Monday, January 18, 2010

1/18/10 - I Don't Have a Dream, but I Do Have Ice Cream!

Hello everybody and Happy MLK Jr. Day! Welcome to this week's blog entry. I was fortunate enough to not have class today, although since I did go home, I do have a long drive ahead of me, so that should be interesting (to say the least). I spent my day pretty much finishing some homework assignments I had over the weekend and I had a wonderful lasagna meal provided by my awesome mother. You would think no-meat lasagna would be bland and boring.....but not when my mom cooks it. =)

Anyways, once again I don't have much to report today for this week, which makes me a little sad because I gave such an extensive Christmas entry two weeks ago. Speaking of that entry, I finally got Dynasty Warriors 6 in the mail this past week. We aren't sure what took the game so long to arrive, but apparently our original order was faulty and got canceled, and then our second order came almost immediately. Sometimes you gotta love, and other times you just have to despise it.

I'm still in the middle of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and that Pokemon Platinum file. I'm not quite sure what caused me to drop those two playthroughs all of the sudden, although getting back into Dynasty Warriors was definitely a factor, and I've also been trying to fully complete Helper to Hero mode in Kirby Super Star Ultra (two more helpers left, Burnin Leo and Birdon (the latter of which I'm convinced is nearly impossible)). Speaking of Kirby, I picked up Air Ride again this weekend and finally managed to complete the Air Ride and Top Ride checklists. I'm not really proud about Top Ride since it is considerably easier than both Air Ride and City Trial, and a lot of the challenges are more time consuming than actually difficult. I am really proud of the Air Ride checklist though, because that took some considerable amount of work to actually finish, since the majority of them are basic time trials and tests. I'm good with Mario Kart time trials, but definitely not Air Ride ones. I'm not done with the City Trial checklist just yet, but only because the challenges I have left are cumulative and time-consuming tests ("Drive over 200 miles" and "Play Free Run for 2 hours"). There is also another very annoying checklist item to get which revolves around getting lucky in the actual city and getting a good combination of the right star and the item modifiers.

As for real life, and the non-video game variant, not much has really been going on; just trying to get adjusted to my new semester schedule and trying to take it easy so I don't go insane with my work load. My mom also got me The Simpsons: Season 20 on DVD, which was a really nice gift on her part. Although, I'm still a bit confused on why exactly they released the 20th season when they still have seasons 13-19 to release on DVD. Oh well, I've always found Matt Groening and the other Simpson producers to be, in a simple word, nutcases. They are almighty nutcases though for creating one of the longest running and literally the best and most influential animated television show in history. That's why I paid tribute to them in my LP of Hit and Run! =D



I meant to talk about this last week, but I kind of neglected it. I wanted to quickly make some comments about the two streams I had during Winter Break and then the possibility of having streams more often during the next few months.

First of all, I have to say that the stream on the 30th of December went pretty well, considering I only played 3 games, and there were a few technical issues as well. New SMB Wii was kind of an average way to start, and the second part of it was kind of stale due to various amounts of failure in World 2, but neglecting the star coin challenge kind of got things back on track. The next part of the stream was Banjo Tooie, which disappointed a lot of people, despite that being the highlight of the night (in my eyes). I don't blame them though due to the fact that a majority of my subscribers are probably subscribed to NintendoCapriSun, and seeing Banjo Tooie on top of Banjo Tooie and with even more Banjo Tooie can get boring. Anyways, I did have fun playing the game despite that, and I would also like to give my thanks to largo233 for also playing a part in the stream as a special guest commentator. The final game was Mario Party 2.....and why was that game chosen in the poll? Haven't you seen enough Mario Party from me? Bah, you Youtubers and you wanting to see me in pain. Anyways, despite the highs and lows, the stream turned out really well with quite a huge turnout.

The second stream on January 8th was a bit different. Not only did I start that stream earlier, I also ended later as well, so I was able to play a lot of games. Once again I started out with New SMB Wii, which, kind of went in the same direction as it did in the first stream. Second, for some reason, I played Pokemon Stadium. I started with an attempt on Gym Leader Castle which went horribly after fighting a certain Pokemon of Brocks. So for the rest of the hour, I just played the Kid's Club mini-games, where we got to hear Clefairy's sing, and see our Metapods bad jokes please. Then for some other, bad reason, I played Crash Bash. Why did I play Crash Bash? Did I really need to play Crash Bash? Well, it was basically me playing mini-games....very repetitive mini-games, so take that however you want. Next game on the list was more Banjo Tooie, which I thought once again was the highlight of the night. However, a freak happening with my Internet caused me to go offline for 15 minutes, which was kind of a bummer, but I'm just thankful the problem got fixed. The next three games I played only lasted an hour, another hour, and 30 minutes respectively for Kirby 64, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, and Goldeneye 007. I didn't even come close to finishing the first two (nor do I have plans to finish them on stream), and during Goldeneye I just messed around and failed missions on purpose. Kind of an uneventful 2 1/2 hours, but still...Kirby was kind of fun.

All in all, I won't say the streams were very "successful," but they were still nice, despite the technical glitches and the annoying skype callers (which shouldn't be a problem anymore since I changed my Skype name for good and won't be giving it to people publicly). If you weren't at the streams and if you would like to see the videos from the stream, or if you want to watch them again for whatever reason, follow the link below. I haven't edited the video names for the January 8th stream just yet, but they should still be there and they should bewatchable (I may do it after posting this entry if I remember).

Because of these streams, I have decided that I will definitely do more streams in the future, but they won't be very often. Definitely expect a stream during the 2nd week of March when I have my Spring Break, and possibly whenever I come home and have access to my wide variety of systems.

Hope you guys enjoyed!


Yoshi's Island and Crystal Star Studio

So today I started Yoshi's Island! I only wish I had something to say about it, but honestly, since it just started, I really don't have much to say about it. I've already recorded most of the first world and so far it hasn't given me really any problems at all (not that I really expected it to or anything). As I finish up the first world this week, maybe I'll have something to talk about next week? We'll see what happens, I guess...

As for CrystalStarStudio, the prologue is finished, and MegaFreak400 has started up with his first video today for Chapter 1. MegaFreak400 is a very informative guy and that really shows in his videos. For those of you who don't really like the informative type and like moreso the casual talker type, I still say don't let that turn you off. There is always something about Mega's videos that just get me thinking, in particular when he goes on his many rants about video game music and other relevant (and even irrelevant) topics, so definitely check the guy out. It will still be awhile before my chapter comes up, but I'll be ready when it is =).


Anyways, that's all I really wanted to talk about today. Next week I may start dropping hints about my new LP project, so be sure to drop by to check it out. If all things go according to the current schedule, it may be here February 1st, which is only 2 weeks from now.

See you later folks!

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