Monday, August 2, 2010

8/2/10 - Cutting it Short...

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here!

I would say "Welcome back to another exciting entry," but this isn't exactly going to be my usual type of entry. For one, if you couldn't tell, this is being updated on Monday, so I'm already a bit late to the game, and unlike last time where I was working on it periodically through the course of the day, I didn't get anytime to work on it whatsoever (although I did try to, I just couldn't get any alone time with the laptop). Secondly, as much as I hate complaining about everything else I have to do along with this blog, this time it's just too much. Since my stream last Wednesday, let's just say I haven't had a day where I could just sit back and not worry about what I need to get done until today, and even then I'm not as ahead as I could be with Majora videos and I need to start filming my new project as well. When you put my Youtube stuff together with CrystalStarStudio, general updates on the Blargg Pit, Blargg Pit chat moderation, this blog, trivia contests and gaming night events (to attend, not control) and stuff I am expected to take care of in the real's a lot of stuff. I'm surprised how much free time I normally get (which is normally not a lot).

However, with that being said, and with the blog probably being the least relevant of those things, it's still not something I want to give up. Deep down, I am actually a writer at heart, if my long history of being a, as I like to call myself, "message board junkie" doesn't show otherwise. For those not really understanding what I'm referring to, before I started doing Youtube videos, I was a very common visitor and sometimes poster of major video game message boards. The most prominent one was the Nintendo NSider Forums where I had over 75,000 posted messages, various Post of the Week awards, and hosted a variety of different contests and wrote a variety of different reviews as well. Anyways, my point is that during those days, I had an outlet where I could vent my ideas and post what I had on my mind. Now, I could technically still do that, but with the way I do my Let's Plays, the way that works for me is the informative game approach, where I put a lot of attention into the game I'm playing, because I feel that is the reason why people are watching the videos in the first place, not to find out how sad I am for the most recent celebrity death or for my opinion on who is going to win the next season of Hell's Kitchen. Now, every now and then, especially when it comes to the Mario Party projects, I try to put a little discussion out there just because it can help clear out some of the "uhhh.....uhhh....yeah, so uhh..." moments of my videos where I may not be saying anything relevant in the slightest, but even then, some of that can easily clash with my video standards, leading to such disasters as my E3 2010 rant (which I'm still probably being too hard on myself for, but leaving out details and certain explanations can really lead people into making swift judgments about another person, judgments that may be incorrect, but understandable as well based on the way I presented my discussion). So in a way, I try to use this blog as a way to talk about those things that I normally wouldn't be able to touch on as much or as well in my videos. The only problem is now the blog is slightly becoming a chore to do and I don't seem to have as many things to talk about as I normally would. It's a shame that this blog has to suffer because of that, but I'm doing my best to make sure I have something to share with you every week. It's just a shame I have to balance it along with everything else I'm doing...

Anyways, this entry is not going to be a very long entry, nor am I going to be using the format I've been using in my last few entries (so there will be no "Game of the Week" for this week). I'm just going to touch up on a few things, mostly involving Youtube stuff, and then call it an entry.

First off, as I'm sure many of you are wondering; I am going to be pushing my new project back a bit, because I just haven't really had anytime to film it. I'm going to try and get some episodes recorded this week, and hopefully I can get it out there by next Sunday, but we'll see what happens. Until then, just expect normal Majora's Mask updates.

CrystalStarStudio has started Chapter 8, and we are very thrilled to bring you guys the final chapter of the game. Expect the main part of the project to come to a close on August 20th. As for other parts of the game, we are still trying to decide what to do, so please keep questions about that to a minimum.

For the big Youtube issue that is currently going on (the false-flagging/suspension thing), as I said during my stream and past entries, don't let that bother you guys in the slightest. Users like chuggaaconroy have already started to return from their suspension (not sure what is taking NCS so long though), and things seem to have definitely slowed down if not stopped completely. It was all honestly just a matter of time before this lost steam, and as I said a few weeks ago, Youtube could only ignore the issue for so long. The only advice I have for you guys still worried about the situation, just try not to think about it so much, and keep in mind that if it does happen again (and happens to me for that matter) it will not be a permanent thing.

Finally, as for my stream last week, since I always tend to share my thoughts on the blog following the stream....I have to say I was kind of disappointed. However, this disappointment is not directed at just one source.....really all sources that played a factor including myself. I made some really bad decisions during the stream, and I really lacked direction with what I was doing, so in some parts, things got really hectic and probably a bit boring in other parts. I really want to thank my moderation staff though during this particular stream because they were on the ball in so many ways. Problems were taken care of, posts were being removed when they should have been, and they just did a great job overall, so thanks to MegaFreak400, GaiaCrusher9, K-Man, ShadowMario41, PowerToMario, darkmindedsith, Odinspack33, ShotzRox, RockedSolid, and the always lovely, and always fierce MadameWario. I'm glad you guys (and gal) were there to have my back. Anyways, with that being said, I don't think there are going to be that many more stream events for the rest of this summer. I originally had plans to host two more streams, and an all-day stream (like I do every summer), but I'm hesitant to do so. I would like to give it one more shot to see if maybe things will go a little smoother, but another issue is finding the time to host one. There will definitely be at least one more stream in the next month, but at this time, I can't tell you when.

That's about all I wanted to discuss for this entry. Next week I will try to return to my blog format. Later folks!

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