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7/11/10 - Still Going, Even After 3 Years

Hello everybody, SlimKirby here!

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for me (didn't I use that phrase in my 3rd-Year special?). So much that I didn't even have very much time for video and blog updates this past week. However, with things slowing down, I think I'm finally ready to get back on track with everything. I do apologize for my somewhat lack of motivation, as I could have at least attempted to release something last week (whether it be last week's entry, or a few more videos), but it honestly just wasn't going to happen that easily. And while it probably didn't bother you guys as much, I did get a bit more behind in Majora's Mask than I wanted to be. Pretty much all of my hopes for completing the game before I go back to college for my Fall semester, have been denied (unless I do mass-updates, which I refuse to do).

While we are on the subject of Youtube, it has come to the attention of me, and many of my subscribers, that there is a Youtube user out there going around falsely flagging the videos of popular Youtube users, one of them being NintendoCapriSun, one of the most known LPers of this time. Many of my subscribers have been sending me messages around the clock asking me for my plan of action, and what I'm going to do to handle this "threat," if it were to fall on me. For the time being, I'm just going to continue to make updates like I normally do and not give this guy any of my time. I know that probably seems a little ignorant, but until he actually makes the threat, why should we even give him a reason to attack? These kinds of guys thrive on getting a reaction out of people, and that is just what they are doing and succeeding at. Me and a few others were talking last night about this whole situation with NCS, and we came to the conclusion that the only thing this guy has accomplished in the last few days is get 40,000 people pissed at him. NCS's account is still there (although the videos are still private (he privated all of his videos so they couldn't be flagged)), and the threatener is still casually strolling around feeling safe and satisfied. 40,000 people insulting and threatening him back isn't going to do anything. This is something that needs the attention of Youtube moderation or administration, which unfortunately and terribly ironically, isn't being done. I say "terribly ironically" because the guy claims he is trying to show fault with the Youtube moderation and justice system, and the justice system isn't really doing anything about this. In a way, the staff is pretty much showing that he is correct, albeit I think he is doing it in the worst possible way. Anyways, for now though, if you are honestly that concerned with what this guy is doing, just keep your silence and keep your eyes peeled for more information. Eventually the guy will end up saying something that he probably shouldn't say. And when that happens, it needs to be recorded and taken to someone who can do something about it. We aren't getting anywhere with returning threats. Anyways, if I get anymore information about this situation, especially if I somehow get targeted next, I'll find a way to let you guys know about how I will take action against it.



3rd Year Anniversary Special - Finally, after many months of the project being announced, a few delays here and there, and after copious and tedious amounts of video capturing and editing, the 3rd-Year clip show special went up last Wednesday, and I have to say, I thought it went pretty well. There were a few obvious things I was kind of disappointed on, mostly the audio quality for certain parts, and the videos themselves seemed just like a giant cluster of clips, whether they fit in certain parts or not. Also, having to cut certain things out for time and other reasons was kind of disappointing and disheartening. In the end though, the feedback has been pretty positive, and it's nice getting that for something you've worked hard on, even if it is minimal. I probably won't try another special like this for a long while, and even if I do, it probably won't be as extensive (maybe just over the previous year). Either way, it's a relief putting that to a close.

Majora's Mask - Well, now that Mario Party 6 is over, prepare to see a lot of this game over the next few months, which is why I hope you guys are enjoying the project. Anyways, on Friday, I recorded all of the current cycle I'm on and it's going to be about the same length as Woodfall cycle, if anything, a little shorter due to all the different cuts I made. A lot of the stuff in Snowhead is mostly just traveling from Point A to Point B, especially in the temple. So I guess it is safe to say that I tried to take advantage of that. At least those who complain about me spending so much time on the sidequests will be remedied somewhat by these last two cycles. Anyways, I know it's kind of a spoiler since I was so negative about making it to Snowhead Temple in this cycle, but the Temple videos will start Wednesday and last to (or through) the weekend. I guess I need to stop underestimating my abilities when I'm playing this game.....although I'm not usually this prepared either.

CrystalStarStudio/Paper Mario: TTYD - Get ready for this to be a main part of discussion for the next few weeks, because it is finally my time to shine on the project! PowerToMario finished up Chapter 6 this past week on Thursday, and I will be starting fresh on Monday with Chapter 7. Just want to quickly remind you guys that the project will be updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (no more updates, no less updates), unless something comes up that causes me to postpone (very small likelihood). I am very much looking forward to my turn, and I hope you guys enjoy the videos.

