some new people and friends. Basically…’s been the best summer vacation since I’ve been at college. =P

Anyways, this past week has brought something “interesting events” to say the least. I actually got the pleasure to meet fellow Youtube user and CSS partner PowerToMario in person last Tuesday for breakfast. He was in the area this past week during a little family expedition of his, and we arranged a little meeting as he was en route back to his home base in Floridaland. The meeting itself was kind of awkward at first (keep in mind, this was our first face-to-face meeting, and regardless of the 3 thousand times we’ve talked before online, it’s a lot different in person), but in the end, it went well and was pretty cool. PTM is a really genuine person and a really nice guy. He can be a bit of a jokester at times (and sometimes, not in a good way =P), but in the end, aren’t we all? Either way, if you are reading this, it was great meeting you buddy, and take care! And also, good luck in your first year of college! Make all of CSS proud!

Besides that though, it was actually a pretty boring week. It was the kind of week where it really starts to hit you that something big is coming up (for me, moving back into dorm life again and starting classes), and you aren’t really motivated to do anything but just focus on that upcoming event. I really hate when I let that happen because I always feel like I have something else to do, and I just shouldn’t have the time to stare at my Simpsons character poster and name as many characters as I can. I feel I must at least give thanks though to the Blargg Pit chatroom for at least making things interesting in those late after-hours that take place in my daily life after I spend most of my day doing work around the house, recording and editing videos, or even both. Not only do they give me a great deal of support for what I do, but they are a lot fun to chat and hang out with. We’ve seriously got some great people in that community, and if any of you guys or gals are reading, just letting you know how fantastic you have been.

But, enough ranting about that…let’s move on to something else!



Majora’s Mask – The other day, (Friday to be exact) I finished recording another set of videos which consisted of the entirety of Stone Tower Temple, and pretty much all of the extra stuff outside of Clock Town. The end of this project is so freaking close, I can almost taste it. All I have to do right now is finish finalizing those videos and I could pretty much just film the rest of the game. However, I would like to do something special with the big thing I will be covering the following cycle, so I might devote a little time to that. Either way though, predict Majora to end somewhere around the Video #80 mark.

PilotWings 64 – The reception of this project has been nothing outstanding, but the response has been incredible for what it is, and definitely not what I expected. I knew walking into this game that I was taking a big risk with the interest of my fans, but that risk has actually been paying off so far. It will definitely be a short project, but maybe the best mini-project I have done thus far.

CrystalStarStudio – Paper: Mario The Thousand-Year Door is almost complete and will actually be completely finished by the next blog entry. Only 4 videos remain of the project, and I will be uploading twice on Friday, so the project will officially end on August 20th. It’s been a fun ride with this game, but the rest of CSS and I are ready to put this project to rest, or at least the main part of the project.

New Projects: People have already started to wonder what exactly I will have planned for the months following Majora’s Mask, and I will tell you guys that I have given it a lot of thought. I wouldn’t say I have a full grasp on what I’m going to do or when, but I have a plethora of ideas in mind, and it will basically come down to what I feel like doing when the time approaches. I will say that I do have my next Let’s Play decided at this point (after Majora and Pilotwings) and I will be announcing it very soon.

15,000 Subscribers: Wow, when summer vacation started for me, I didn’t even have 10,000 yet, and I managed to pick up 5,000 more in only a period of 3 months. I really have to give you guys a lot of thanks for that. I’m glad you are enjoying my videos and I’ve glad you have been very supportive of me and my work for so long. Since 1,000 milestones don’t seem as big anymore, I probably won’t be planning a special for this particular milestone, but I did want to take note of it just because of how swiftly I obtained it. Thanks again guys!


There will not be a Game of the Week this week mostly because….I haven’t played any games….. seriously. Normally when I do a GotW, I choose a game that I had been playing recently or randomly decided to pick up and play again just for the hell of it, but no major candidates come to mind. I’ll definitely have a GotW planned for the next entry, but for this one, I’m afraid I’m going to run empty on you guys. Although, with classes quickly approaching again, my time for gaming will continue to diminish, so maybe GotW will have to turn into Game of the Month, or something…

Well, since there is no Game of the Week, I guess that means I’m going to call it quits for this entry. I’ll see guys next time. I’m not sure if “next time” will be next weekend though, just because I will have a lot going on next Sunday, but surely I’ll be able to find some time to write something. I guess we’ll just wait and see…

Later folks!

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