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4/18/10 - We Don't Need No Information! (Even Though it Seems Like That is All I Gave)

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here!

Another week down the drain, which means it is time for another blog entry. I’m personally still very much looking forward to getting out of school for the summer (although who isn’t?), and am excited to report that I just have 3 weeks left! So basically, after today, two more entries of complaining about it, and then I’m off for summer. =D

Not much has really been happening in my world. Last week I had the whole thing with my laptop being stupid, and I’m happy to report that I have it back now with those problems being fixed. Although most of my problems were caused by wear-and-tear damages (battery getting old, and the backlight getting loose), I’m still going to take more careful measures with my laptop, as I want these problems to not happen in the future. So I’m going to be a lot more cautious with laptop space and how long I leave the laptop on and active. Again, not sure if these things would contribute to making sure these things don’t happen in the future, but you never know.

In the world of Nintendo, we have been getting some interesting information as of late. The new generation of Pokemon games have been announced, “Pokemon White and Black,” and some images have also been shown as well. Since I’ve been on a bit of a Pokemon high as of late, I can definitely confirm that these games will be mine once they release (not sure when this will be though). Also speaking of new releases, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is right around the corner as well. It’s April 18th when I post this entry, and the game releases in just 35 days (unless we get a very, very late and unlikely delay). I loved the original Super Mario Galaxy, and I am very much looking forward to the sequel. I may even go to a midnight release of the game (I haven’t decided this yet though). Another thing Nintendo has announced recently is the next handheld. Now, I’m not going to go into this very much, because I want to save this for a rant sometime in the future, but I will say that I am not very happy about it. Save all your comments and questions for when I actually do discuss it, because I don’t have all the information myself.


Advance Wars:

What would you guys say to this statement?

“Advance Wars will be finished in 2 update weeks.”

The reason I ask is because that statement is now actually applicable at this point, believe it or not. This very long project, which I’ve been talking about since November, and which I’ve started LPing in February, is coming to a close very soon. However, don’t assume that everything will be done before April ends, even though I did technically say 2 weeks.

This next week will feature the last two missions of Sami’s path in the Green Earth strand of missions, and Saturday and Sunday will feature the last two missions before what is the hardest, and longest, mission in the entire game, and what may be one of the hardest missions in the entire Advance Wars series. I’m putting a lot of emphasis on the difficulty for a very important reason. After this week, I am going to be taking a week off from the project so I can practice, and practice, and practice. This mission is not going to be a piece of cake….far from it. In fact, I may consider dropping the “S-Rank” challenge if I just can’t handle it. I won’t set that into stone just yet, but just know that this is going to be a huge mountain to climb if I want to finish this game.

I will probably not discuss Advance Wars next week, because I won’t have anything on the horizon for the coming week, but just know the project will be coming to a close very soon.


Super Bomberman 2:

Ironically, Super Bomberman 2 only has about two weeks of content left as well (one if I wasn’t doing Advance Wars), and in two weeks time, I will also be done with this game as well. Unlike Advance Wars though, I won’t be taking a week break from the game.

Although….I will be taking two days off. Tomorrow I will post what is left of the Single Player game, which will consist of two short 5-7 minute videos. I didn’t plan to do it this way, it’s just the unfortunate way the project came out to be. So tomorrow, I will post the last few levels, all of the final bosses, and the credits.

I won’t have any updates or any videos on Wednesday or Friday (which gives me an excuse to work on something for 9000 subscribers, since that is also approaching). However, when I return that next Monday, I will start the Battle Mode videos. Since I am taking that week off from Advance Wars, I will be posting the videos daily. As I will say in tomorrow’s videos, I’m not sure how long Battle Mode will take, but expect me to be done either Thursday or Friday (Saturday (May 1st)), the latest.


Future Project Dates:

For those who haven’t been checking my channel page as of late, I’ve been hinting at some possible, future LP dates, along with the conclusions of Super Bomberman 2 and Advance Wars. As usual, I’m not going to give very much information about this stuff, put I will go over a few things.