As for PowerToMario and his chapter, I thought he did a very solid job. Like with ThePastaKing, I was originally a bit concerned if he would take the initiative to update on CSS's schedule, because on their own channels, they have a more relaxed style of when and what they want to upload, but in the end, PTM really came through for the project, and I'm proud of his work. It was also a lot of fun to co-commentate with him and ShadowMario41 during the last 4 videos. The only problem we had with the chapter was PTM's unfortunate mishap with his capture card. About midway through the chapter, a storm hit Florida and did some damage to his computer/dazzle (we never really determined which was the problem) which prevented his device from being recognized whenever it was plugged in. However, in the end, the problem was remedied and everything was fixed, so PTM, if you are reading this, I would like to thank you for taking such an initiative to work around the problem, even if it did create some inconveniences. And also, while we are on the subject, I would also like to thank GaiaCrusher9 for allowing PTM to come over to his house and record the rest of his chapter there(since they live so close to each other). You two saved the project. :P

Next Week on Youtube:

(CSS) - Videos marked with a "(CSS)" indicate videos that will only be updated on the Youtube Channel "CrystalStarStudio," not on any of my solo accounts.
* - Days with this mark indicate that it is a day with a possibility of a 2nd upload. I will say right now that it won't be a very likely occurrence though. As I think I've said before, the biggest thing that affects whether this will happen or not is my own judgment. I'm not going to upload a 2nd one just because people want me to.
^ - Days with mark indicate that there may be a possible missed update on these days. If such a thing occurs, I will decide what to do (whether it's multiple uploads the first day I can update, or if it's not worth it to make up for it). It really depends on the situation. The reason for a possible missed update will be explained below the schedule.

Monday, July 12th - Majora's Mask, Paper Mario: TTYD #75 (CSS)
Tuesday, July 13th - Majora's Mask
Wednesday, July 14th - Majora's Mask, Paper Mario: TTYD #76 (CSS)
* Thursday, July 15th - Majora's Mask
Friday, July 16th - Majora's Mask, Paper Mario: TTYD #77 (CSS)
*^ Saturday, July 17th - Majora's Mask
*^ Sunday, July 18th - Majora's Mask

Possible Missed Updates in the Future: Just to warn you guys, I may not be able to update next Saturday or Sunday. On Friday, I'm actually going to be going on a little road trip with my friends to see an old high school buddy of ours who lives in Chicago. If where we are staying has Internet access, I'll definitely update (unless it is a completely unstable connection, or if it costs money to use). If I do miss these update days, I'll upload all missed videos on the day I get back.


Game of the Week:

I've Let's Played a lot of games on Youtube, and sometimes, throughout my Let's Plays, people will want me to play something by their request, usually a sequel or another game of a series I have done. The game I will be talking about this week is the sequel of the first game I Let's Played where afterwards, people cotinually asked, will you do the sequel? If you think it is Radiant Dawn, you are going to be a little off....

Pikmin 2

Mostly due to Bikdiponabus's playthrough of Pikmin 1 and K-Man's announcement of his Pikmin 2 replay, I decided to once again pick-up Pikmin 2 and take on the challenges of pikmin raising and task-based survival. The original Pikmin game was actually very well-received, but so many people complained about the 30-day time limit, where if you don't get a certain amount of stuff before a certain day (Day 30), you lose. I however, was really never bothered by the challenge and found myself actually completing the game in half the time I needed to. Nevertheless, Nintendo eventually announced the sequel and immediately stated that the 30-day time limit was obsolete. While this was indeed true, the time-crunching agenda of each day for Olimar, and new his partner Louie still existed as they go back to the Pikmin planet to score some treasure to get their company out of debt. Also, with things getting more difficult as time goes on (more enemies get added to the region the longer you take, and this includes tough boss ones as well), even with no time limit, you will still find yourself rushing to get things done in a matter of a few days.

Now, I have to admit, and this is going to be a hard thing to admit because the popular opinion is a bit different, but I honestly couldn't get into this game as much as I did for the original Pikmin. I'm honestly not sure why, I guess I was just so used to the time-crunchiness of the first game that when I got the 2nd game, I just wanted to take it slow because the game advertised a lesser emphasis on the time limit. Also, while there are less regions in this game, there is a lot more to do, especially with the more extensive Challenge Mode, so the game itself is actually pretty big in retrospect. Like Pikmin 1, you'll probably need an exploratory playthrough before you can play this game more competently, and for some reason, I wasn't really digging that idea. Despite though, Pikmin 2 is actually a really well-made game and would still rank it highly on the Gamecube's best list.

If I had to rank the difficulty between the two games, I honestly wouldn't know whether or not this game is harder or easier. A lot of people say it's easier because you don't have as much of a time crunch, and the very cheap purple Pikmin break the game so much when it comes to combat. However, the organization of what you are going to do each day is a lot more interactive and you aren't going to be able to plan your daily routes as easily as you could in Pikmin 1. I'd honestly say Pikmin 2 is more difficult in that respect, although I am a bit more biased because I've played the original game so much more.

In the end though, when you put both games together, you have a really neat and innovative series, and I'm surprised we haven't seen a Pikmin 3 yet. However, according to Miyamoto though, it is definitely in the works, so maybe we won't have to wait that long. In conclusion for Pikmin 2, it's a very unique and fun action and strategy game with quite a bit of replay value to improve your strategies and your final scores and rankings + an extensive challenge mode. The only problems I see from this game are that some aspects of the gameplay can completely break some parts of the game and make it a lot easier, but technically, you don't even have to play that way. Also, I have some obvious biased nostalgia for the original game. If I had to rank Pikmin 2, I would give it a 4.5/5.

LP Possibility: Many people have been asking for a Pikmin 2 playthrough since I did the original game back in 2008. I will say that I am thinking about it, and it is a very good possibility....I would just rather wait until K-Man finishes his replay of the game. :P


Ok guys, that is about it for this update. As usual, I hope you enjoyed reading, and I will see you again next week. Later folks!

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