Monday, January 25, 2010

1/25/10 - Make Blog, Update Blog

(The title of this entry is a pun on the name of the first level of Yoshi's Island :P)

Hello people, and welcome to this week's first (and only, technically) blog entry. Hard to believe that the first month of 2010 is already coming to an end, but now that winter break is over, and more school is upon us, I'm sure the next 11 months will go slower. =(

Anyways, not much to report on from the world of SlimKirby. School has pretty much been eating up all of my time and work, I haven't been able to play very many games, and any free time I get, I'm usually taking a nap during it. I never knew how stressful college life can be...especially when like 70% of college students are partying all day and night and staying up late and waking up in the afternoon. I can't do that stuff, and can't really afford to do it either. I suppose it just varies from person to person.

Anyways, I don't have very many details to discuss here, so I guess I'll move on to....



As for Youtube stuff, would you believe me if I said I have footage for the next 11 days recorded already? I don't think I've been this prepared for....well, anything.

Yoshi's Island -

It all pretty much started when I decided that I would record the first half of World 2, to just get it done and out of the way. After doing that, I decided that ZSNES wasn't doing it for me, so I decided to switch to SNES9x in hopes that it would fix the small video skips and lags that have been occurring in the first 10-12 videos of the project. Although there is no big difference, I think it is noticeably better, so I am glad I switched (I start using the new emulator for 2-5 and on....). Then I just recorded the rest of World 2, because I wanted to test the new emulator more extensively, and from there, I finished World 2. So far, the project has been going pretty well. I haven't been completely satisfied with commentary (as I would like to be), but I guess I can't really complain too much. I've done so many videos and projects and I'm a strong believer in consistent and constant improvement, so eventually I would have to reach a limit to how much I can improve something. I've been getting a lot of positive feedback, so i'll take that as a good sign.

New Project (Starts: February 1st, 2010) -

I can't believe the start of this project is now only a week away. I originally got the idea to do this project several months back, but I wasn't confident enough to start it until now. Now I can safely say that the delays are over, and this will start very, very soon.

But, just what is this project? Well, from what I have told you so far, I mentioned that the game is and will be a lot like Fire Emblem, however, I will admit that I may have exaggerated a few things about the game's length. The project may not have as many videos as Path of Radiance did, and it may not last til the end of Spring as I figured it might, but it will still be generally pretty long, given the way I'm updating the project. Each update will generally be 1-2 videos (3 at the very most), and I will be updating the project every 4th day in a 4-day rotation (the first 3 days being Yoshi's Island). I know I made it seem like every update would be about 3-5 videos, but I should have actually paid better attention to how long each part actually was before opening my mouth-hole. Sorry for the confusion and the false information.

Now, before I start dropping some more hints, I'm also going to state that the first week of this project is going to be a little different (so in other words, the 4-day rotation doesn't start until February 6th). The first 5 days of this project will just feature the new project, and I'll be taking a 5-day break from Yoshi's Island to get started with this new one. The first 5 days will deal with some pre-game content (basically content that is part of the game, but not part of the game's main story/adventure/etc). Think of this as a prologue, if you will (they don't call it a prologue though, so don't make assumptions here). This "prologue" will take me more than 10 videos though, I hate to say, so expect a lot of videos to be uploaded next week (Monday - 2, Tuesday - 2, Wednesday - 3, Thursday - 2 or 3, Friday - 2 or 3, just as an estimation). It really depends on how long the final recording session ends up being (in terms of time). Basically, I will be in an uploading frenzy next week, so if you like when I upload a lot of videos, you will really like next week (that is, if you like the project anyways).

So what exactly is my next project? I've been hiding it for months, nobody has correctly guessed what it is.....should I just come out with it and end all of this waiting around? Nah, I'll let you suffer some more. I've never gone this long without someone guessing what it is, and it feels good that I can actually keep a secret from you guys, but for those of you who must pry the hints out of me, just keep in mind all of the previous hints I have given. The game is very similar to Fire Emblem, but is not Fire Emblem. Just think about what kind of game Fire Emblem is and go from there, and knowing the developer isn't a bad idea. Also keep in mind my restrictions in the games I do (specifically systems from where the games I do come from). I'm sure someone will figure it out...

Crystal Star Studio -
Not much to say about this, as MegaFreak400 is still doing an excellent job with navigating us through Chapter 1. We predict he will be finished by the middle of next week, and then we will hand it over to KManRules1331 (GOD HELP US ALL!).


I think that is about all I want to discuss this time, so I guess I'll submit what I have here and see you next week. I'll try to have something else to discuss next time, as I know there are a few individuals who enjoy my entries where I talk about more than just Youtube and LP stuff....

later folks!


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  1. Y love the ww 2 vehicle in TShar (the impsons hit and run).