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6/20/10 - New Week, New Section, New Nintendo Stuffz, Slightly New Format

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here for another somewhat exciting blog entry! I’m sure there are many things to talk about in this entry, but just where do we begin? Well, I do promise this time that I have a few topics in mind of what to discuss, one of them being E3, and the other being a new section I plan to add to my blog. The first of which will occur first in my list of topics and the other at the very end.


E3 2010: Let’s Start the Nintendo Bias!

Before I start talking about stuff, I want you guys to remember a few things. One, I am not a big Xbox360 or Playstation 3 person. I think that should be made obvious from my videos and LP project selections, but not everybody is that observant. However, this doesn’t mean I hate the two systems or have something against them…. it’s just that they don’t interest me enough to plunk money down to buy them. Two, I consider this blog a part of CrystalStarStudio and the Blargg Pit, and we have made it pretty obvious that we are and will continue to be a website with ties to Nintendo, and that’s just the way it is.

I will admit that that I do have rather high favor to Nintendo, almost to the extent of a bias, but that’s just who I am and what I think. I’m not going to criticize anybody for having the polar opposite opinion (unless their statements are downright unlogical to the point of being blasphemous and ignorant), and if someone disagrees with what I say, I’m not going to throw a fit. I mean, surely we are all grown-ups here (and if not, there is no excuse not to act like one).

Basically, from what I saw and read from Sony and Microsoft’s conference, I wasn’t impressed. They had some good games shown, and some of the technology was neat, but for the most part, pretty damn predictable and boring. At least Nintendo threw in a few surprises (although I will admit the majority of their titles are classic franchises, but at least some of them have unique twists, and others that haven’t been around for awhile). I think Microsoft may have spent more time talking about the Kinect than they should have, and while Sony had a few titles that actually got me interested, their conference just dragged. That’s my opinion….if you don’t like it…fine, don’t let what I say change your opinion, as long as you don’t try to force your beliefs on me.

Now that I’m done talking about that, I think I am going to move into the Nintendo stuff, part by part, game by game.

Nintendo 3DS: Although this was the system that kind of pissed me off earlier in the year (since I just bought a brand new DSi recently), I have to admit that I like what I see thus far. The games look great and the system already has some great 3rd party support. And most importantly, those who tested the system have already given it outstanding reviews. I can honestly say I am looking forward to this system. I just have to get the money for it together.
Kid Icarus: This game is already looking to be a great revival of an NES classic. Probably not the game I’m most excited about, but it did grab my attention. Not to mention that the graphics (even without the 3D aspect) look freaking fantastic.

Other 3DS Games: Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Paper Mario, remakes of Star Fox 64 and Ocarina of Time…..tremendous 3rd party support from Konami, Square Enix, and even my favorite small 3rd party company, Koei…..there is really not much I have to say, which is kind of appropriate because mostly just images were released from these games. Oh, and no one bring up Nintendogs + Cats, as I will sarcastically laugh at you if you do.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyword Sword: This game is looking great despite the poor presentation of the game during the conference. It was far from Nintendo’s fault from what I have read though. I imagine that the controls will be pretty well polished. After all, I thought Twilight Princess did a great job with that, and now that they have a little more experience, it can only get better.

Mario Sports Mix: Once again, would have preferred a new Golf or Tennis game, but this will be an interesting embark in the Mario Sports franchise. I mean…..FREAKING DODGEBALL! I can’t wait to start throwing dodgeballs at Princess Peach all the live long day. =) The other games are Volleyball, Hockey, and Basketball by the way (yay for no stylus controlled basketball). I’m interested to see how much content they put in for each of the games, and I hope it’s not too limited in variety (like the sports were in Mario Party). Also, I think wifi will be a pretty big necessity after it’s disappointing lack of inclusion in Mario Super Sluggers.

Wii Party: Instead of Mario Party…..we get this! I’m not going to say anything about this game just yet as I would like some more information before I call it a cheap rip-off (and possible replacement) of Mario Party, but I just don’t know. I may get it though because I am a big fan of the party genre and Nintendo generally does a pretty good job of the “Wii ______” games. Also, speaking of Mario Party and Hudsonsoft, I was looking at Hudson’s current project list for the Nintendo systems, and all of you Mario Party enthusiasts may be disappointed to find out that Mario Party doesn’t exist anywhere on that list and at the top is a “Beyblade” game…..I mean COME ON…..Beyblade? Who plays that?

Kirby’s Epic Yarn: Ugh, that name…... I don’t care how original the name is or that it is supposed to be a pun…I just don’t like it. I will say though that the game itself looks freaking fantastic and something that only Kirby can and will pull off. So even if the name changes to “Kirby’s Ugly Yarn.” I would still buy it because I in fact like what I see.

Donkey Kong Country Returns: If I had to pick just one game to be Nintendo’s “Best in Show,” this game would be it. It’s been almost 15 years since the last true “Donkey Kong Country” game (11 if you must count Donkey Kong 64), and while there have been some good attempts by Paon (Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber), this I think will be the one that brings back the classic DKC formula, hands freaking down! So glad Retro Studios grabbed this masterpiece and is trying to bring it back.

Goldeneye 007: I actually heard rumors about this comeback game before the show and when I saw the teaser, I knew it was going to be Goldeneye. I am actually pretty interested to see how this game will end up. I mean, let’s face it, they did try to release a Goldeneye game awhile back (Rouge Agent) that ended up falling on it’s back and we can only hope, especially for those who grew up with this game (including me) that they don’t do the same. So far it looks pretty good, but you can only get so much from a trailer.

