Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/12/10 - September Blandness

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here, and welcome to another exciting blog entry! Let’s see if I can actually get this entry up before the clock strikes midnight (my time). Anyways, not much to really report on this week from the life of SlimKirby….nothing that would be worth mentioning. Although I guess I should mention that I did sign up for a twitter account, for those who would be THAT interested in following what I’m doing during the course of the week. Don’t expect there to be any extra or important information exclusively on the twitter account though. It’s really just something new I feel like experimenting with. Anyways, the link is as follows:

Besides that though, as I said previously, there is not much really to report on.



Let’s Play Donkey Kong 64

Although the project starts tomorrow, I don’t think there is really any harm in talking about it. I recorded the first 5 (or 4 1/2 if I decide to add more to the somewhat short 5th video) episodes at this point, and at this point, I think they came out ok. The only way I could really describe them is that, if you like the majority of my videos, or rather, the style I do my videos in, you should feel right at home. Definitely expect the first batch of videos to be a bit informative though, just because the nature of them.

I have to say though, doing these episodes of Donkey Kong 64 has gotten me thinking about a few things, a few things that I’m sure some of you (although, maybe not) would be surprised by. For one, I’m really not as confident with my ability to do commentary as many people would probably think. I mean, I can sit down and do it no problem, but watching it back, I always seem to get the feeling that I could do so much more with it. Maybe it’s just because it’s hard for anybody to listen or watch themselves, but still, I’ve never really been able to move past that confidence barrier, even after almost 2 ½ years of doing commentary. Maybe it’s just something you never really get over? Meh, I dunno, but I do know for sure that I’ll never let that discourage me from continuing what I do, so don’t worry about that if you think I’m getting tired of doing LPs, because I’m definitely not. It’s just more of a mental thing.

Anyways, getting back to the actual project, this should definitely be a lot of fun. I’m very much looking forward to kicking this game’s butt and having fun with it too. I’ve already started to plan my routes throughout each level, which I know probably seems a bit unnecessary, but I’m actually challenging myself to get this done in as few videos as possible without making any extravagant cuts. At this point, I see less than 70 videos as a very distinct possibility. My original project was about 84 videos, and that was with the old time limit. Adding 4 to each video will definitely make this project go a lot faster considering that the equivalent of 3 videos now is 4 with the old time limit. Maybe I should have project video # ending predictions? :O

Anyways, as usual, I hope you guys enjoy the project. I’m not sure when or if I will have a secondary project right away or not, but it’s something I may consider. It would be nice if I actually got my Wii back first though, because there is something I have on my Wii that I have considered LPing……what that game is? You will have to find out later. ;)


Well, I have some good news….me and the guys at CSS have finally discussed some future plans. Not in very great detail, but enough to know what we might be doing next besides TTYD extras. As usual though, can’t really give you any information besides that….sorry. =(


I’m actually going to end the entry here actually. I know this is kind of a short entry and there is no Game of the Week, but I did say a few weeks back that I am going to try and make the GotWs less frequent because I won’t have as much time during the week to play games anymore now that I am back in school (besides my Youtube projects of course), and sure enough, I didn’t really play any new games (that haven’t already been GotWs) this week, so that is pretty much an excuse in itself not to update.

I’ll try to have a much larger entry next week and hopefully I can have an exciting week for a change so I can actually have things to talk about. =P

Later folks!

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