Sunday, April 11, 2010

4/11/10 - The Screen May Go Black, But I Will Still Move Forward

Hey guys, SlimKirby here up for another blog entry!

What can I say about this past week? “Gag me with a mechanical pencil!” I’ve had some crappy weeks this past semester….I’ve had sick weeks, I’ve had weeks with nothing but nonstop homework, and I even had a week of recovery from a kidney stone, but honestly, this one may take the cake. I mean, the work load was manageable, and I didn’t have any issues with Youtube stuff, but it was just a very mediocre week. Also, the fact that my laptop has been acting up (to the point where I will need to get it repaired this next week), does not help matters in the slightest. Basically, here is what happened….

A few Wednesdays ago (March 31st), I noticed that my laptop was starting to act funny when I turned it on and all of the sudden it was still dark on the screen. I restarted the machine and sure enough, it was fine after that. A few days later, I noticed it did the same thing again. However, the computer was clearly on and working…..the screen was just so dark that I could barely see what was on it. After adjusting the brightness, the problem fixed itself, but as the days went on, the problem became even more uncooperative. On Monday (April 5th), I took it in for a diagnostic, just to find out that the backlight to the screen was dysfunctional. Now, while it still works on occasion, it still needs to be repaired, so this next week I am going to be without my computer. Thankfully, the computer tech place at my college should allow loaners, so I may be able to have a temporary computer, but as far as my videos are concerned, I’m going to be out of luck, but I’ll get into that later.

So anyways, the computer place told me that the repair should take anywhere from 3 to 5 days in theory, so hopefully I will get my computer back this week. However, I can’t say for sure, just yet. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. Tonight I will be a posting a notification video on my account that will talk about this situation in more detail. For those of you wondering if I will have to go a few days without updates, I will say that it is a possibility, but only in dire circumstances.

As far as other stuff goes, there is not much to talk about. For some reason, I started a playthrough of Super Mario RPG again. Don’t ask me why, but it was a game I was interested in playing again, and the fact I have it on my Wii console through the Virtual Console is nice, because it’s such a great game that I have easy access to. Going through the game again has brought back memories, and not just of the game, but my LP of the game. The project itself, looking back at it, was nothing spectacular, but back in the day, it was one of the first projects on my channel that brought me into the LP radar. Perhaps maybe a replay project in the future? Who kows?

I’ve also been working on Pokemon Heart Gold still. Last night I actually finished up getting all of the Johto gym badges, and now I am en route to training for the Elite Four. My team is nothing spectacular, but I may go into more detail about it later on, but for right now, I’m keeping it a secret.

Anyways, let’s talk about Youtube!


Advance Wars:

I still have a few obstacles in the way, but this project probably won’t be around for that much longer. The computer repairs could possibly extend this a bit, but I still say this project should be completed before my spring semester ends (May 7th).

Super Bomberman 2:

Halfway done? Well, I never expected this project to go on for very long, but for those of you predicting a 7 video project (for at least the single player mode), you are advised to think again. I said from the beginning that Super Bomberman 2 would take longer to finish no matter what. Yes, the first game has six worlds, and this one has 5, but the puzzles in the 2nd game are just enough to extend the length. Also, the bosses are a bit more slow-paced. If I had to make a prediction, I would say 9 videos, but it is still up in the air at this point. Also, don’t forget that I also have Battle Mode to do as well, which will be covered in the same fashion.

Back-Up Progress:

I can’t really say that I’ve made that much more progress on this front, but me and MegaFreak400 are most certainly getting there. I’ve been working on the biggies, and Mega has been working on the smaller projects, and with only a few big projects left, and the number of small projects getting even smaller, I predict to be caught up during the summer (maybe even before then :O).


Believe it or not, ThePastaKing just has one week left, and once again we will be switching hosts. I’ll talk more about ThePastaKing next week when he is actually done. However, he has done some great work.


Yeah, kind of a short entry today, but I went into some big discussions last weekend, so I figured I would give myself a little break this week. Next week should be a big week, with April being about half-way over, and with all the stuff I have planned for May coming ever so much closer. Perhaps I will even drop some hints? Well, anything is possible, so I guess you will just have to wait until next week!

Later folks!

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