Metroid: Other M: A lot of people were wondering what my opinion was on this game, but honestly, this is not a new coming. This was announced last year. The whole feature was basically just confirming that the game would be out soon. There is nothing really to say about it. It does look nice though, I will admit.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn: Here is another game that my viewers were also kind of disappointed with me for not mentioning. Golden Sun was a pretty big deal on the Game Boy Advance and has since then not really been around. For now, it looks pretty cool, although I was honestly never really fond of the original GBA games. I may have to try and get around to trying those games again before I make a final decision though, since I did leave them pretty well unfinished. Great move to bring this game out again.

Epic Mickey: Of all the games presented, this one actually caught my interest in a very unique way, mostly with how the gameplay works. This is definitely a title I will need to follow in the coming months to decide if a purchase will happen. The gameplay almost reminds me of Psychonauts in that it takes a very common genre (platforming) and adds unique twists to make it a very unforgettable experience.

And finally….because people want me to comment on games I don’t want to talk about….

Sonic Colors: No comment

That about does it for my heavily-Nintendo biased coverage of this year’s E3 event. I hope you guys enjoyed me blabbering on for way too long about stuff you probably didn’t want to hear about.

Last Week on Channel SlimKirby:

Mario Party 6 – Clockwork Castle: This was a pretty solid playthrough if I say so myself. The beginning was kind of rough as I tried to settle in to a very unfamiliar board and board concept, and the fact the CPUs got some early bouts of good luck didn’t help, but I came through in the end with flying colors. Next week we got some extras, so I hope you guys stay tuned for that.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask: Well, the 2nd cycle is over, and after about an hour’s worth of sidequesting, I’m finally ready to continue the game…you know, the game I should be playing, involving the weird kid with the powerful mask? That’s right! That game! Anyways, I think for all of you progression types, this is the cycle you will live for. Sure, it took me 10 videos (no joke) to get through all of what I wanted to, but it was still the amount of progression I was hoping for. I pretty much cleaned the swamp out of all activity, with really only a few things left to do (most of which I will be covering much later). The LP will be going kind of slow over the next few weeks, mostly so I can finish up Mario Party 6, but it is definitely moving.

Next Week’s Schedule:

Monday (21st): Majora’s Mask #15
Tuesday (22nd): Mario Party 6 – Solo Mode
Wednesday (23rd): Majora’s Mask #16
Thursday (24th): Mario Party 6 – Mic Mode
Friday (25th): Majora’s Mask #17
Saturday (26th): Mario Party 6 – Mini-Game Mode: Part 1
Sunday (27th): Majora’s Mask #18


Game of the Week:

Here is a new section I am going to be test-running. Every week, especially now, during the summer, I will pick one game that I am currently playing and maybe talk about it for a little bit. I got the idea pretty much from my last few entries when I have been talking about DS games that I have been revisiting. Don’t expect this to be a review, really more of a small quip about the game with maybe some statements of how I originally felt about the game compared with my feelings now, and the possibility of a future LP (or replay, depending on if it is a game I have already LPed).

Super Mario 64 DS:

This was the game that pretty much started the launch of the Nintendo DS back in 2004, a game that tried to recreate that classic nostalgia that many experienced back in 1996 when the Nintendo 64 first released. It definitely brought a lot more to the table than it’s original counterpart, but many felt the awkwardness of the DS’s directional pad would bring this game to a complete downfall. In the end, the game was pretty successful, and many people got over the controls pretty quickly

I randomly picked this game up last weekend during my DS revival and figured I would give this classic recreation another go after a few years of the game being slightly layered with dust. Now, while the game did keep my attention for awhile, I don’t think it did for the right reasons. I think I found myself continuing really just to see how the star missions were different from the N64 versions, and nearly in every case the mission was a lot easier in the handheld than it was on the console. The only real challenge was not making a stupid mistake with the movement controls. It felt like I had to redo the Bowser in the Fire Sea red coin mission for about a half an hour because whenever I made a small mistake, I couldn’t recover from it for one reason or another. Besides that though, you can breeze through it pretty easily….almost too easily. In fact, I never noticed how much Luigi can break the game in certain places (that tornado float is insane).

Overall, it is a pretty decent game, but not an experience I would swear by. Back when it first released, it actually had charm because it was like you were experiencing an N64 game on a handheld (something many thought was unlikely at the time). Now though, it almost seems like the game was made just to give the DS a recognizable launch title. If I had to give the game a score based on my recent experience, I would give it a 3 out of 5. A first timer's experience would probably be a little higher, maybe with a 3.5/5 or even a 4/5.

Let’s Play Possibility: Well, since it’s a DS game, with my current equipment it is an obvious “No!” Assuming the technology were possible (BESIDES EMULATORS AND CAMCORDER LPS), it would be kind of an interesting choice. Hell, comparing the star missions and other general differences betweens the game and the original on the N64 could bring up some informational and insightful commentary.


That is about it for this entry. I hope you guys enjoyed reading what I had to babble on and on about. Also, feel free to give me some insight on the slightly adjusted format, as well as the new “Game of the Week” section. Besides that though, see you guys next weekend!

- SlimKirby

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