Mario Party 6:

Earlier on in the week, I announced I would be starting a short LP on May 10th. However, unfortunately that date is not going to work anymore, so Mario Party 6 will be the first project I start during my summer vacation. The project is unfortunately not going to start on May 8th, but it will start on May 15th. I know that is a few weeks away, but please understand that I can’t afford to start it any earlier than that. I just have too much going on. And trust me, I am aware of the very large following I have who want me to start this game as soon as possible. I’m so aware, that I want them all to shut up about it. =)

Like Mario Party 5, I will update one board of the project every Saturday, and once I get to the extra content, I will probably upload more.

Short Let’s Play:

I will be starting another short LP, ironically on the day after I start Mario Party 6, on May 16th. I would start it on the 17th, but I actually want to finish this game as soon as possible, and 16th is the earliest I can start it. I would go into more detail about why the date is so important, but that would ruin the surprise. Let’s just say I have something planned. ;)

This game will be uploaded on a daily basis (except Saturdays when I would be doing Mario Party 6). As for length, I predict around 12 or 13 videos.

Long Let’s Play:

As soon as I finish the aforementioned “Short Let’s Play,” I will be starting another one shortly after…one that will actually take more than 10-20 videos. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this game gets video numbers in the 50s or 60s, but we’ll wait to see what happens. Once again, not going to give very much information about this game, but I am very much looking forward to it.

I plan to start this one as soon as I finish the short LP. If I had to make a prediction, I would say May 30th, but don’t assume that date.



Congratulations ThePastaKing for not only completing Chapter 3 of our Thousand-Year Door project, but for also doing a hell of good job with it.

As I’ve said before, I was concerned about putting PK in the pilot seat at first. Not that he wasn’t qualified or not good at doing Let’s Plays, but if you don’t know ThePastaKing, let’s just say he’s not the fastest uploader. I think his unfinished Ogre Battle LP, after at least 8 months of it being in session, with less than 20 videos, speaks for itself. Uploading was really my only concern with PK, just because he’s just not good at sticking to a schedule, and sticking to one was very vital and important to this project.

However, with the completion of his chapter on Friday, with no missed updates whatsoever, ThePastaKing sure proved me wrong, and I’m glad he did. There were a few times where he was a bit late in uploading (a few days where the upload didn’t go through until the following day), but the fact of the matter is that he still met the 3-per-week goal that we set for the project. And even when he was late, he was always there to explain and put us at ease, letting us know that the episode was coming. That may be a bit unprofessional, but at least he didn’t give up. He stuck with it and did what we expected him to do.

Also to PK’s credit, the videos themselves were quite enjoyable to watch. Usually when you have a LPer like PK, someone with a relaxed nature and a somewhat structurally informal way of doing things, you always run the risk of having very stale and boring videos. However, that doesn’t seem to work or apply to PK. He just has a quality about him that makes him enjoyable to watch, and because of that, I’m glad to have him on the CSS team… I’m sure everyone else is too.

Next up in the project we have GaiaCrusher9…..get the cake ready! :P


Video Back-Up Progess:

Yes, I am still backing-up videos on SlimKirby64, and for anyone interested, I’m up to over 700 videos, which means I can’t possibly have too many videos left, right? Well, I know I have 1200+ on my main channel right now, but keep in mind that I will not be backing up any of the Brawl Custom videos, the random wifi videos, the announcement videos, and all that other stupid crap, so if I had to make an estimation, I think I have about 200 left. We are getting down to the wire in number of projects though, with only 6 or 7 left. Once again, thanks to MegaFreak400 for helping me….even though you sunk my battleship! =(


Next Week:

On next week’s blog entry, I will have a topic in mind (although it relates to Youtube…nothing interesting), so my focus will mostly be on that. However, if I’m feeling good, I may drop a few other hints about my upcoming LPs, and other stuff you can expect at channel SlimKirby!

Anyways, since this word document is quickly approaching the 5th page by this point, I think it’s as good a time as any to end this entry. Talk to you guys next week, and have a good week ahead!


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