Sunday, October 31, 2010

10/31/10 - A Brief Halloweenish Update

Hello everybody, SlimKi….BOO!

Did that scare you? Probably not, so let’s try that again and just do it the normal way.

Hello everybody, SlimKirb...BOO!

Still no? Bah, fine, I’ll stop trying.

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here, and welcome to another exciting blog entry! I hope you guys are having (or had) a Happy Halloween. As usual, because on college campuses the mindset of everybody except me is to go out partying and get drunk on Halloween, I of course have stayed in my dorm room chilling and working on homework. I know, it sounds kind of sucky, but I’d rather do something boring than go out and do something stupid. Besides, it’s not all boring. As I write this I am watching MadameWario’s Horror Land stream, which is going pretty fiercely, as she would say. :P

Anyways, don’t expect this entry to go on for very long. I know I promised to talk about Epic Yarn in this entry, but considering that I just now finished it and I had and still have a lot of work to do, I haven’t been able to collect my final thoughts on the game, but I will definitely do it next week, I promise! Besides that, other news in gaming, not much I really feel like getting into at this time. Donkey Kong Returns should be coming out in the next month, which I will probably be getting. Not sure if it will be on release or not though. I guess we will wait and see.

In Youtube news, Donkey Kong 64 has been completely filmed at this point, and I will be posting the extra video (the final video of the project) on that Monday, November 8th, so that should be ending really soon. Final project thoughts will of course be posted next weekend, but I’ve pretty much said throughout the project that it went pretty well, especially when you get a longer time limit near the end and get to finish it in less videos =3. For those wondering, in numbered parts, it will end up being 55 videos, the old project being 29 videos longer.

For Mario Party 7 (once again, spoiler warning for those who haven’t seen the actual playthrough yet, so if you haven’t and don’t want to be spoiled, you will probably want to avoid this paragraph), this week’s board went pretty well for the most part, except for that random span of like 3 or 4 turns at the end where I got jipped by Toadette. Thankfully though, the bonus stars were very kind to me (they could have been the exact opposite). As usual though, I held my ground really well when it came to the mini-games, and usually that is what does it for me, so I stuck to what I know and do best, and that seemed to work. The next board, Pyramid Park, should be interesting just because the game is played a bit differently than the other boards (the whole “everyone starts with 5 and you gain stars by stealing” thing is in effect). It’s definitely not my favorite board in this game, but for what it is, it’s all right I guess. I guess I’ll see you next weekend for that, but for now, I’m going to celebrate my perfect 2-0 record =)….before I get screwed out of it =(.

The last thing I want to mention, once again, is that I really want to thank all of my wonderful Youtube subscribers for being so awesome with subscribing lately. Barely even halfway into the month I was just approaching 18,000 subscribers, and now I’m halfway to 21,000. I just can’t believe it…I really can’t.

Anyways, once more, I do apologies for the somewhat short entry this week. I’ll have more to mention next time when I don’t have a million other things going on, and of course I’ll have my Epic Yarn discussion about how awesome and cute the game is. :P

Later fol….BOO!

Bah, still can’t get you guys. =(



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