Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24/10 - October Partyin'

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here, and welcome to another fantabulous blog entry! Wait....I'm getting a red spell-check line under the word "fantabulous." WHY ISN'T THAT A WORD YET? And better yet, why isn't "SlimKirby" a word yet either? I guess the world will never know.

Anyways, what a week it has been. I'm reporting to you guys on the last day of my Fall Break. Yes, it has already come and gone, unfortunately, but what can you really expect from a 1-day break? Not much! That's what. For what it was though, it was pretty sweet. I got to hang out with the family, I got to play some sweet new games (which I still won't be talking about on here for a week or two), got to watch old Rugrats episodes at 6 AM.....the perfect 3-day vacation, am I right? =P

Aside from that though, things are going pretty well. Really starting to get hit hard with work at school though, and one of my class grades isn't exactly in a place where I deem acceptable, so I'll have to start paying attention to that more, but it shouldn't really effect very much if you are a reader or viewer. I still have ample amounts of time to do all of that stuff. It's just when I have a choice to work on class stuff or relax/nap, I sometimes choose the latter when I shouldn't. It's something I will work on though, and I am usually dedicated when it comes to my studies.

In terms of Youtube, quite a bit went down this weekend. Mario Party 7 has officially started and after the recording of the first board, I've never been as satisfied as I was with the first recording than I have in a long time...which is kind of funny because my first attempt at recording the board was horrendous, and I stopped after 20 minutes. XD I'll get more into that board in a second; first I'll briefly discuss Donkey Kong 64. At this point, I have up to Episode #50 recorded, and assuming all things go well, that project will be ending within the next two 2 weeks (I'll have a better estimation next weekend after I record the final world of the game). What can I say? The game has treated me very well thus far, despite the malfunctioning controllers and the gloomy galleons. For those of you wondering about the bane of my existence in that project, make sure you check out my video on Tuesday for some sweet rabbit race action.

Getting back to Mario Party 7, as I said before, the recording went well....very both the technical sense and the gameplay sense. I can't believe how much I dominated that game. Sorry for spoilers if any of you haven't watched that board yet. I would say that was my biggest domination of all time, but I'm sure there has been another instance where I was on the ball. My only regret in that game/recording was losing on Funderwall the first time as I could have dominated even further, but the fact that I would have won all of the bonus stars no matter what they were kind of speaks for itself. Because of how well this recording went, I am very much looking forward to Friday when I will record Pagoda Peak, which feels very weird to say, considering how much I have bashed Mario Party 7 in the past. But basically, it went well, I enjoyed the experience, and I hope you guys enjoyed the videos as well.

With Donkey Kong 64 coming to a close very soon, once again, the thought of what my next project will be continues to jump around in my mind. I have to honestly say that I am still not really sure what to do next, but I'm sure I will figure it out eventually. I just hope this lack of being able to come to a decision doesn't delay the project or any other projects of mine.


Game Chat:

Last week I mentioned that I had purchased both Wii Party and Epic Yarn, and so many of you guys have been asking me to give me thoughts on the game. However, I'm still trying to soak up what I can of these games (or rather, what I have left of these games), before I can give my final thoughts. So in the meantime, I'm going to get a little nostalgic and talk about another game...a very old game that I grew up with which I recently rediscovered and haven't been able to put down very easily.


After seeing this game, here is how I imagine your reactions. Half of you scratched your heads in confusion, while the other half gasped and immediately got flooded with very fond and nostalgic memories of this game. I don't like to think that I'm THAT old, but Lemmings goes back quite a ways in the world of gaming, back in the olden PC and early SNES days (probably even before that). Back in the day, Lemmings was a legit, hardcore PC game.

Basically, Lemmings is a puzzle game where you have to navigate these creatures (called Lemmings) to the exit in a very wide assortment of different levels, and puzzles (that obviously get harder and more complex as you continue). The lemmings themselves have a variety of different tasks and jobs they can take on while trying to make it to the exit, such as climbing, digging, building, and blocking, and you have to use these tasks effectively and correctly if you want to get these lemmings to safety before time is up, or before the Lemmings get viciously and utterly destroyed by traps and obstacles, which can range from lava and acid, smashing walls, or to simply just having them all walk off a cliff. At first, the puzzles are really easy and they give you enough tools to work with so you can easily figure out what you need to do in order to succeed. However, in later levels, they limit you on what can do and use, and try to get to you to focus on different strategies, some of which require you to use simple tools in ways you wouldn't imagine. You really have to know this game, inside and out, if you want to complete the entire thing. Speaking of which, if you want to beat this game 100%, expect to devote quite a bit of time to doing so. There are 120 levels (4 different difficulties, 30 levels for each), and while the first half of the game moves pretty quickly, the later levels have the capabilities of stumping you for a good 30 minutes or up to an hour. It's that complex, even when the exit could be right in front of your eyes. Getting there is usually the problem.

I have very fond memories of me playing this game with my dad when I was very young, and even he had problems with getting past some of the levels in the Level 50 range. But nevertheless, it's an experience I will never forget, and because of those fond memories, I decided to pick the game up once again.....that and a fellow Youtuber I watch (roundthewheelrtw) started a a playthrough (technically a replay, since his channel got deleted) of Lemmings that I've been keeping up with. At this point, even after playing for very long periods of time over the last few days, I'm still have quite a few levels to go (difficult levels at that). Although the words don't say much, that may give you an idea of how complex this game is, if it's giving the great SlimKirby so much trouble. =P

Anyways, one of the reasons why I started talking about this game today, is that I think I have decided that I am going to do a playthrough of the game on Youtube. It won't be a playthrough I start soon (maybe not even in 2011 either), but after getting so familiar with the game again, accompanied by so much nostalgia and fond memories, it's something I do want to share with you guys at some point. Again, just don't expect it to be soon. =P So in other words.....LP Possibility? Yes!


Anyways, that is my entry for this week, join me next week on Halloween (if I decide to update) when I talk about more stuff, and possibly Wii Party or Kirby's Epic Yarn. See you guys then!

Later folks!

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